Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Life Quest
Ian is a young man from east sac. he does not enjoy downtown but is hustling for his future. #questival
This is Who We Are
Geraldo M. This is so cool. I worked a little extra yesterday to help out the church for Easter and now I got a cake. #peopleofsactamento #questival
Catt's Dawgs
A couple of years ago I had the ability to return to my hometown and start my own business with the love of my life. Life is much simpler now that I am able to work outdoors nearly everyday and run my own schedule. #questival
Adventure Awaits
"I've been a floral designer for 30 years. It was just a job at first. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to tie bows. One day I told my mom, I'm going to be a bow tier. And you know what, I tie a lot of bows now!" (Sacramento, CA) #adventureawaits #questival
Beav Riv
Deborah used to work downtown but didn't fancy the speed and stress of the work. Her and her husband loved fresh fruits so they decided to make smoothies for the people of the Central Valley. The last summer is the best time of the year for business. #questival #questival
Lavas and Friends
I am a musician, and I am at a point where I am really trying to focus on my music and put myself out there...but it's a struggle because grown up responsibilities and paying my bills has to come first. It's also very gratifying at the same time because I get to grow in many ways and do what I love. #lavasandfriends #questival
"I am from San Francisco and my family and I have had to deal with a lot of problems related to income disparities. This is my first year at UC Davis and I'm studying political science. One day, I hope to work in SF or with a nonprofit to alleviate income disparities, maybe something to do with affordable housing options. I want people in need to have access to government programs to help their families like mine did." #questival
I love music. I've got it in me. Indian music is spiritual. I'm already in India spiritually, I just need to go there. #questival
Rogue One: a scavenger hunt story
Carey: "I moved to Sacramento to design videogames. I'm actually working on a Rogue One style game right now. I like Star Wars because it's the ultimate good guy bad guy story." #questival
Nurdles & Aglets
We are born and raised in Sacramento and never plan on leaving. The community, diversity, chill atmosphere and tight knit community make it the perfect place to raise a family. #questival
Alpaca Suitcase
We met in a manner that cannot be disclosed...we can't tell you about it. #questival
Nafali was born in Poland, she is 62, she is a generational world war 2 child and came to America for a better life. Wonderful California is where she now resides. Thanks for the wonderful talk. #questival
beautiful musicians in mid town sac. shes only been playing guitar for a few months. They both really just love music #questival
Quest For the Hairy Llama Sac
Christine is a communications major striving to work at the capitol one day! She works hard and is native to Sacramento! #questival
Shasta Rollers
My name is Anthony, I play wheelchair basketball at the local YMCA. It means so much to me I have a tattoo on my right arm of me shooting basketball. #questival
Don't be Tachy
"We went to the jelly belly factory and thought they were going to be belly flops. But we're engineers and they're all normal shaped, so as far as we can tell it's the flavors that didn't sell well." #questival
Llama Whisperers
"I've never been to this farmer's market before. But I thought I would try it today!" #questival
Eat the FOOD Tina!
This is nicole. She was out on a walk with her daughter today when we ran into her. She was trying to avoid her inlaws who are visiting for Easter. "They just have ridiculously high standards. I offered to host Easter this year to show off my kitchen skills and insisted on taking over everything. I just had to take a walk. This smile is deceptive " #questival
Unconfirmed Crits
Mark, IT health care, like whiskey, train for small triathlons! #questival
Red Team
Math teacher and brew master. In the summer He enjoys riding his bike and in the winters he enjoys his dark beers. Randy from Sacramento #questival
Manifest Questiny
This is Amber and Anna they met on a study abroad trip and have been together since. #questival
Scissor Sisters
We met this amazing woman named Sharon with a rescue dog name Ricky! She moved here from Pollock Pines to be closer to the city life. Oringally from SF. Ayyy Sharon you the real MVP #questival
I'm a Veteran of the US Navy and I'm homeless. So I came to Sacramento three months ago and decided to stay. So far I'm really happy with the treatment that I've been getting at the VA and I plan to stick around. #questival
Kenzie and the Poopsicles
This is Alan. He has set a goal of recording his journeys through the lens of his GoPro. He gets lots of looks and many inquiries about this mini unicycle Segway. He loves the attention! Be sure to say hello!! #questival
North by North Quest
Couple for six months. Regulars to Sacramento. Met online. Hated online dating until they met each other. #questival
Hawk Love
This is Shawn and he was taking his lovely girlfriend for a date at Capitol Park because she is a very busy person. Later they will make Easter Eggs out of concrete and they will be as big as Dragon Eggs! #questival
Yeah, but did you die?
This is mike. Mike got in a car accident and was not wearing his seatbelt. The car flipped six times and he was thrown out. He said "he felt his grandfather pulled him out" and was his guardian angel in his time of need. #questival
Weeple Army
Judith M worked 16 day work week. It was her first day off and she wanted to picnic. She loves Capitol park because it's so interesting. #weeplearmy #questival
My name is Ana and I'm out having lunch with friends. I'm pregnant and couldn't be more filled with joy. I met some strange characters who are doing a #questival and asked for this picture. Happy to help the Questronauts! #questival
We Just Got Here
"I volunteer at the shelter because pit bulls are near and dear to my heart. My husband and I adopted a pit bull lab mix that we recently lost, and pit bulls have a lot of stigma, but they are all different. We adopted a full pit bull and I want to help shelter dogs, especially "pitties" to teach people not to believe the stereotypes. I have a friend who donates his photography skills and time to help me do this." #questival
Jammy feat. the Fan Club MVPs
"seeking wisdom is like a fish leaving the ocean to seek water. There are revelations to be had at every moment." #questival
"You need to grow up and understand that you're gonna get what you put in. You may not get your fair share, but this is what you're gonna have to do." Foster, Sacramento #currydobo #questival
The Fighting Snails
HONY: @hillviewfarms, Owner: Shanon Whamond: loves helping people and connecting to the earth thru organic farming #questival
Mom's Spaghetti
"I used to have a stigma about canvassing, but I overcame it through canvassing" -Kevin #questival
this is gregory, he is a davis native and works selling French German fusion pastries. his main passion is to be happy #questival
Lettuce Turnip the Beet
Humans of New York. People ask what I do and are usually surprised. I'm in the business of picking up poop, dog poop to be exact. I'm The Duty Guy. I started this business in Davis 8 years ago. My company picks up 150,000 pounds of poop a year and services 40-50 homes a day, even De Marcus Cousins' crib! 💩 💩 💩 💩 #questival
Today in micro-fashion #HONY #questival
Hot Like Fudge
Waking up at 7am on a Saturday morning to help college students get a jump start to there morning studies. I look forward to slinging caramel macchiatos all morning. #questival
Llama said knock you out!
Anderson Gram. Human of Roseville. local guitarist and singer at the Roseville farmers market. #questival
The Team That Shall Not Be Named
We met Sue at her restaurant in downtown Sac. She has been cooking and serving her amazing food for 24 years. She fussed over us like a mother would her children in the best way! She was kind and full of life and we are better for having encountered her! #humansofsacramento #questival
Average Canadians
"What is one piece of advice you've learned in your life that you'd like to share, and why?" Nancy - "I would say that people are whacky and amazing. They're extremely amazing. Almost everyone has a really good heart and it just takes a while to find it, to find that connection. Bringing food and coffee to people is a wonderful connection." #questival
The Conquerors
Kenny the dancing man! He is a symbol of Sacramento often seen dancing at Social Events and Clubs. He has been dancing for nine years after being taught by the third best Latin dancer in the world. While Kenny has amazing moves, he says he'll always have more that he can learn and improve. He says we should always strive to do better. #questival
Tangerine Abusers
Ronica (named after Dad, Ron): a make-up artist for Urban Decay whose passion for paint personalizes peoples' canvases #questival
We were the first music video back in 1969 before there were music videos. We had a video camera and tried to make a movie to a song. We were 11 and 16 and put on The Lovin Spoonfuls song "Summer in the City" but we were living in the country. I (Doris) was filming him (Dennis). We never saved it but feel we started the music video trend. #questival
Your Mom Has Acute Angina
Just wanted to watch A's game at a bar and the giants fans wouldn't let me. Then they were rude to my friend and it was not ok. #HONY #questival
You Wine Some, You Booze Some
I have a cat, lil rugger, just showed up on our porch in the window. He doesn't take any interest in dogs. #questival
Not Alpacas
Ice is an amazing waiter at Lotus Thai! He is from Thailand and has been here in the states for 3 years. He goes to Sac State to learn English (speaks it well) and says the restaurant is his second home!he is a sweetheart! #questival
Emily is a 26 year old 5th grade teacher from Sacramento. She received a bachelors and masters in teaching at UCSB and isnow teaching in south sac. She enjoys hiking, everything outdoors, and hanging out in midtown (including getting her groove on at mango's salsa club) #questival
i got it from my llama
This is Brandon. He's destined to be an artist... in the kitchen or playing an instrument. He dropped out of school because when he was in the library, he would be drummin his little heart out. All the best, Brandon. We'll wait for your name in lights. #questival