Find and take a team photograph with this statue and tell us a little about it in your caption. (tap this challenge then tap GO >)

But first, Llama take a selfie
Richmond native Arthur Ashe won 3 Grand Slam titles! He was the first man of color to win the US open! #questival
Where the wild things roam
danger Mr. Jones. #busyintersection #questival
Urban Chestnuts
Tennis! #questival
We've Got Crabs
This statue made a list for the most unintentionally horrifying statues since it looks like he's mocking how short the kids are #questival
Team Savory
Reaching out a hand to others - just like Arthur Ashe. A great humanitarian and man #inspiration #questival
Ruck Be A Lady
I would have won more majors if not for those meddling kids!?!? #questival
Bell Isle Ball Busters
Arthur Ashe, Richmond native, only black man to win us open, Wimbledon, and Australian open. #questival
Wolfgang Llamadeus
Arthur Ashe, groundbreaking tennis legend #questival
Crushin' Crags
The only African American represented on Monument Ave and beloved by the city. #questival
Virginia Valkyries
Mr. Ash Thank you for using you resources from your Tennis career to invest in kids of the community! #questival
Shama Llama Ding Dongs
This is the statue of Arthur Ashe. He was pivotal in education however this statute makes him looks like he's possibly beating children. #questival
Barack Ollamas
Arthur Ashe was the only African American to win the singles title at Wimbledon! A true inspiration. #questival
Lost in Place
What an inspiration for the African American culture being the first pro African American tennis player #lostinplace #questival
Arthur Ashe is showing the importance of education over athletics #questival
Richmond native Arthur Ashe has a stadium at the US Open #questival
Masters of Mayhem
Shoutout to Arthur! #MastersofMayhem #MoM #questival
That's What She Said
"No children, this is the correct overhand serve." ...... this is not controversial, get over it. #questival
She's a history buff #questival
Gals That Quest
1st African American to win a grand slam, civil rights activist #questival
Race-ist Bastards
This is listed on the Mental Floss article for "10 Unintentionally Horrifying Statues of Famous People"! #questival
Llama Llama Duck
Tennis legend looming over the children #questival
Team Best Coast
Arthur Ashe! The first African American grand slam champion #questival
Forever Young
Arthur was an inspiration to young African Americans around the country for his breaking down walls in the tennis profession. #questival
The Charlie Poos
My man Arthur Ashe with those three grand slams!! #questival
Alcoholics Unanimous
He showed to us that teeth don't matter but the ability to lead makes history #questival
The Rocketts
Doin good with Arthur Ashe, who was a super cool tennis player that won three grand slam titles #questival
Real Life Beauty
Team Soleless
Arthur Ashe was the first black player selected to the US Davis Cup team #questival