Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival.

Alpaca PackaBeer
TarZen. "I don't teach, I just share knowledge. Wake up from the dream you're trying to live and get a hold of your life. I work three days a week and play four." #questival
This is Andrew!! Living in Austin born in Fort Worth. Currently hiking the the pacific crest trail for a total trip of 5 months!! Good Luck Austin :D #questival
Awkwardly Majestics
This is EMILIE. She met her husband at a rainbow gathering in Montana, where he promised to be an asshole to her as he escorted her to get medical supplies. They hiked all night, but sadly lost contact with each other over the next week until on the last day she finally found him again. They've been traveling ever since. #questival
The Gang Wins Questival
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Fuzzy Yellow Balls
This is Jay. A wonderful man putting himself through college by working at Walmart. One of the sweetest guys you could meet and always willing to help customers, friends, and even us with this challenge 😊 #questival
Robbie hails from Rhode Island. he has been in Austin, Texas for four years. He plays the drums and ride his bike. #questival
Win Or Lose We Booze
"Days like this are the best because all kinds of people come to the park. I like seeing everyone enjoying the nice weather. I think with everything going on in the world it's nice to see some people still find joy in the little things." #questival
No Scrubs
"Food is essential to human life. I like being able to craft basic ingredients in new and unique ways." #questival
Our friend with nice shorts. He loves the USA #questival
Tommy Bahama Llama's
This is Bill. We met him on a trail tracking a beautiful butterfly he has been collecting. With a big heart and a kind smile he told us about his gorgeous butterfly friends. "They're a whole lot better than work." He said comparing his delicate friends to his electrical engineering day job. #questival
¿Como se llama?
The Glitterati
Born in Temple. Lives in Austin. Went to UT for RTF. Works at KXAN as a film editor. Likes to sculpt. #richie #questival
Midwest Texans
Llama said there'd be Quests like this
We met Eman Lear playing guitar and singing near the Larry Monroe Forever Bridge. He goes there every day and sings at sunset in remembrance of his grandfather. #llamasaid #questival
We're Gonna Try
This is Brandon. He found his love of skiing from an early age and never looked back. Something about the wind through his beard and the open air really draws to him. He also loves tubing. You cool Brandon. #questival
Canoes n' booze
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What's your story #questival
The Drifters
Nigel is an avid couch surfer we all met today. Loves to travel. He's traveled to 24 states and 11 different countries. He's passionate about traveling and refuses to see the the tourist traps. "Live like a local" is his life motto. #questival
She's Finally 21
#humansofny #austinstyle #questival
Caerbannog Bunnies
Jamal moved to Austin for school. He quit school for love, but the relationship didn't last. Falling in love again. #questival
Superheros in Training
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This is Cassidy. #questival
Sneaker Chimps
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Ice-T?? Llama-nade!!!
These girls have been friends since they were two years old. They wanted to spend a weekend together and decided to come to Austin Texas from Fort Lauderdale since they have never been. Their life is busy being an advertising manager and an attorney but they keep making time for each other since they know it's important! #questival
Psych Ward
This is Kenny. He's from Alaska down in Austin to visit his old buddy and his wife. He grew up with his buddy fishing in Alaska. It's about 30 degrees in Alaska right now. He's trying to figure out if he should move to Austin. I think we were able to convince him that Austin is the place to be #TeamPsychWard #questival
Llama Said Knock You Out
"We met in the Army and she moved out to be with me in Austin. I'm still in the Army but going back to grad school soon. We're getting married on New Years Eve." #questival #questival
More info from Melissa on Instagram and Facebook... I tagged you @cotopaxi #questival
Sue-icide Squad
"Nice to meet you, I'm michael. Thanks for stopping by. Keep dry on Monday - there's rain in the forecast." Thank YOU for serving, Michael! Austin, TX. #supportthetroops #questival
This is Blake. He is on the board of directors for The Shade Project. His mission in life is to protect everyone's skin. His passion stems from the death of a friend from melanoma at 35. #questival
Violet Offenders
Jeff is excited about his new saxophone pipe that hasn't been used. From Orlando Florida and got stuck here making homes #questival
Lone Star Dillos
"I was the branch manager at a bank in Clearwater springs, one day I decided grown up work was stupid, so I decided to draw for a living!" #questival
"One where half of my lights blew out. I had to change all the presets on my camera. I titled that preset 'fuck up'." #questival
Woosh There It Is
This is Shelley. Shelley finished a couple years of art school before realizing she was better off being self taught. Since she left higher-ed, she has gone on to become a freelance graphic design consultant. She decided to leave her family behind in New Jersey, and congregate to the city of Austin where she believes the culture is more accepting, open and progressive. #questival
This is Tripp, Ex-biologist turned software developer. Still a genetics enthusiast and hopes to go back to that field soon! #questival
The Recess Gang
"We met both traveling for business in Austin. I lived in New York, he lived in Michigan. We kept together by playing phone tag for 3 years before deciding to take the plunge and move back to the city we first met. That was 4 years ago" #questival
The Clemson Longhorns
Just met this guy, said he moved to Austin and started a food truck after failing out of college. Said hes doing pretty well and is way happier. Pretty cool story. Thanks Cotopaxi! #questival
"I was born with a hole in my heart and had heart surgery when I was two. I knew from looking at the scar in the mirror I wanted to be just like the doctors who saved me. It's my inspiration each day." #hony #questival
Who's your Llama?
Eddie's Minions
"I was a sculpture major. This is our way of having a creative outlet. There are so many possibilities!" #questival
My name is Delia and I study English. My mom's a therapist and my dad's a draftsman. I grew up in Vancouver and moved to Austin almost three years ago for grad school. Right after I moved, I met my current boyfriend, Tim, on OK Cupid. We had our first date at the Drafthouse. He's great, but my allergies are way worse now that I live in Austin. #questival
No Jeep Til Brooklyn
"My landlord told me she is going to tear down the house, but on the bright side I'll end up buying a house. I guess in general it's been a pretty crappy 2 weeks, but I'm trying to look on the bright side" -Amy #questival
Funky Cold Medina
We are Visiting Austin for the first time from Alaska, here to elope. We wanted a romantic wedding and decided last minute to elope in Austin. We came to Austin for Valentine's Day and thanks to the beautiful weather, ended up staying a few extra nights. We are hearing back to Alaska to begin fishing for the spring season. #questival
Get off my Llama!
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Dorothy Mantooth is a saint!
Andrea. From Honduras. Lived in France to study before coming to Austin. Been here for three years. Passionate about helping people and working on her degree in civil engineering. #questival
Silence of the Llamas
"I've been living in Austin since I was 5 and it use to be good and all, but now with gentrification in the city things have been a little harder" #questival
We had so many friends in common and I had no idea he liked me. #questival
Team Burning Bush
No Ragrets
This is leon! He is fierce and loves florals. He says wearing florals makes him feel like he is one with nature growing and blooming into his very own and unique person. #peopleofaustin #questival
Pancho Villa y su Bandita
They were with the Austin South Baptist Church! Thankful for them! #questival
Guac Flock
My love for chicken nuggets started at a young age, it started with Dino nuggets and sort of spiraled from there #questival
Meet Alicia and Almudena. Hailing from a small town in Spain, these girls met when they were 6 years old. From then until 18, they depended on letters (🙌) and Facebook for communication. Skip forward to their twenties, they happened to both move to Houston, TX. They reunited and celebrated their friendship at a Coldplay concert. So thankful for these girls and the way they embody continuous friendship despite distance and time!! Thank you for sharing your time and stories, friends! #questival
Knox Street Hooligans
"Im from Chicago, moved to Austin for work, I was a carpenter. I was 35 and thought I should be paid more so I gave my two weeks. After that one day my wife and I were walking on the street and I saw this guy dressed up like the wizard of oz and his dog todo and I told my wife "I need a pencil and paper right now". I started drawing them and people kept looking over my shoulder at my work and commenting "wow!", "Awesome", the wizard checked it out and said "I have to give you something for that!" I told him I wasn't doing it for money but he did anyways. One day after that I was out drawing and this guy stopped me and asked "why haven't I seen your work and why aren't you doing this at my bar." It was CJ, he runs Darwins Pub. He told me I needed to come by the bar and draw there. One day I decided to stop by and CJ wasn't working but Ronald was. I just started drawing, not saying anything. I showed him and asked him after if I could give the patrons it, not for money. Once he saw how I handled them professionally and friendly he said "I will definitely tell CJ this went wonderfully and you come back." So I've been coming back for about 12 years." #questival
Hallie and JoJo: Been in austin since yesterday. From Dallas. Born and raised here. Attend the graduate school of linguistics. Wants to translate scriptures over seas. #questival
Linguist Llamas
Collin and Sophie are from Round Rock, Tx. They work at UMHB and plan to go into business and nursing, respectively. #questival
Yarmulke Llama
"We know each other from work... We had nothing better to do this weekend and wanted to get out of our comfort zone." #questival
Originally from Guatemala, Fernando first moved to the states and resided in New York. Finding NY to be too cold, he moved to Austin six months ago. So far he loves it. Also, fun fact, the entire conversation between Daphne and Fernando was done in Spanish. Bilingual bitches. #questival
Burritos in the Dark
James is the GM at the Tavern and from New York. He now calls Texas home and proudly calls his family Texans #questival
Fraga Rock
"Food is life." #questival
"I graduated from UT in 1984" #questival
These Arkansas friends may no longer live in the same city or even state, but that doesn't matter to them. "We've all been friends for over 5 years. Some of us as long as 12 years." They show that true friendship knows no bounds. #questival
Mighty Porphin Flower Arrangers
This is Shelli and her family, they lost their home in the Memorial Day 2015 San Marcos flood. "We lost everything. One of the biggest donations we got was candle containers. Which was the craziest thing! And he has always made candles for our home. So we decided to make something that would help the air. Beeswax candles release negative ions into the air that attach to the bad stuff like mildew. So not only do they smell good but they have a purpose." #humansoftexas #daddyzbeeswax #questival
Victorious Secret
Two and a Half Chicks
Anne Montgomery has lived in the great city of Austin for 27 years. She spends many of her Saturdays people watching and enjoying a vanilla latte on South Congress or in Zilker Park. Her two kids have settled down in different cities, but they visit her often. Despite the ever growing population, Anne loves her home city because of its eclectic culture and constant state of adventure. #questival
Find Annika a Husband 2K17
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#melonhat #questival
Bros Beards & Buns
Today we met Rico at the Hope Outdoor gallery. Rico is a native of Laredo, Texas but now lives in Austin as an aspiring artist. He currently does local paintings and portraits for events in Austin. He hopes to become a national and global traveling artist. #questival
|| "My name is Joe, and I work for the Witness Protective Program. Advice? Don't drink and ride a bicycle & always remember to take life a day at a time." ||#humansofnewyork #humansofaustin #hewaskidding #questival
We'll Make Your Creas Cry
Courtney grew up in Austin, where she now lives with her girlfriend. She works at Firehouse Subs to pay rent and bills and is saving up for a car. 🚗 #questival
Hump Train Hurricane
Cool guy and a great story! #HTH #questival
Chew Like You Have A Secret
This is Justin. He's a police officer from Austin, Texas. He likes watermelon and bleeds burnt orange. #questival
Richard Buggs and the dirty gnomes
"I came to the United States to design Wing Commander, not Wank Commander. My accent can sometimes be tricky to understand." -Martin, our RideAustin driver. #questival
John Maurer and the UT Towers
"After my time in the Syrian refugee camps, I came here to Austin to find a new life. And I did- I found a home. A home with a pop tart, just me and it." #questival
Unicorn Ninjas
Satel Kumar is a an Austinite of 23 years. Local troop leader of Boy Scout troop 360. The boys here are getting training to earn merits to become and Eagle Scout . You learn something new daily!! #questival
Centennial Babes
"We're on a church youth group scavenger hunt. We did this to share the gospel with others." -Denali, Hillcrest Baptist Church Youth Group #questival
The Manipulators
#humansofaustin #questival
Swiggity Swooty
Jeffrey is a 26 year old from Utah, and he's in Austin this week visiting his sister who just had a baby. Jeffrey is a spoken-word poet: most of his work focuses on social justice issues. #questival
Llama Mommas
Madi, the world's most interesting human. #questival
Los Lobos
Simply the Quest
"So I was on the radio saying 'I heard black don't crack, we don't sunburn, so I don't have to wear sunscreen right?' and all my friends are sitting there like 'Are you for real, man?'" #questival
Beer Gutz & Coconutz
#lovestory #questival
Team Rocket
Based off of one conversation with his professor, this guy from Fort Worth Texas had life changing experiences all over the world working with children. #questival
Quote: "I've always wanted to cut hair. I like making people feel and look good." #questival
This is Mercedes. We met Mercedes this morning at the farmers market at the Engle Farms food stand. Originally from Indianapolis, but moved to Austin for school, only TK decide it wasn't the right time for that. We asked her if this was just a job or if she was really into farming culture, and found out that it began as a job but she now has a passion for it. Soon she will start her internship with the SFC. Her favorite things about Austin are the food and live music. #humansofaustin #questival
Mike's Little Ponies
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The Wolfpack
My names Justin. I'm from heaven. Can i play a song for you? I been playing since I was 1. See you round' like a donut #questival
The Equesticles
"My favorite part about Boy Scouts is probably camping. We're not good with knots but we can definitely start a fire." - Riley and Charlie, 10th grade and 8th grade. #HumansofAustin #questival
Keep Austin Llama
"I'm here as the first checkpoint for the Folks March. We encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature." #humans #questival
Rexus Elmonte. Lived in Austin her whole life. Loves dogs, Saturday morning workouts and pickles. She's hopeful for the future of Austin. She stays strong by getting her sweat on. No time like the morning time. #questival
"My name is Jennifer, i moved here from California... I am a stay at home mom and the only time I have to run is early Saturday morning while my children are with their dad." #questival
Off Like A Prom Dress
"I don't speak good English but since coming here I got better! I have had a good life when coming here. I'm good here" #questival
cash me ousside
"My advice for the people viewing this picture is to have a purpose. We all have a purpose we just need to find it and go after it. Don't copy someone else's. Sometimes we say yes to people and no to ourselves. We need to find our own purpose and go towards that. If people need to go away from your life for you to go towards your dreams, than just do it." (Moses, 15 year Austin resident) #cashmeousside #makingnewfriends #questival
As a child he weighed 900 pounds & didn't talk until he was 14. Today he has 8% body fat & speaks in front of 1,000s #questival
Team Cotosexy
Sarah and Mike. They met two years ago at work and have been dating since. They love going to the movies, are super stoked about the new beauty and the beast, and they love Kirby Lane pancakes. #questival
Yak to Yak Champs
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STEVE! if you don't laugh you're a communist #questival
One of the awesome we met tonight! #questival
Llamame Maybe
Bobby Summers. He graduated high school and decided to join the marines. When he moved home (30 years ago), he came to this bar. It's called egos. He wore his hair as long as mine (past my nipples). He's been married twice but when asked if he had kids he said he only "fired blanks". What a guy. He sang us "were walking down the road to find. I'm not following you so you're following me. Why are we walking down the road? To find food" #questival
Llamas With Hats
"When we were 18, we met in college in Utah, in the first day in the cafeteria, we instantly fell in love. We have been married for 15 years" #questival
Team Goonies
"I've lost so much in my life. I've stopped doing drugs and I've begun a business in bicycle taxi'ing and I'm trying to get back on my feet." #questival
Waffle Bandits
Scott "Zoob" Zublin is the owner of the Texas Chili Parlor in downtown Austin. A former oil field worker and arm wrestler who broke his elbow in a championship round, he found himself purchasing the joint he frequented for 20 years in 2002. He didn't change a thing and it remains an Austin icon. #questival
Nolan and Friends
"I was an aspiring musician with my buddies living in Dallas. We were doing well, so we came down to Austin. That faded like anything can. Now I have a girl friend up in Chicago who is moving down to Austin soon. So we will see where life takes me..." #questival
The Brunchfast Club
Meet Gerald. #questival
Huevos Rancheros
Marie has worked at the Little Red Wagon in Round Rock, serving up Texas' finest diner meals. For the past 3 years she has enjoyed serving as cashier so she can support herself and 9 year old daughter. She's thankful for her family. #questival
Dalai Llamas
"Hunting Pokémon is something I do for fun in my spare time with my daughter. My name is Rocky. The catch was better last fall, but I still enjoy my time here." #questival
Taiwana is from Seattle but has been in Austin for 7 years. She goes to TX State where she is politically a minority and fighting for immigrant rights. #questival
I was lost, a foreign man in a strange land. People found me and I found myself at Questival Austin. #questival
He loves soccer, but his heart belongs to Texas #questival