While camping in the wilderness document/photograph at least 4 different types of wildlife, each unique/from separate animal families. (Don't forget the totem)

We've Got Crabs
appreciate nature #questival
Virginia Valkyries
We went on a walk and saw a skunk!! We were afraid to get too close but it's the black dot in that first pic. We then spotted a buzzy bee, and a cricket hanging out with a millipede, and a dead... something... 😬 #questival
The Fergusons
Deer 🦌 moth 🦋 toad 🐸 crawdad 🦂 #questival
That's What She Said
Cats, spiders, snakes/ants (in one picture!) and frogs...oh my! #questival
Only my couch
Moth snake deer toad #questival