Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.

The Great Escape
#thegreatescape #questival
This is a collage, one from the start and one from the end! Through all the craziness, Team Bloodshed conquered 💖 #questival
Airing on the side of stiff
Yaya #questival
kits kicks
We made this picture to remind us that these 24 hours have made our friendship even stronger. #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 3
The best of times #teamchill #questival
Sparkling Ducks
A little paper duck to remember our adventure! #SparklingDucks #questival
Fearless Estroverts
Llama statue made with a twig, tag, and duct tape! #questival
A sweet ending to a great weekend. #questival
That's What She Said
I am keeping the container my live worms came in - not so tasty snack! I will never forget! #thatswhatshesaid #questival
Globe trotteurs
The totem is an obvious souvenir for us! #questival
Salty Apples
Made these Scrapes and scratches from mountain biking and swimming #questival
Peanut Butter Turtle Herd
Our souvenir which is badly in need of a wash after this great event! #thankypu #questival #questival
Step Aside Comfort Zone!
A crazy 24 hours with some rad people!! #makeitcount #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
We made a memory box for all our new memories!! #questival #SoMuchFun #questival
In Debt Forever
A little keepsake matchbox with a sloth on it. Why you ask? Because as a group, we like to move slow and steady to get things done!! ALSO we felt putting our totem on a pole makes it a great keepsake as well! #questival
Dragon Warriors
Made a little parachute with out do good! #questival
Pink United
Our shirts, our pride #pinkunited #questival
Who da real MVP? LLAMAZING. #MVPbandana #questival
Wild and Crazy
We are fighting over who gets to hang this beauty on their wall. #questival
Bellezze Feroci
Our favourite souvenir is our new friend BFL. our big friendly lama stuffy #questival
thanks cotopaxi! a reminder of all our time uploading lifelong memories #questival
Questing Quartet
The Questing Quartets handed out business cards to the other teams so that we could easily meet up to arrange joint quests - our business cards are our memorable souvenirs from this weekend! #questingquartet #questival
Better than the Rest-ival
we all love baseball and we spent a ton of time running around "home base" for these challenges! great memories! #questival
Today we felt we concurred it all as a team. Each person played a part and each person will bring home a souvenir (totem included) 🌞🌄 #questival
We went looking for a boardroom at my husbands work. While cleaning the cupboard his colleague found had this mug and saved it for me! We have drunk from it all day!!! #questival
I'm Alpacked
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 4
a book of meaningful stickers 😊 #questival
Brews Brothers
Earned this reward #questival
Chicks with Kicks
We wrote 2 versions of "why we love Vancouver" yesterday and this race has proven above and beyond that this city is amazing! #questival
Grab Life By The Questicles
The shirts with our team name is the best souvenir to remind us of the past 24 hours. #newshirtsmell #questicles #questival
Go CotoPaxi go!! #questival
Melon Head
CHARGING phones ... the biggest struggle #questival
Jango and the Janglettes
Sitting llama oragami. We wish we can sit now!!! #questival #questival
Mighty Manfreds
Our team emblems will always be a reminder of the amazing Questival!!! #questival
There's Always Money In The Banana Stand
We waved goodbye to a cruise ship twice and took the seabus twice. #questival
El Pollo Loco
bought this growler right after the check-in and with a few refills it, kept us going for 24 hours :) #questival
The Fast and the Furiously Hungover
This hat has been the lifeblood of our team all 24 hours, and the reason for our country accents.. #questival
Team Vegas to Vancouver
Our bag name tags we made will definitely be a keep sake! #questival
Je suis Dylan We made this with a rope #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 6
Souvenir of our time at Questival! #questival