Contact the nonprofit of your choice and schedule a time to go in and volunteer with them after the Questival. (PLEASE if you complete this challenge make sure to honor your commitment). #integrity

Crossfit Cincinnati
Blue Barracudas
Volunteer at TAASC! The adaptive adventure sports coalition is right here in Columbus, we take people with disabilities kayaking, skiing, water skiing, cycling, climbing, and more! (I volunteer every summer for kayaking as an instructor) #questival
Llamichael Jordan
#Goodwill #questival
League of Llamas
going to west end food pantry next week! #questival
Adventure? Alpaca my bag, but first llama take a selfie
#letsdothis #animallovers #volunteering is great #questival
Our favorite place to volunteer - Habitat for Humanity! #questival
Llama Get Yo Numba
Ran into StateFarm with the Do good in your neighbor program and we signed up to volunteer. #DoGood #questival
We will be volunteering with Universal Health Aid screening on Saturday October 21st! #questival
The llama factory
Stini's Weenies
Diaper coalition. #questival
Roomie Cube
i am volunteering for the #endduchenne team for nationwide childrens hospital marathon i have a donating page as well! Help us #EndDuchenne #questival
The Woolly Mammoths
This Thursday, I'll be helping Local Matters reach out to donors during The Big Give! Local Matters is an incredible nonprofit that addresses food security and builds healthy communities ❤️ #questival
Grimes' Girls
Proudly deliver Meals on Wheels once/month! ☺️ #questival
Volunteering with Alpha Phi Omega on Sunday! #questival