Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.

Hoos ier Llama
Thank you for the memories! #questival
Los Primos
Went to Questival and all I got was this stupid souvenir t-shirt #questival
No Prob-Llama
I mean...obviously the best souvenir of the trip is this DOPE Cotopaxi bag!! #questival
Llama Golightly
#llamagolightly #questival
Llama se llama
#317llamas. A pen that we got while talking with a homeless disabled lady and helped her with some money for a hotel room. #questival
Adventure Mama Llamas
We will always remember our add for rugged smoke campfire cologne every time we see wood or have a fire!!! #questival
Team Peepers
Remembering laughter, winding roads and time together. Thinking of my sweet son and that I am still young. #questival
Podunk Hopscotch Mafia
You are beautiful - my take away #questival
Questivus for the rest of us
Souvenir Hats!!! #baaaaaaa #questival
The Cotopaxi swag! #AdventORRisoutthere #questival
The Disciples of Mark McGrath's Frosted Hair
This little guy saved our phone! #questival
5 Best Friends and a Regular Friend
Pretty cool souvenir that we found near Lucas Oil! Definitely won't forget the trip through these! If anyone lost them though, let us know!😊 #questival
Team Marion
The spoon we found in the old 1974 VW Westfalia. Questival is about stiring up good. #garfieldthevan #teammarion #questival
Space Cases
We made glow-in-the-dark shirts to light our way through space for when we visit Paco 🚀👽 #PacoTheAlien #questival
¡¡Viva El Salvador!! #llamasincentralamerica #questival
Llamadalion #skilledtrade #questival
Dumbledore's Army
The Fat Lards
There are many memories behind this totem. For instance we had to do almost every challenge twice because we were dumb and forgot it (like eating crickets and hard boiled egg roulette) #questival
Indiana Jones
Our teammate made our name tags based off of our challenges. I was the Queen of the avocado dragon egg and my name is Ruby :) #questival
We will NEVER forget this day thanks to our awesome custom shirts!! ❤️ #questival
Psychedelic Purple Llama Mammas
We ARE mixed fruit #questival
Kessel Runners
Warrior Goddesses
All for guy at the donut shop who picked his boogies #questival
Always hydrated never thirsty
A chicken ornament because we weren't chicken to accomplish the tasks today! #questival
Souvenir for the day: aluminum foil llama #questival2017 #questival
Alpacas Eating Pizza
Home made souvenir braided bracelet from strips of paper from printed questival challenge list #questivalfriends4life #alwaysremember #questival
Wooden whittled spoon! #questival
Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Could Quest Like Me
A cop told us how to start a fire and that cigars would keep the mosquitos away... we tried it, not sure that it worked... #questival
Teenage Mutant Ninja Llamas
Our ninja masks! They protect our identity. Also, it's very hard to keep track of a totem and 6 masks... #questival
Indiana Jonesin' for a Beer
The waffle cone maker found in a thrift shop will be forever treasured #questival
Holg's Army
The only souvenir that makes you worry about “clogging” the toilet. #questival