Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Working on it
I am inspired by people who are doing good on their dreams. One of my dreams is to be a writer and sustain that creative work. One change I'd like to see in the world is justice for all. #questival
This is Jowharah. Her and her son moved to Los Angeles after her house was destroyed from the hurricane. She moved in with her aunt and built a new life for herself. #questival
Mmm Boba
"It was my quest to find meaning, and beauty, and light, and love in this world. It led me, with much ado, to discover and use a new medium and use tear drop shaped lenses to create a thousand shining suns." Randy, on the creation of Randyland. #questival
Littie Committee
"We're from Germany. Tomorrow is our first semester here in America and we're about to miss our train." (Los Angeles Union Station) #questival
Llamas on the Beach
"I'm Sean and I've been an accountant in LA for 7 years. I came to the US to study at CSULB" Go Beach! #questival
What is your life about? "My life is about my people. Means everything to me. See, when you've given up so much for someone, it's a natural to feel this way. So my life mainly involves things for my people. I've set certain standards to benefit the homeless, the weak, the poor. Everything's been established and when people take a way from that, they're taking away from the people who need it. I take care of everything. I fix things. I keep things in order especially in OC, sunset, bolsa chica. I encourage my people, I support them in the things that benefit others and themselves. #questival
Llama Del Rey
Brandon (age 7) aspires to be a dragon when he grows up. He loves spongebob, bubbles and you guessed it.... dragons! #questival
"I love the Latin quote 'ease quam videri' - to be rather than appear." #questival
NP_LAX - Power Team!
Tyree from Bronx is transferring to Uni to get his degree in Kinesiology. Football is paying his way through college. #questival
JSquaredAdventures met Tru at the beach and when asked what advise he would share with the world he stated, "Truth is god." #questival
Bahama Llamas
"I'm Ernie, a 68 years old Vietnam veteran. I grew up in LA and was drafter to the army at 19 years old. I developed PTSD while in Vietnam and had a hard time adjusting to civilian life... until I found Peter, my dog. Since finding Peter, it's a lot easier to get through the day..." #questival
Donut Holes
My favorite pin says Venice Beach on it. I've been here a long time and this place means a lot to me. #questival
ChAMisul ChAMpions
"I just started my internship but I'm going to school at the same time. It takes up a lot of time but I'm hoping it's all worth it in the end" #questival
"I'm probably the oldest guy out here today. Been been surfing here since the '60s. Nothing is the same. Used to be, from Santa Monica to San Diego was nothing but orange groves." #venicebeach #humansofQuestival #questival
Emma's birthday team
Message to the whole world: Wear sunscreen and eat good food! #questival
Buns on the Run
"I was born in Japan, raised in New Zealand and lived in England. My dad is Japanese and my mom is from Switzerland. I've been living in Venice for 6 years" #questival
Daughters of Anarchy
Meet Amanda. She recounted that her life passion and goal is to travel the world and do an abundant amount of hikes. Particularly, she would love to travel to Colorado and enjoy the majestic ruggedness that it has to offer. #stayradamanda #daughtersofanarchy #inittowinit #questival
Fresh Creeps
we used to place all of Sam's toys on a cookie sheet. he would always take them apart. we wanted them back together. #questival
Suns Out Buns Out
"Back in high school, the marines came on campus and they had a booth with a pull-up bar. They had a thing where if you did 20 pull-ups you get a free t-shirt but to do it you had to sign paper work. I did it, did my 20 pull ups and got t-shirt. But then after that they kept on calling me to join the marines. Day after day. One day I was fed up so I decided to go to the recruiting office to tell them to stop. Instead, they had me take an aptitude test and apparently I scored in the 98% percentile. My attempt backfired and they kept on calling me even more. So I decided to give them a chance and they told me they could pay more my college and I get the GI bill afterward which would pay me like thousands every month after. This got me intrigued. I went home and told my parents and they slapped me and called me stupid." #questival
Yo Llama So Fat
She grew up in Ventura county playing the cello in elementary school. In middle school cellos were not available but a kind philanthropist donated a bass. From then on it was true love. She's now on her way to audition for the Colburn school of music! #goodluck #truelove #humansofla #slappingthatbass #questival
Team Sabancaya 🌋
I am Robbie! I have had 10 concussions from playing rugby! But I love the sport so imma keep playing #questival