Upload a photo collage of the four structures that compose the Four Corners of Law. Tell us what 4 institutions are represented in your caption.

The term "Four Corners of Law" represents the presence of institutions representing federal, state, local and ecclesia #questival
Soup Derby
God-city-state-federal #questival
Foos 2: electric boogaloo
The four corners are: religion, st. Michael's Episcopal church; Federal, the US post office; City Hall, and the county court house. #questival
The 4 corners represent federal, state, local and ecclesiastical law #questival
The Runaways
St Michael's Church, City Hall, County Court House, Post Office & Federal Court House #questival
Gay/straight alliance
City, church, state and federal #questival
Total Llamanation
Court house, post office, church, and Charleston city hall #totalllamanation #dogood #questival
Llama Said Knock You Out
#fourcorners they are the St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Charleston County Courthouse, US Post Office and Federal Courthouse, and Charleston City Hall. #questival
The Rad Triad
The four corners of the law represent federal, state, city, and religious law. #questival
#mutharuckinllamas the four corners of law consist of St Michaels Episcopal Church, Charleston City Hall, Charleston City Courthouse, and The US Federal Courthouse #educated #questival
Jalapeño Llama
Ok, four corners of law in charleston: st michaels episcopal church, the county courthouse, chs city hall, and the post officeeee #questival
Luke Skyllama
St. Michael's Church, Charleston City Hall, Charleston Co. Courthouse, and US Federal Court. #fourcornersoflaw #questival
Team Influx
4 Corners of law: God's law, Federal, State, Local #questival
Gryffindor Girls
City Hall, Courthouse, Post Office, and Church. #GryffindorGirls #questival
No Prob-llamas!
Getting our history on! Visiting the Four Corners of Law: 1) church 2) federal 3)city 4)county #questival
Fellowship of Kevin
The 4 corners represent federal, state, local, and religious law #questival
Eat Lightning
St. Michael's church, city Hall, County Courthouse, USPO and Federal Courthouse #questival
Four corners #questival
Seven Psycalpacas
That's il-llama-nating
1) church 2) state 3) federal government 4) commerce #questival
Llamazing Lollies
The four corners of law are the post office, the courthouse, a church, and City Hall! #questival
Hammer Time
City Hall, Post Office, Court House, St. Michael's Church #questival
Lickety Splits
City Hall, St. Micheal's Episcopal Church, Charleston County Court house, US Post Office and federal court #questival
That just my baby Llama
Institutions represent federal, state, local, and ecclesiastical law #questival
St Michael's Church representing God's law, Charleston City Hall representing city law, Charleston County Courthouse representing state law and the Federal Courthouse. #questival
The Wild Thot Berries
hanging at the Courthouse, City Hall, Post Office, and St. Michael's! #questival
Jokers are Wild
Church, courthouse, city hall, post office 4 corners of law #questival
Deeper Roots
the post office, the church, the city hall and the federal court house! #questival
Filthy Flamingos
The Four Corners of Law consist of City Hall, The Court House, The USPS, and St. Michael's​ Episcopal Church #questival
3 Geezers & the other guy
The term "Four Corners of Law" represents the presence of institutions representing federal, state, local and ecclesiastical law on each corner of the intersection.[1] #questival
Indecisive but not sure
State, Church, City, and Federal #questival
Norfolk and Good
Federal, state, city and church #questival
Alpaca Hooligans
Four Corners of the Law: St. Michael's Church, City Hall, County Courthouse, Federal Courthouse #questival
Columbus was looking for us!
four corners of law... court, church, post office, city hall #questival
Tooth Fairies
city law (top L), State Law (top R), federal law (bottom L), gods law (bottom R) #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
#dogood #questival
Team L-evate
#bail #hail #mail #jail courthouse, church, post office, jail #questival
Llama Llama Red Pajama
Federal, State, Local, and Ecclesiastical #questival
Yolo Jackets
Da Bruces
St michaels episcopal church, Charleston city hall, county court house, us post office/federal court house #questival
Basic Bichos
#basicbichos the four institutions represent federal, state, local, and ecclesiastical law. #questival
Llama Del Rey
Top left-Charleston City Hall. Top right- Charleston County Courthouse. Bottom Left-United States Postoffice and Federal Courthouse. Bottom right- St. Michaels Episcopal Church #questival
99 Probllamas
clockwise from top left - City Hall, County Courthouse, St Michael's Episcopal Church & Federal Courthouse/Post Office #questival
St. Michael's, Charleston City Hall, the Charleston Co Courthouse & the Federal Courthouse! #teambeelieve #questival
St. Michael's Episcopal Church; God's Law. Charleston City Hall;City Law. Charleston County Courthouse; State Law. Federal Courthouse/ post office; federal law. #questival
1 Tank of Gas Despite The Covfefe
The US Federal Courthouse/Post Office, The Church, The Charleston County Courthouse, and The Charleston City Hall #questival
Yo llama and yo cousin too
Representing Federal, State, local & ecclesiastical law #questival
The Late Arrivals
Church, courthouse, city council, and post office #questival
Baby got track!
St Michael's Episcopal church, Charleston city Hall, Charleston County Court House, Federal court house(US post office) #questival
Iron Frogs
The 4 corners represents the federal state and local governments as well as ecclesiastical law. #questival
Clan McGregor
#clanmcgregor Four Corners of Law: St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Charleston City Hall, Charleston County Courthouse & Federal Courthouse #questival