Find and photograph a living specimen of either the state bird, state insect, or state butterfly of Vermont. Tell us what it is and where you found it in your caption.

Honey bee! Found in a local Vermonter’s yard. He was pretty sweet. #questival
¿Comb-o me llama?
The bees knees on ginger beer at the farmers market #questival
Cardio Thosaurus Rex'es
Vermont Honey Bee. We did a video, but here's a screenshot of the totem and bee! #questival
Trash Pandas
European honey bees on these awesome local apples #questival
King Neptune and his Water Breathers
Monarch butterfly. We made a video of our team chasing it. #questival
State butterfly of Vermont, a monarch at blanchard beach #questival
Honey bee is state insect and we found at the Davis oval #questival
Green Mountain Llamas
This honeybee (center of photo) was enjoying a drink in the sun down by the waterfront! #questival
The Bandits
Hard to see, but we saw a Monarch Butterfly on the way back to the car. Circled in red. #TheBandits #questival
honeybee!🐝 #vermontinsect #questival
Jive Tribe
Featured in the bottom right is the VT state insect, the honey bee! Found at the Whale Tales in South Burlington. #questival
Denis and the Dinosaur
Found honeybee downtown Burlington enjoying some flowers #stateinsect #questival
DRAM Quest
go check out the honey bees over at the UVM campus. #officialstateinsect #questival
Five Inches Collectively
Honeybee is the VT insect and we love them!!!! We found this little guy outside of Switchback Brewery #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
state bee! #questival
Desperately Seeking Snitch
#BEEEEEES! #DesperatelySeekingSnitch #RudeBee #InterruptingPresentations #questival
didn't have the totem when I went chasing after a butterfly. hope this counts #questival
VT Ventures
Monarch Butterfly. Found by the butterfly bushes at the Vermont Federal Credit Union. #questival
Boyz N Vagaz
State insect- the honey bee (in the right hand upper corner). sweet as honey #questival
North Chilean Guanacos
Honey bee! King street Burlington! #questival
Three Men and a Baby
Monarch butterfly!!! State butterfly of Vermont in the parking lot of city market #questival
Friends with Innies
We found this honeybee in Brookfield, Vermont! #questival
Royal Antelopes
European Honey Bee, vermont state insect. #beethechange #pollinator❤️ #questival
Honeybee - Vermont state insect ! Bee is flying around in there , look closely :) #questival
Llama Polo
This little bee found us hanging outside The Irish Pub! #LlamaPolos #questival
No Drama Llamas
A European Honey Bee spotted at the Ben and Jerry’s #savethebees #beethechange #questival
Team Pasta
#honeybeesinmilton #questival
The Seasoned Cubes
we got a video of the vermont butterfly - the monarch - on middlebury college campus. look in the video editing section for proof!!! #questival
Champ's Champs
The Vermont state insect, the honeybee, warming up this morning in some hydrangea flowers #champschamps #questival
Keene Crew
State butterfly! Monarchs are neat. Also there’s a honey bee in this shot which is the state insect of Vermont. #coveringourbases #questival