We have hidden a prize from our friends at Even Stevens in downtown SLC. Follow these instructions: Across the way from the Orange Ninja Turtles restaurant is a Newsie Cap Boy. To his left you will find the name Hiram B Clawson. In front of Mr. Clausons block are signs of caution. Look between them for the prize.

General Chaos
Muffin Toppers
The best part of questival was the time with our team! We did so many silly things that made us old folks feel young. #questival
Four Blind Mice
Sugar Rush
T & H
Winners! #questival
Introducing the Salt Lake Do Good monster, featuring a lily sago hair accessory and ginger snap cookie crumbs...do good, damn it! #Riddlers #questival #questival
it was amazing food! #no instructions #but lunch was yummy #gluten free bread was awesome #questival
The Alpaca Lips
Our shirts were made for this questival #questival
the whole spread
Discount Christmas Pez dispenser awarded to our most "enthusiastic" member as a trophy #questival
Adventure? Alpaca my bags.
What instructions? #questival