Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Mo Money Mo ProbLlamas
Andrew was paralyzed when he was 12, now skateboards, plays guitar and sells art. He is moving to Austin soon! #questival
Q: What is your favorite part of school? A: My favorite part is recess. It is when I get to see my friends. #questival
this awesome couple just moved here from Florida, and they are looking forward to furnishing their home with a new pot #questival
"So much pressure. I think my favorite thing about Boston is the student community and the music" #questival
victorious secret
Visiting Boston from Florida. Looking into completing a Questival in the near future! #questival
The Lone Rangers
Ryan & Alice love to perform! Ryan is very active with parkour & Alice is learning to juggle & the trapeze in hopes of performing in the circus one day!! #questival
Nathan calls his mother here every Saturday while his daughter plays on the playground. #familyfirst #questival
Llama Llama Duck
"My mom used always buy these muffins from Cosco. Now when I eat them, I think of her." #questival
Grab the Moose by the Llama
Meet Kristen. Kristen and I met during our 15 second hug a stranger challenge. Kristen is from Weymouth and is getting married to on July 1st. Kristen was out in the Quincy Market area celebrating her last few days as a single woman. Kristen was so open and welcoming that we decide to use her acquaintance for this post instead of the 15 second hug. Congratulations Kristen!!! #questival
Rama Llama Ding Dong
"I have over a thousand. I plan to resurface the entire wall with fake IDs I've collected over the years."-Mark #questival
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
"This is my first time riding a subway and going to Boston and it is everything I hoped it would be. I now live in a small town in New Hampshire and ever since my parents and I moved up here from Florida, we have greatly missed the rest of my extended family. I am so grateful that my cousins were finally able to come up and visit us this week. They had never come here before and since we had also never been to this city, we decided we needed to show them Boston. I am very glad we did. I love the city- especially the balloon hat maker- and I am glad that I was able to share this day with my favorite cousins whom I miss very much." #questival
Llama Ain't Raise No Fool
Justin is one of the most lively people who moved to MA from FL. He is a student, a rock climber and a sailor. #questival
I grew up in Peoria, Illinois and went to college in Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin -- Madison). I came out here to become a teacher and loved Boston. I love the mountains. I love the beaches. Everything is so close. #questival
This is Alfred who moved from Norwich to Boston in December of 2015. He shared some of his family history including the many family members who had served in the US military. People who he remembers every Memorial Day. A more quiet but thought invoking man, Alfred was a pleasure to get to know during our time in B-town. Cheers Alfred. #questival
The Brady Bunch
This is Hecktor, he is a veteran who is just leaving starbucks. He has been to jail and is searching for peace of mind. Loves the patriots and comic books! #Tom #questival
Team Lance
"My perspectives of right and wrong have been tested as of late. I was been between jobs for the past 3 years and having trouble finding my rock. I started my new job as a social workers assistant last Tuesday and am hoping this one lasts. I am ready for some consistency. I deserve this." This community will ALWAYS be here for you. Do. Good. #questival
Unofficial ROC
"Appreciate all the little. I was always trying to accomplish a big thing that would make me happy." #questival
Watch Out! We've A Very Nice Towel!
George has been an icon at Harvard Square for 30 years. He knows all the bathrooms in the area and the approximate wait times all by heart. He has a soft spot for homeless folks and has been battling cancer for five years. #questival
Como te llama?
"I moved here when I was 18 years old and worked my way up to manage The Emperor's Garden. I love taken my daughter to the park after work, it's one of my favorite parts about Boston" - Ying #questival
Four Strangers, One Goal
"I have many passions in life, but above all I pledge my undying loyalty to the GOAT Brady, and also sea turtles." #questival
Bahama Llamas
#BahamaLlamas this is joan & henry. theyve been married for 33 yrs. tonight they are picking up cheese for date night #questival
Accept the Crazy
"My proudest's hard to choose one. I've gotta say my proudest moment this year so far was that last week my daughter got confirmed!" -Pier, visiting Northeastern with his son from NJ! #questival
Lady Llamas
"We don't come in to Boston very often but when we do we like to explore and wander around. We're here for a coworkers' daughter's graduation but we each have two daughters of our own!" - Allison and Chuck #questival
Smells Like Team Spirit
"I came to the United States following my passion, my music and my God. Here, I feel at home with my church and wife. They mean the world to me and have helped me through all the challenges I have faced since moving here. Living as an immigrant in the U.S. at this time is difficult but interesting to see. Lets hope for the best." -Dino #questival
2 Guys 1 Team
We are visiting Boston from NY. we love to try out new cities because I'm secretly pregnant and need to escape my mom #questival
Shenanigan Chasers
This is Robert Love who is the town warner for the city of Boston. His jobs is to report to the town clerk any new residents that come to the city. By keeping track of these individuals, they can help them out when needed, but to save the city some money they bill the town where the individuals come from. His accent is spot on!! #questival
Love Twunk
FB POST INCLUDED: Joshua - Boston: I've learned over time, that all media behave the same. You always have to pay attention whether it's a camera, microphone, recording or movie because you are always being watched. #questival
New Beige Baby
@cotopaxi #questival @cotopaxiquestival People of NY Boston edition this couple Adam and his lady are Van living #questival
North America Sports Union
Edgar is a vendor of hats and sunglasses in Boston common. His dream is to travel around the world doing odd jobs. #questival
Llama take a selfie✨🤳🏻
#llamatakeaselfie "I like pink hair the most because of the way some kids react when they see me like I'm a Disney princess or something" #questival
Baby llama drama
meet Steve, the bouncer at Alley Bar. He loves his dog, law and order, and dip n dots. #questival #questival
America's Next Top Llama
"I've been waiting my whole life for this moment" #questival
Llama let you finish but...
Tim and Matt have been together for 7 months and are visiting Boston this weekend for Boston Calling. While they said Chance the Rapper was okay they're most looking forward to seeing Mumford and Sons! #questival
Squad Quarters
When I lived in Miami I used to decorate Fanny packs in bright colors like yours! Now I'm a hairstylist living in Medford. Today I'm taking the kids to a Red Sox game.!#SquadQuarters #questival
"My son is graduating from high school this year. I'm so proud. I'm just so so proud of him." #questival
Utah Beach Bums
This is Miguel and Julia from Mexico he studies entrepreneurship here in Boston so he can go back to Mexico and help improve the economy down there. #questival
Llama Time
Kathy lee has worked at Kelly's for most of her adult life. She loves that she's worked for the same family, and for the same business that she grew up in. She plans on staying at Kelly's..... so say hi to her when you stop by 🙂 #questival
Wandering Halfwits
amazing things about doing the questival is meeting on the street performers at Quincy Market #questival
Spit Happens
Kira and Carlos are some of the most memorable people that we have met during Questival so far. They told us all about how their relationship started while she was abroad, and he came to the states for her. They truly are an inspiration and we all strive for relationships as strong as theirs. #humansofboston #spithappens #questival
A Tribe Called Questival
"My middle name is Grace - which is ironic, considering I spilt a glass of water of a customer just a few minutes ago" #questival
"I was pronounced dead for 5 minutes by a cop after an overdose. Opioid addiction had run in my family for generations and I was no different. Teen challenge gave me the shot at an actual life." We met these guys outside a gas station in NH. They donate their saturdays to help people get the help they deserve. Check out the non for profit Teen Challenge. #questival
Hakuna Matata
Lil' Hubway Stir Fries 🚴🍟
We ran into Gio (pictured), Leo, and Wiso (both off camera in order to stay anonymous), who are painting this mural in Peters Park in the South End of Boston. Gio's design for the mural was selected and he partnered with Leo, a local graffiti artist, to paint the mural on behalf of the African Latino Alliance in Boston. Wiso grew up in the South End, painting on the same wall (pictured here) since he was 14. Gio had actually painted the previous mural, but the city commissioned him to update it. What you see in the picture is part mural, part projection, as the three artists paint at night using a projection of Gio's design on the wall. #questival
Medical Merry Llama
This is Bryant. Bryant is a part time race car driver and a full time good-timer. He has a contagious laugh and a positive spirit. More Bryants in the world, please! #questival
"this is weird," says our kind bartender. By day, he works as an advocate for victims of domestic violence. #questival
Yo llama so fat
Nick grew up in the Dominican Republic. He immigrated to the US when he was 7. He is working as a waiter while earning his degree in film studies. He hopes to one day work as a director on small films. He is happy to have the opportunities he has been given in life. #questival
Stop Squishing My Squid
"I was a farmer in Amherst for two years, during that I immobilized a sheep by sitting on it. It was stuck in the electric fence and this allowed us to rescue it. That wasn't even the most interesting part!" #questival
No Kangaroos in Austria
from Nigeria studied in England under government program with other international students came to us for job #questival
Love is a Llamafield
"Tell us about your favorite college memory" ..... "Well, it's gotta be with him. We met in college. But that was about a million years ago" #questival
Shuck It
He's been working here since in utero. Shellfish is in his blood! Shuck it loves the ye older oyster union house! #questival
The JAK Hammers
I work here because my Ma makes too much money for me to get financial aid yet she won't help a boy. I'm just tryin to make something of myself. #questival
The WooPacas
Zadiya is visiting from Nebraska with her brother and roommate who is attending a conference. She is a music Major. #questival
Lucky For You That's What I Llama
I'm logan. I do what I do not for the money. I'm a people person and I want to offer that to the world. Hong Kong is going to be packed tomorrow! #questival
This is Nelly Furtado's cousin. #humansofnewyork #humansofquestival #questival
Flying Ninja Panthers
Mivan now runs his family owned European style cafe. And hopes to open his own place from the ground up. #questival
Mike's Mutts
"I don't like it when mellow dramatic music has played on the piano mellow dramatically." #that'sthatshizzhedon'tlike #questival
Brighton Friends
This is Jess! She is a senior at Curry College and grew up on the South Shore. The best story I have heard...she ran away to Hawaii for two months and her family had to bribe her to come home. She spent that time surfing, sailing and loving life. Her dream is to graduate with a criminology degree to catch serial killers. Talk about doing good! #questival
Squad of Unicorns
We met a veteran of the Iraq war named Johnnie and bought him some food. He served 2 tours and is currently at a VA homeless shelter. We forgot to put up our totem so we did a collage. Please pay attention to our veterans this memorial day weekend and every day. We as Americans have become complacent about the people who serve in the armed forces for our freedom. Happy and Solemn Memorial Day. #questival
The Wahlrus
I tried to be an amateur clown for years. It's just not working out. It's not paying dividends anymore. I think I'm going to have to pawn my nose and makeup... #questival
Team Peer Pressure
vetern who left his teeth in Iraq and love that we can do stuff like this. #questival
Wingman and Cockblock: The Saga Continues
Meet john a lawyer from oklahoma city. his granddaughter just graduated from harvard and he is enjoying boston #questival
Big D Rides Again
This is Denira. She moved to Boston in September from Sonora, Mexico -- "I love it here because of all of the different nationalities and how cool and different everyone is!" P.s. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is peanut butter. #freeslushy #questival
Beverly Boiz
Nanira has worked at this ice cream stand for about a year now. She loves hanging out with friends and going to the beach. She grew up near Boston and loves it here. #boston #questival
Bill's Note
We're meeting some friends tonight, but decided to take a walk along the water first. Then some random strangers in t shirts came and asked us to take a picture, so we did. #billandcarol #questival #questival