Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.

Como te llamas
This bed for how tired we were the whole time!! #questival
Agony of DaFeet
Questival 2017: The Memories (and donut hole-caused bruises) Will Live On! #questival
#shenanigans #flamingosfordays #questival
Legit Ladies
You may think this is corny, but this little Totem is our souvenir from Questival :) he was with us in all of our adventures, photos, excursions, backpacks... we strapped him on our bathing suits while surfing, jumped into the harbor with him, and jammed him in a microwave to make him stand still during our cricket eating. Love this little dude :) #questival
Mimosa Mafia
Mimosas all all night! #adventures #questival
Señor Loadenstein
I picked up this mug at Starbucks to remind me of this trip. I'm not from the area and now whenever I use this mug I'll be reminded of my trip to So Cal and how much fun I had participating in Questival. #questival
Llamy the llama #questival
Ginger Rice
Best souvenier yet! A lanyard keepsake ❤️ #questival
We found friendship, forever framed in this single photo. #questival
This reminds us of all the knots we learned to tie at questival #questival
Llama-mon Trainers
we found a few friends #questival
Wandering Weims
Team initials on bark! #wonderingweimaraners #questival
Insert Llama Pun
Our library's book and our llama picture are the two items we will take back with us .... and carsons scar that will form on his knee #questival
This string ensure that we would never lose our totem. We will cherish it always as a permanent reminder of our day doing Questival. #questival
Chobuboby bobunnoby
Questival made WAVES. Bought this today to commemorate. ❤️ #questival
Tip's Birthday Squad
This will remind us of the last 24 hours and how I kicked off my 30 birthday! #questival
The Booby Traps
This totem has been through a lot! Definitely the best souvenir. #questival
As we were picking up trash, we found this wicked melted vinyl!!! #questival
Dawn Patrol
We each drew a llama on rocks we found along the journey. We will never forget these 24 hours. Now, we set our souvenirs in front of the most beautiful, peaceful sunset at Sunset Cliffs #questival
Pussy Power
I found the only shell I could find on the beach! This will remind me of questival because I never go in the ocean and I casually walked in it today.... fully clothed! #questival
Ace of llamas
#aceofllamas Our totem was our favorite part of the adventure. It was with us throughout all the challenges. #questival
The SC Avengers
#questival #questival
Feline Fatales
Our grocery list! #questival
Are We There Yets
Flagpole used as a marshmallow roaster!!! #innovative #questival
A little llama piñata will remind us of Questival forever #questival
First Order of Fries
We found this while on our adventures. We miss our chargers, and this weekend reminded us how much we love our city no matter what! #questival
Team Awesome
Lots of souvenirs. Our bags, friendship, totem, pictures and questival hat. #questival
Seaside Spuds
Old-school cigarette bubble gum. An unexpected find in Julian that we picked up for challenges. We'll remember this unique item and the special places we visited. #questival
I used this in my Rube Goldberg machine. Which I had no idea what it was before hand. Now I get to play the actual game! #questival
High flyer souvenir!! Learned a new skill! #questival
Alpacan Heat
The TOTEM!!! And Cotopaxi bag ❤️ #questival
great day! #questival
a is for Awesome
Home sweet home. #questival
This totem is our souvenir, after carrying it for 24 hours and making it our own, it has become a part of this weekend! 😍 #sisterhoodoftheyravelingtotem #questival
Lysis to Kill
Celebrating questival San Diego style #backpacksandbrews #questival
Alpaca Lunch
Boxing gloves as a souvenir cause this was a battle ;) #questival
From the strangers who gave me a beer, appreciate it. Gonna put it on the key chain later. #questival
Llama Del Rey
Sticker for the memssss #questival
strength #questival
Llamazing Adventurers
Best Llama souvenir! #questival
Sweet ass bitches
#photomemories #questival
Rocks on rocks on rocks #peglegsmith #borregosprings #questival
Grotto Girls
Memories #questival
Fast fatigables
The carabiner that held our totem flag with us the entire time #questival
LATA questin'
i found this super sick belt on the beach. im gonna wear it every day to attract a mate #questival
I'm not going to find or make a better souvenir than our totem. This bad boy has a lot of adventure still ahead of it. #questival
#QlassiQ #questival
Llama Llama, Red Pajamas
#souvenier #newwalkingstick #questival
WTF - Where's the Finish
#totemofourown #questival
Questival bud #questival
Dogs Without Horses
totem is war torn, paper is ripped, but this has to be the best souvenir from the trip #questival
Milk Steak
Donut ball in icing - because guys serious we ate SO MUCH SUGAR. you know this will last forever #questival
Squat Squad
What a fun memory to have done this together!!!! SQUAT SQUAD!! #questival
Bryttne & Jen
This pillow! #questival
#TeamVengadores #questival
I am Groot
I am Groot. This Succulent we found in the middle of the questival, even though we were in the craziness of the race we all had to stop and admire it's beauty. #IamGroot #questival
Rolled Up
Poster souvenir! #questival
Seis De Mosas
Shell of San Diego! #questival
Friendships were strengthened, hills were climbed. This was pretty unforgettable #questival
We have used this flag in so many of our shots that it has to be one of our favorite souvenirs. We carried it on the carousel, bicycling mission, all over mission in general, and on a pyramid with guys doing a bachelor party. Pretty epic you might say! #questival
Some scars to remember you by #questival
Big Fannies
Found a floral arrangement on top of this tiki torch in old town! #questival
Zombie Alpacalypse
We already planned his out! Our hats are our super awesome souvenirs. #ZombieAlpacalypse #questival
Llama Gonna Knock You Out 🥊
Name tags and fanny packs will help us never forget our San Diego adventures!! #questival
The Bowling Green Survivors
Thanks for the memories! #questival
Los Patos Flojos
Sculpted a llama out of clay and got a wooden Q!!! We're in balboa park if anyone needs a souvenir we can part with one to help since we have 2 #questival
The Wild Things
Been a long day. Lots of memories. #questivalSD2017 #questival
Motley Marauders
Questival crew 2017!! #questival
Wall Squad
#questivalRocks #rocks #questival
Tono Tono Tono
Seashells. Driftwood. Tablescape. #questival
Had a great day enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather and finally having an excuse to ride the rollercoaster at Belmont Park! 🤗 🎢 #questival
Pollos Hermanas
Totem fortune teller #questival
Almost got 'me all! #nailthemquests #questival
Llama Llama Family Drama
Best souvenir ever #questival
#Cakelife #Memories #Letsgoo ft. Chocolate Delight and Minicakes #questival
Random baseball became apart of our team, challenges and now it's officially a Regulator!!! #questival
Peacock Tribe
Straight from the bird! #peacocktribe #souvenir #questival
Bashful Bobbit Worms
Memories are the best souvenirs!!! Happy Questival from the Bashful Bobbit Worms! #questival
Truly an adventure we'll never forget #questival
These llama patches represent our entire zany 24 hours and we will love them forever #alpacabunchallamas #questival
Pack o' 'Pacas
We shall fly our flag with pride! #questival
Anne Diego