Find and photograph a Toynbee Tile on the ground somewhere. Tell us what you think it means in your caption.

Más Zhumir Please
#Toynbee Llamas rocking #questival
We are Groot
This tile is only partly there but along with the added side note we think this means it's important for ideas to persevere. We are Groot! #questival
Big Googly & The Dinosaurs
We think it's his favorite sci-fi movies #questival
Katzen & Delia
This is obviously a set of secret clues/messages relevant to a secret society. #conspiracy #theory #questival
Ruh Rohs
we think this tile refers to how the US government tried to control Latin American countries during the cold war #questival
Found a bunch of these tiles on 5th Ave in Midtown. They’re calling for the intellectual reckoning using lines from cult classic 2001 A Space Odyssey #questival
Da Sharks
The first life forms in the Milky Way were discovered on Jupiter by the feds and they were demi gods capable of resurrection #questival
YumCha! :D
We think it means a forewarning for an alien invasion #questival
There is a movie about resurrecting dead people! #Tounbeetile #questival #lamacrew #questival
Victorious Secret
I think this means that no matter who tries to stop you, don’t let them #questival
opposition to socially constructed views of survivorship. almost got. hit twice. #Dedication #TeamSavages #questival
Brooklyn Squirrels
I think this tile means that there are dark forces at work deep within the cracks of New York City. #questival
Extreme Friends 9000
Nighttime tile finding! Toynbee, you so rad. #questival
Sherlock Homies
We actually didn't have time to read this one because it was in the middle of 7th Ave in Times Square... #safetyfirst. BUT we found one!! And it's cool #questival
Normal Tuesday Night
This Toynbee Tile is definitely telling us it's time to colonize Jupiter #NormalTuesdayNight #questival
Vacuna Matata
Toynbee Tile near Carlos. Sounds like 2001: Space Odyssey, with a dash of almost-true conspiracy theory about the PIC. #questival
What the Duck
Its a cool part of nyc history, like an easter egg of the streets! #questival
What Is Dead May Never Die
Toynbee tiles trying to start a resurrection movement! spread the word! #questival
Fun Friday
Sometimes you need to slow down and enjoy life, because if you don’ go to he** #questival
All We Do is Nguyen
Could this be a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey?? #thetruthisoutthere #questival
38 & Feelin Great!
The old school hashtag? #questival
end of Communism #questival
Not All Who Wander Are Llamas
"This square is not fit for human consumption" #questival
Daddy hungus
Knee Kaeps
T minus 200 days until Prez Trump blows up the planet Jupiter 😵 #questival
The sequel to mars attack happens on Jupiter takes place in 2001 #questival