Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Chug Norrisé
James is a sophomore at UT. He is originally from Maine, but he got tired of the cold weather, so he decided to move down south. He is currently an engineering major, but think of switching it to English. #questival
Nature Bums
they are from Knoxville go both college students. she is a nursing student he is computer science major #questival
Tribe Called to Questival
Adil is a beautiful Turkish man from Instanbul. He has lived in America for 7 years, Knoxville for 3. He plays violin. #questival
Better Than Nothin'
This is will. I asked him what his proudest accomplishment was and he said he was afraid of heights but eventually was the first to climb the rock wall at camp and repelled down ! #questival
Mid Life Crisis - Celebrate 40!
Jeffery - a kind sole and a hardworking welder. Originally from Iowa, Jeff moved to tennessee for a fresh start. #questival
The Wolf Pack
This is Breanne. She is 18 yes old from Manchester, TN. She graduated early from high school and is now in the Air Force! She plans on doing this the rest of her life! Props to her and thank you for your service! #questival
Westwood Warriors
"Working for Honeybee coffee has been an awesome experience. Something we believe in and stand up for us diversity and providing a place for people to feel welcome. We want coffee to bring people together." -Emily #questival
Llama glama
John, Laura and Jospeh just moved to Knoxville and are all physical therapists. They're excited to be here and discover all the amazing outdoor spots we have to offer here. They were enjoying the gorgeous weather today at the Ijams Quarry beer garden. #questival
Dolly Llamas
Leslie is currently living on the streets but she wanted to tell us about her happiest moment which was when she moved back to East Tennessee and saw the mountains again for the first time. She fell back in love. #dogood #humansofknoxville #questival
It's All Fine
Yassin owns Yassins Falafel House, a restaurant that employs immigrants and welcomes all people. He originally immigrated from Syria. He says he favorite things about being in Knoxville is meeting new people while educating them and changing their minds about immigrants, and also being part of the community and giving back. What an amazing person! #questival
Cross Country Warriors
Siblings from Chapel Hill but the lady goes to Mizzou... #questival
We met the old fashioned #questival
I run for me. I run for you. I run for the Univ of TN. I run for science. #spookyghost #questival
Paxi Drivers
I moved to Knoxville 3 years ago to pursue a degree in French Medieval Literature. My previous career was in commercial real estate in Idaho. I am happily married and a father of three beautiful children. My hobbies include skateboarding, playing guitar, and speaking Latin. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new things. #questival
Laughing All The Way
Really from NY and had done a NY scavenger hunt. Name is Juan Valdez doing ministry in Knoxville #questival
“ I flew in from Dallas last night for a weekend trip to a place + hike I’ve never been before. Working for southwest gives lets me pick op and go exploring any weekend while working on my photography hobby” -Brittany #questival
52 year old "Chubby" (Lynn) - Poland Creek Campground manager for 5 years. He came here to camp in 2012 and never left. He cleaned up the rundown site and installed electricity for RVs to come as well. His favorite memory of this place was when he got to meet people from all over the country who came here to watch the total eclipse in August. He loves that Copotaxi has brought people to his campground at a time of year when this place would be a ghost town. #questival
Squad Ghouls
We met a couple of doctors at Sokno Tacos this evening. They were an EMT and a Family Practitioner! #questival
The Bacon Van
"I was born and raised in Nashville then moved out west to Portland Oregon for several years before moving back to Tennessee in Knoxville. It's weird being back in the south after so much time I'm such a different environment" #questival
Peas and Carrots
This dude is named David. He went to an orphanage in Honduras for his vacation. He played baseball with the kids and spreaded the love ! He was generally just really cool too ❤️ #questival
Team Hot Rod
Meet Adalo. He moved to Knoxville 3 years ago from Turkey. You'll often find him playing violin in Market Square downtown Knoxville. He gives violin lessons in the city, but loves being out at night amongst the people of the city! #humansofknoxville #questival
"As above so below. Balance is key" #questival
Two Married Men
Savana works at Hardy’s full time trying to stay busy and help support her family. #greatful4work #hardys #dogood #humansofnewknoxkville #questival