Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Who's your llama?
There is no F in way
Jon and Stephanie from Connecticut, two generous people who love to swim, bike and oh yeah run marathons, also love to visit Burlington every chance they get for even more adventures #questival
The Quivering Questicles
Sunday Burns is a 67 year old native Vermonter who has lived in East Corinth his entire life. He loves fishing and hunting in the great outdoors and learned to shoot a gun when he was 5 years old. He reminisced with us today about the things he used to do for fun as a child - activities like kick the can, football and riding bikes with his friends. #questival
Champ's Champs
"I moved here 15 years ago to chase the craft beer craze and never left!" #thankssteve #lovinthatbeer #questival
Gnarwhal Gnar
This lovely couple met and fell in love in Stowe. They both share a passion for canoeing and it shows. #questival
Green Mountain DoGooders
#Greenmountaindogooders #Burlington #VT Brian. He told us about how choc chip cookies were the result of an accident. #questival
The Seasoned Cubes
"I'm not from here. My family is moved here one at a time over the years. My brother works at Middlebury." (Where we go!!!!! Such a fun connection meeting our professors sister at a dairy farm. #questival
Five Inches Collectively
“I guess I’ve always put out this rough and tough exterior with these big traps and bulging biceps, but I do have a gentle touch. I’ve recently taken up throwing pottery and it’s made me more aware of my gentler side. You have to be so tender with clay...” #questival
Snitches get Stitches
Liam is a boy from TN, visiting grandparents in VT. It’s safe to say Liam is seeking a life full of beauty and nature. Way to go Liam. #questival
Winooski, Vermont: "If someone gives me an excuse to smoke a cigarette, I'm going to take it." #questival
I work for a nonprofit that produces entertainment media around the world, mostly radio soap operas in developing countries. What they're trying to do is motivate and engage audiences and get them hooked on the entertainment. Our issues are mainly around reproductive health an family planning, empowering girls and issues pertaining to peace and harmony. It's very fulfilling. #humansofvermont #llamarama #questival
Como se llama?
this is Abby! Abby loves Vermont for the people, good vibes, being outside, and of course the snow! #questival
Juan and Evalin are an 84 year old couple. Juan is a long time Vermonter. They met in Spain and came back to live #questival
Llama Balls
"I've lived in Burlington for 16 years, and I love how I've seen it get more diverse and great for skaters and music." Russell #questival
Trash Pandas
"I like to be out here with my lawn. It's something I can maintain and nurture." #questival
Quarter Life Crisis
“I saw you folks downtown last night and I thought to myself, they’re doing a scavenger hunt.” You are quite right my friends. #questival
DRAM Quest
This is Jake. He recently opened his own compost pickup business in VT. It's called No Waste - check him out! "I've been at it for 4 months and already have 100 customers." #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
Glenn Ericksen has been playing violin since he was a kid and moved to VT from MO. look him up on iTunes! #questival
The Badgers
howd you get into crystal sellin? Parents Business Fav Crystal? Pyrite How long has the cart been going? 3 months #questival
Ball is Life
Meet Joelle... she’s an Aussi who has been traveling the world for 8 months. She worked the summer in Rocky Mountain National park at an inn. She just took a bus from Montreal to Burlington and is meeting some friends from Switzerland and Germany at the Starbucks at 5pm. We bought her a crepe and swapped stories...if she’s still there tonight we are going to take her in. She’s a rad lady. #questival
Fiery Gnomes
Michael is an artist originating out of Chicago but has lived in Vermont for 21 years. He was raised by a single mother and had two siblings. From the age of 7, he has been playing music both as a soloist and in a band. His first ever concert was James Brown and seeing him play live lit the fire within him to become a rock star. While Michael says he was never as big a star as he would have liked,he was still able to follow his dream and record music for a living. In the end, Michael told us to always dream big because life has a funny way of working in your favor. His parting words to us were "ride the vibe" and we want to share those words with you. You can find his music under the name Michael Michael. Check him out! #questival
The Illamanati
"Electricity can be a good friend or a cruel master". He has donated over 100 gallons of blood in his life. #questival
“I like to drink as much water as I can so that I can go out on my porch and pee everywhere.” -Carl, human of Burlington #questival
Royal Antelopes
Shiela - care taker of the haunted wilson castle. It has been very active spiritually in the past month. Audio and photographs of ghosts of humans and animals! #questival
Jan and Paul are vacationing from Idaho- Paul once fell thru the ice on a frozen lake. They like guns.🔫 #questival
Friends with Innies
I never did bad stuff as a kid but I liked doing things that you weren't supposed to, so I went skinny dipping a lot. #questival
dream pups
This gentlemen told us we had to get in the water now. But it’s important to stay near the shore because it’s been getting cold at night and the water is getting cold #questival
Christine asked to be photographed from behind. She lives in New Hampshire, and is in Burlington visiting her daughter. She also has two grandchildren. She says the most important thing in life is to be yourself and not tell lies (although she admits that an occasional little white lie is permissible) #questival
"Me and Buster come to the dog park everyday. He's a street dog from North Carolina. He's a love bug, but when he sees a trash truck, it's like a bat out of hell!" #humansofVermont #dogsofvermont #questival
VT Ventures
Erin Malone bought the store MoMos to facilitate community. Bought the store from nothing and slowing building it back up. Been in business for 21 months. #questival
Cardio Thosaurus Rex'es
Humans of Vermont. We met Bruce and Colleen today from Bristol Vermont! Bruce and Colleen are happily married and on a scavenger hunt of their own today! They were excited to see young people out and about enjoying the world m! #questival #questivalburlington #questival
The Bandits
For our Humans of New York Challenge, we spoke with Penny, who works at the Sonesta Suites. Penny is the sixth of seven siblings, and her dream was to be a disco dancer when she got older. Her youngest sister died of breast cancer in 2014, but she sees the rest of her family regularly. Penny is the kindest person we met during Questival. #questival
He walked around for two hours with his fly open #questival
"I like people, people are fun!" -on working at the Wayside Diner #questival
Happy Hippos
"My life isn't very interesting. I have grown up and stayed in the area my entire life. My big dream is to go to New York City. A few years ago my husband got sick and I was house bound. After my husband died my daughter said pack your bags. We went to Boston. The next year we went to New York City for a day. They asked me what I wanted to do and I was overwhelmed. What do you do in New York City for a day? We went to Central Park and rode bicycles and walked the city streets. That was interesting" -Bev #questival
Yager Bombs
"Ive worked in coffee shops for about 20 years because I like interacting with fun people on the street" ~ David at the street food cart #questival
Jive Tribe
What do you love the most about bartending? "Oh baby, it's gotta be the people." #questival
Most Mild Men
This is Anthony. Anthony plays his drum and raps on the streets of Burlington for donations because his lymphoma and loss of breath limits his ability to work. He recently had his drum Big Bertha stolen and then returned by the great people of Burlington! Big Bertha is a one of a kind drum crafted for him by a local master and he has two more at home, Bernie and Sanders. #humansofburlington #questival
Island of Misfits
Mike, a local hero. Started as a career fireman for the city Burlington and served his city for many years. Mike stated "I only worked two days a week 24 hours but I was bored, so I opened that bar". JPs opened its doors in 1981, Mike continued to serve his community but provided a different type of service. Mike has played many roles over the years as friend, bar keep, and therapist. When asked "what is the most important thing you've learned" he advised me to " never take personal checks". #questival
Llama Polo
“Do you get extra points for magic? I’ve been a professional magician for 17 years.” -Darren, the front desk manager at the Hampton Inn #llamapolo #humansofnewyork #questival
Team C-137
This is Mentor. He is a refugee from Kosovo and he moved to Vermont in 1999. Now he studies business at the University of Vermont and works as a street vendor selling chili dogs. #questival
No Drama Llamas
“I’m a UVM student, but I come from MA. I was just at my work, I work at Lake Champlain Chocolates. I sell chocolates and I make people stay happy. It’s a great job and a lot of really interesting people come in. Yeah. I study community development and I hope to go into urban planning.” -nathan. #humansofburlington #questival
Teamwork makes the meme work
"I've lived in Burlington for 18 years. I'm from Bosnia. I know iris. I go to UVM as a junior finance major. I've worked at this cart for 2 years. I like the food but it got old. I was born in Germany." #questival