Visit the Mid-Manhattan Library and take a photo with a book that's related to NYC (i.e. The Gangs of New York)

Veggie Monsters
Scavenge AF
The Library is closed but we checked out a New York ebook instead! #questival
Da Sharks
We are Groot
mid manhattan new location! Almost got us #questival
Nittany Llamas
Biggest airbnb market in New York #midtown library #questival
Feeling Knotty & Boulder
does this count? #questival
YumCha! :D
Wall Street, a NYC classic #questival
Llamanade Stand
"New York At War" #questival
Victorious Secret
The Nifflers
New York book #questival
The Vegan Femme Fatales
Mid Manhattan library! We came, we conquered, we got turned away because it was closed. #questival
Knee Kaeps
SHADOWSHAPER by Daniel Jose Older is the book. It's a great YA novel set in Brooklyn, and it's about a young graffiti artist who uses magic to make her murals come to life to fight gentrification 🐲🐉 #questival