Find and photograph a shrine to the first American-born Catholic saint. Tell us something interesting about the building in your caption.

Wizards in Training
The church is located next to the James Watson House, a New York City landmark. #questival
Más Zhumir Please
Survived the Great Fire in 1835 #questival
Have You Seen This Gurl
saint elizabeth ann seton's daughter rebecca was born here! #WeWereAllRaisedCatholic #questival
This chapel was built on the home site of Elizabeth Ann Seton and her daughter Rebecca was born here! #questival
Llamanade Stand
The house was built in 1793 for James Watson. #questival
Cool Story Bro
Chapel was the former home of the Setons who lived here from 1801-1803 #questival
All We Do is Nguyen
The building seems like it has original colonial architecture. #questival
Baby Mama Llama Drama
she was errected here to receive all the Irish immigrants arriving by boat #questival
5 Sexy Smart n S-quirky
My favorite first American Saint an excellent teacher... Anne Seaton #questival
Olmec Knows What You Did Last Summer
Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. The wooden columns of the upper floors are said to be made from old ship masts #questival
Beep Bloop Meow
It's of the only buildings that survived the Great Fire of 1835! 🔥 #questival
Extreme Friends 9000
This building use to be on the waterfront #questival
Hot Steppers
Found it! #questival
One of the only curved buildings in a city built on straight lines! #questival
Victorious Secret
The colonnade curves with the line of the street. Very pleasing aesthetic #questival
Sherlock Homies
One of the few buildings that survived the Great Fire of 1835 #questival
Llama? Llama.
this chapel was built on the site where Elizabeth Ann Seton once lived. #questival
The building is the sole survivor of the fire of 1835 - woah! #questival #lamacrew #saints #questival
Its colonnade curves with the line of the street. #questival
Alpaca Sandwich
This chapel is built on the home of elisabeth ann seton, foundress of the soc #questival
Da Sharks
On November 2 2014 the archdiocese of New York announced that the parish of our lady of rosary will merge with St. Peter's #questival
The Fried Sauce Noodle
this chapel is built on the site of the home of ElizabeAnn Seton. it's 2 story a brick Building #questival
Something Flappier
This was one of the only buildings downtown that survived the great fire of 1835! 🔥🔥🔥 #questival
Does That Come in Grey?
This shrine is the only survivor of New York's first era of great mansions! #questival
Powered by Pizza
The first American-born Catholic saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s shrine is hosted in a landmark building connected to colonial times. #teampoweredbypizza #dogood #beasaint #questival
The building contains exactly 72 steps on the exterior! #questival
Building was designed to curve with the line of the street. #questival
The Guardians of the Cotopaxi
Elizabeth Ann Seton (1774-1821) lived just next door, but the shrine was only built in 1965 #questival
Brooklyn Squirrels
8 State Street was refurbished in 1963 the year Mother Seton was canonized as the first American Saint. #questival
YumCha! :D
Dates from 1793 and survived the great fire of 1835 #questival
Thicc Bois Inc.
Bless your heart Saint Elizabeth #questival
Knee Kaeps
This shrine is built on the site of house of Elizabeth Seton. The first MURICAN saint 🙏 #questival
Normal Tuesday Night
Elizabeth Ann Seton had lived next door to the building that houses her shrine #NormalTuesdayNight #questival
Ruh Rohs
The colonnade of the building, Watson House, curves with the line of the street!! #questival
Vacuna Matata
This was originally established as a mission for the protection of Irish immigrants #questival
Katzen & Delia
Ah interesting crests on the building walls! #questival
No Drama Llamas
Barely There Bears
Hello to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton #questival
The Nifflers
Fun fact: the double-story wooden columns of the extension’s upper floors are said to be made from old ship masts. #questival
Fun Friday
Ugh that Elizabeth Ann Seaton..what a saint #questival
What Is Dead May Never Die
The building completely preserves and captures the colonial revival architectural style amid modern structures! #questival
the colonnade curves with the lines of the street! #questival
Anne and the Three Ships-kateers
This building is fascinating for its colonnade that curves along with the state street! #boooats #anneandthethreeshipskateers #questival
5th Dimension
When the signs go high, we go higher #ForJoe #questival
Elizabeth lived next door! #questival
38 & Feelin Great!
This building was built on the site of the home of Elizabeth Seton #questival