Perform another random act of kindness. Include a short text explanation in your comment. Do something meaningful and make it count!

Puma Patrol
To be perfectly honest, we try to be kind everyday and we enjoyed these moments as they happened, not staging them or trying to catch them on video. #sorryquestival #kindeveryday #questival
Thanks O'Llama!
Helped this family find their way to Minnehaha Falls. They got lost and were headed in the wrong direction. Ended up walking with them all the way there. #newfriends #questival
Placed flowers on graves of babies. #questival
Old Dogs
Met some bikers who had a chain off and help them put their chain on their bike and then gave them a granola bar for sustenance. #kindnesscounts #questival
What's Our Team Name, Guys?!
We gave Sam and Mary Kay a bouquet of sunflowers! We hoped it brightened their day. What a fun mother and sun! #questival
we gave these girls our all day parking pass! #questival
Camp JIM
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buying flowers for a stranger :) #questival
Enraged Kittens
Letting another team borrow our hammock for some urban hammocking! #questival
The Night's Watch
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Giving up our parking spot for the college movers! #questival
Adventure Girls!
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R3, donated our left over wood to our camping neighbors. #questival
Sophisticated Llama
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started pay it forward at caribou Duluth #roadtripnorth #questival
Good Genes
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Parking voucher to mom with little kids. Fun at the farmers market. #questival
Nomi Homies
Sharing is caring. Break Bread for Breakfast. #questival
Instead of rushing to our next challenge, we stopped and painted faces of multiple people. 😄 #questival
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#questival #kindwords #questival