Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Mom Jeans Club
These are our new friends. We could pick just one. These awesome guys were Kevin, John, Peter, and Jacob. They were on a hike to Cecret Lake. They have a vlog they like doing and are really fun, good sports. #questival
ASEA Later
My name is Pratima. I originally came from India but moved to SLC, UT for school at the University of Utah. I love the city. It's the perfect size - not too big, not too small and I can easily escape to the mountains. #ASEAlater #Humansofsaltlake #questival
Muffin Toppers
Cora - a nurse who loves to care for people. She travels and loves her 4 grandchildren (3 boys and 1 girl). #questival
Tell us where the talking llama is and we'll burn your house to the ground!
Enrique is from Mexico, here for a better education. He is very used to hugs due to his Latino upbringing! #questival
The Pachillamas
One day I will win an Oscar #questival
Monique, 23. I was adopted from China and moved to Utah after my parents divorced. #questival
Sparkle Panda Mafia
Two local gentlemen discuss the word on the street. Both wondering where their next meal will come from. Where they will safely sleep tonight. Bo and Rick. Men on the street of SLC. #questival
The Mostly Vanilla P.A.C.K
Future aggies our dad went there our dads dad went there so I guess that's where we will go! #questival
Ball Fondlers
"I saw a purple lizard and a teddy bear after my wisdom teeth removal last week" #humansofbearlake #iamsoproudofyou #questival
Fidel grew up near Sandy UT. He is curently going to school and is working towards his degree. He wants to get into marijuana production to help the medical field. He just wants a quiet comfortable life with his wife. #questival
Bahama Llama
My life has been amazing. I've been blessed with the ability to face and over come so many challenges. I've beaten three types of cancer, conquered a brain two twice and fought through the death of my husband. I believe in doing good and always being positive. #dogood #begood #questival
Not a Probllama
"Life isn't easy when you're shy like me. I wish it were easy for me to talk to strangers, but it does get easier. " #questival
Ultimate Bachelorette Party
This is Kevin. He is currently homeless but that doesn't stop his positivity and kindness. His favorite color is plaid and he loves bright colors #questival
His greatest ambition: personal happiness, rich or poor, doesn't matter as long as he's found true happiness. #questival
Llama Llips
No Spit Sherlock
Thanks Dunkin! #nospitsherlock #questival
The Broforce
Bart Sandler "The night I found by mom passed out next to a bottle taught me how to grow up and be a nine-year-old adult. It wasn't easy to reconcile a lost childhood in a life of a workaholic. Meeting my Logan at 2 am at the Denny's I manage brought me more than companionship, it brought me back to life." #questival
Rama Llama DingDongs
Met these to while dancing to the Peruvian music festival they were having. Martha (on the left) Left Peru because she had a hunger for adventure and travel. She Married her sweetheart from Germany, moved to Spain, then to France, and started her family in Utah. She loves to meet new people and enjoys dancing to all kinds of music and is a huge history buff. #DoGood #questival
Team Re-Create
This is Ofelia, she is from Mexico and has been here in the US most of her life. She has a 19 year old son and a 13 month old granddaughter who she babysits and LoVeS! She works at AT&T, and loves every moment with her family! #makerealconnections #questival
Charles is a nurse visiting from San Diego. We bonded over our mutual love for movies #questival
The Alpaca Lips
Nate moved from Chicago. Healthcare strategy at University healthcare and it was his dream job. Peace corps in Peru. #questival
Outdoor Fauxfessionals
"It's tough to be a dog" #questival
This is going to be legen, wait for it, DARY!
When I was a kid, we'd drove 1400 miles from Chicago to Utah every year. My dad didn't want to stop for bathrooms. My little siblings were still in diapers so my dad would make us grab a diaper when we had to pee and go in it. We'd roll it up and then toss it at our next stop. Good times. #truestory #questival
Team Llamacorn
Jim from Dallas, he has lived in SLC for 10 years. What a great city to live in! #questival
Pepinos Limones
T & H
Janet is from North Carolina and was here working an Outdoor convention with Farm to Feet, a 100% American made sock company! We found her relaxing at the Capitol and discovered all of her coworkers had already flown home, and her flight doesn't leave until midnight. We loved her friendliness and beautiful Carolinian accent! #questival
Mystery Inc.
"I like how everything is close together, nice and clean." #questival
Meet Randy a Utah native. Him and his wife remember coming to the Great Salt Lake years ago when the water level was much higher and the shore closer. They now get to bring their children and grandchildren to this beloved place and watch from the shade of the car as their loved ones make cherished memories. #questival
No Drama Llama Mamas
This is Sally. She's lived in UT her whole life. She's been to Germany to visit friends. She said definitely Utah, not BYU #questival
Uni Llama Glamorous!
Podcast party organizer Lance makes a difference for others by hosting podcast creators from around the nation. #questival
Four Blind Mice
This is Lea. She is from Germany and she is in Utah doing an internship at the U. What she loves most about Utah is the nice weather and all of the trails. #questival
Pine Cone Club
This Cory and Squirt. We met him when we were wondering in SLC. This guys had a great heart. #PineConeClub #questival
Boss Llamas
This is Marco. We met him at the Utah Peruvian festival in Salt Lake City! He is from Peru and has been in Utah for 12 years, he loves sharing his Peruvian culture and history with the people of Utah! Go check it out and get some delicious Peruvian food!!! #questival
Llama Mamas
Why do you support this cause for Utah? People deserve a natural substance to aide in their illness. Also it can be a safe way for those on harder drugs to come off. #marajuanalegalmedical #questival
Trash Panda
This is Sarah. She grew up in Syracuse, Utah. She's taking the train to Provo today to be an EFY counselor; something she really loves to do! She's also a figure skater! #questival
Kappas Luv Llamas
Oscar was born in Poland and separated himself from his parents to move to America to make a live for himself #questival
Lush Puppies
"I personally think social media is great because it allows you to talk to people from all over the world" #questival
No Flat Tires
This is David walking his dog, Caballo. He comes to Evanston for the horse races and claims his dog walks him! #questival
Kerosene Dreams
This is Jordan from Utah. What keeps her busy: dance and nature. She loves hiking! #questival
Ropey Racin
From Virginia. Enjoys video games, sports, Guns/shooting. 19 years old. Came to Utah to serve an LDS mission. #questival
I Got Lei'd At Questival
Maki and Miki are from Japan. They have lived and studied in the USA and frequently visit! They will be here for two weeks! #questival
Betty's House Mafia
"I'm actually a photographer. I want to open my own studio one day. I love taking portraits." #questival
The Beach Bums
"My name is Holly. I am 17 years old, and I have the worst job in the world. Thank you!" She's trying to climb up the ladder in life. You go Holly. #questival
Bringin' Hexy Back
This is Nathan! He's starting school in the fall and wants to go into medicine #questival
Frankie likes to make leather sex toys. Facebook: frankieramos #questival
Dirty Llamas
This is Courtney. She has grown up in our community and has working at the local grocery store for over 7 years. She is a vital part of the community and we look forward to seeing her every time we go to Lee's! #questival
Dewicide Squad
"I haven't blown bubbles in a long time" #questival
On a Whim
Christina Rojas works as a food vendor at the Downtown Farmers Market. Her food stall La Cubana sold out all their amazing food today by the afternoon! Her mother was homeless in Cuba and as a result she serves food for the community. She volunteers serving the homeless and spreading the positivity and love to all those around her. She is such an authentic personality with a passion and drive to give and help others. Contact her at Help her help others and do good! #questival
Happy Friends Biking
Bob has been selling produce for 7 years. His family has been doing it for 17 years. He has been married 40 yrs. #questival
"Well it's for my cousin's quinceaΓ±era. She's cool. We like going to the movies, and she's beautiful. I'll have to tell her that today." #questival
This is Andre, he is from Russia and has been living in the US for about 2 years. He works wth a delivery system and likes how warm it is in Utah. He has a daughter and a son and asked us if we were mormons hahahaha. We are. #questival
Michelle is from Sandy. She's in retail, a buyer. She's the best there is, so good she's won prizes for it. The real surprise about Michelle, though, was her kindness. "Can we do anything to help you? You guys are doing great!" #questival
This is Andrea, she is from Salt lake and she told is that her favorite place is Yellowstone. #questival
Se llama Llama
I grew up in Salt Lake City, when I was 18 my parents moved to Colorado leaving me feeling completely by myself. I've played volleyball my whole life, so I dedicated that next year to improving my skills. I got recruited to benedictines volleyball team. I'm now starting my sophomore year on their volleyball team and I've created friendships that will last a lifetime. I learned to stick things out, that better things are always around the corner. #questival
Ellie Giles is from Utah, but has lived in China for 5 years. She and her mom participate with "Days for Girls" an organization that helps girls in third world countries manage their periods." #questival
Different careers same fun Saturday #questival
Juana worked in the broadcasting industry in her home country but now lives in UT! #questival
Born and raised in Salt Lake City. Homeless when 17 years old. Now he finally has a place to stay. He got off the street by pulling himself up by his bootstraps. All on his own still! #questival
Mama Llamas and the Sexy Papas
"I went to Iceland this year to see the Midnight Sun. It's when everything is completely light in the middle of the night. The sun is visible for a full 24 hours. It was breathtaking and relaxing. I would go back every year if I could." #humansofquestival #questival
Unicorn Hunt!
This is Bevin, we met him in a local neighborhood. He told us that he's killed 3 unicorns and has been in a Russian prison (only one of those two facts can be confirmed). #TeamUnicornHunt! #questival
Missing Obama Llamas
Surya Bastakoti has a calm and peaceful disposition. His warm smile greets his customers at the Himalayan kitchen. #questival
"I grew up in Park City, Utah. It's a always been so great since I have an amazing family. When I told my family I wanted to master bartending they didn't understand, they said I was destined for bigger things. What they don't understand is how drink mixing makes people happy and I love that! That's what life is about!!" #questival
Llama Llama Ding Dong
Our new friend, Logan #questival
"I'm a huge nerd. Favorite activities include comicon and nerdy games. Mostly I dress up my daughter because costumes are cheaper. My favorite thing to dress up as...hmmm I have this things for elves. Like Lord of the Rings. I'm an all-encompassing nerd!" #UFCD #HumansofUtah #dogood #boomshamallama #questival
Oxford Llamas
"when my husband proposed he brought a cooler a & said "Rhonda can you get me a beer? and there was a ring inside #questival
Team SkiPlayLive
supporting his friends. he is not a part of questival but loves what we are doing. deep thoughts with sage #questival
No Regrets
We've known each other for six years and we got engaged one week ago. Our paths have crossed three times and we joke that the third times a charm. We're revisiting some of the first places we went to. #questival
The Lucky Charmers
So many great strangers who are now friends #questival
Pawnee Goddesses
(Antelope Island, UT) "As a dog, I get in trouble for barking at buffalo. So I'm very bored." #questival
Nerd Herd
this is Dan. He had knee surgery 10 weeks ago. and beat us up adams #questival
This is Will. He's from a small town in Utah called Columbia where the population is only 107. His father has been in the city since 1926. "People don't move out, they usually just die." He got his shirt from a friend he met playing Poker. #questival
S.E.A.L. Team Ricks
Nick keeps planet fitness in check. He loved traveling to Italy and eating shrimp #questival
Dixon. Bartender at Silver Fork Lodge. He's from Utah. And has a "rad" tattoo. literally and figuratively :) #questival
Sports HARDER!!!
Jordan Hinckley is a member of The United Clan Swordsman Associtation that teaches & practices historic martial arts. #questival
Hobbits Ridin' Llamas
Echo has worked here for three summers and loves it! Good to have a new friend #questival
Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest
"We went to Murray High School and met through music. Music has a special way of connecting people" #questival
Lucky Llamas
He got into walking dogs because he had a friend doing it who made a lot of money. He is always stopped by girls who want to talk to him because he has so many dogs with him. #allthedogs 🐢 #questival
Stone Throwers
This is Johnny. Johnny has been in a wheelchair since the age of 12. He started playing guitar to help him cope with his condition and has been playing ever since. "Life is what you make it and I choose to make mine a happy life." #questival
Adventure Boys
Kim is a manager at local fast food diner Dairy keen. Her family started and owns the business. If you haven't been there it's so freaking good. #questival
This is Brittany. She loves tomatoes. She's from New York so it's pretty convenient that we found her. She really wants to be an astronaut, but she practices by driving cars. #questival
STOP! camo time
Meet Pam! A local resident of Salt Lake City since '76, Pam is the definition of what it means to care. Bulletins and signs line her yard, pitching everything from the next local election to "save the bears of Utah". She had clearly opened her heart to the whole community, even hosting local book drives with her husband to help passers by young and old. "It warms my heart" says Pam, reflecting on the quiet ways she sees her actions benefiting more strangers than she'd ever expected." #questival
How Tibia Champion
"Back in January I decided to drop out of college because I realized that I wasn't happy with where life was at. I decided to move to Park city and I'm now working at Starbucks and Park City Canyons, which is the dream! I started a blog and have had amazing opportunities here!" Tra is an extremely enthusiastic human being. His love of life is inspiring and evident in his interactions with everyone he meets. We had the pleasure of making his acquaintance while riding the ski lift and Park City Canyons. He is an example to all of how to live life to the fullest! - Tra Fisher #questival
We're the best of spuds
#humansofNY #questival
The Code of Paxi
Lidia was born in Italy and came to the United States to get a better education. She met the love of her life (who happens to be the only other Italian in Utah). They moved back to Italy to learn more about Italian cooking. They are now living a dream they never though possible. They opened their own gelato shop called Sweetaly. Great people with a great story. #questival
Wonder Llamas
They call me Gigi the Treehugger. I'm up at the capitol fighting the mayor and senate and legislature. There's a lot of bills we are trying to get through! #questival
Birthday Bandits
Beautiful mom from Idaho with an 11 wk old baby. Humans of Questival. #questival
One Hit Wonders
"I was going through a hard time and couldn't sleep until my cat started sleeping on my head at night, purring and that's the only way I could sleep. He was my saving grace during that time and I built this business, the right way, to honor him forever." #humansofsaltlakecity #questival
Team Cox
"I have this bracelet that says, "You can do hard things." So that's what I try to live by. Just remember that you can do hard things. Much harder than you think you can." #humansofquestival #questival
Cool Name Pending
"While my Dad was in the Air Force in the 60's, we were stationed in England. My brothers and I formed a band there called 'Johnny and the Blue Beats' and were signed to Winsor Records. We recorded 'Just My Imagination' before the Temptations, did gigs with The Doors and Paul Revere & The Raiders. When I shake hands with people today, I tell them they're touching a hand that shook hands with all four of The Beatles. Last year, in our 60's, we almost reunited, but one of my brothers refused. Now I run Hi Hat Cafe in Sunset, UT, which has a space for live music and comedy". #questival
"we're just homeless people playing music for sustenance. i've been playing music since... i was born. well, since i was eight. i write and i do a couple songs. just voice and instrument. i play a little guitar. salt lake has a few of these around. i came across this one and i've just come here the last four nights." #questival
Pabst Blue Rippers
Dana is a cashier at Whole Foods. She is lovely woman from bend Oregon. She likes to ski and people watch so beware! She also is a fan of sharks! What a fantastic human bein #questival
Lincoln's 36th
Women: my favorite thing about this moment is reconnecting. We have not talked in over a year. #questival
The Most Interesting Team In The World
"I was looking for a service dog for myself, cause I have major depression and bipolar... I didn't know what I was looking for, and my girlfriend's sister had this dog.... I went to get him, and I fell in love at first sight. I've had him for a week and a half." #questival
I often come to the lake, look out over the water, and think about what could have been, what should have been... #questival
"I was out here yesterday and there was nobody. I was wondering why it's so crowded today. I've never heard of Questival. I'm getting sick of Ragnar. I'll have to check it out." #questival
Not My Llama
"I love acid." #questival
The Snuggly Ducklings
Meet Ky. She's from Bountiful, Ut and she loves Disney. That's why she works at the Disneystore! Fun fact, her favorite movie is Mary Poppins. Thanks for being our pal, Ky! #snugglyducklings #questival
Area 801
Mike is a great guy. Get out and meet some new people! #area801 #benny #questival
Bold Betties Ogden
let me know that you can hike, shop and drink in o-town #questival
I am making a lavendar wand. it takes about 75 flowers and takes me 3.5 hrs. I learned how as a child on Orcas Island. #questival
I met the love of my life 6 months ago, and I will play here every weekend until I can call her my wife. #questival
Jethro is a lead singer for a Christian rock group. He grew up in Southern California and ended up in salt lake after he was converted to the Mormon church by a coworker #questival
"I love the sunsets. I've always loved he sunsets. It's what made me want to work here in the first place." -Hailey (Antelope Island Park, UT) #humansofantelopeislandpark #questival
I love long walks on the beach, fluffy kittens, rainbows. I want nothing more than world peace, my favorite movie is miss congeniality! There is no better way to spend the night but enjoying the outdoors under the stars when I'm not in the soup kitchen. #questival
"I mountain biked this morning. And crashed: keeping my streak alive of crashing every time I mountain bike." #questival
SLC sunbeams
Sister Davis - N Idaho coeur d'alene Less active younger. Missionaries came to her house in high school. Lord answered prayers to want her purpose was. Only good things would happen if served a mission. Sister Torres - Mexico Felt something she needed to do. Visited by missionaries. Shared things in her heart. #questival
Found this aspiring cellist who plays to raise money so he can travel with his high school #questival
Save the Drama For Your Llama
"We love this hike because it's so refreshing. He's an avid hike and actually this is his first time hiking since his surgery 3 weeks ago...he's 10 years old!!" #questival
#HumansofProvo This is Penelope, though she looks small, she is actually five months old. She was born three months early due to her mother suffering from pre-eclampsia. She spent nearly three months in the NICU, but despite all the odds she is healthy as can be and loving her new home! #bahamaLlamas #questival
The Sand People
Tyler began training as a blacksmith a couple years ago when a coworker and showed him his Annville. No he's on the verge of making it a full-time gig, in fact he's already made his money back for his time today at the Provo farmers market. "I hate working for the man, so I had to find something like this. " #questival
Trash Pandas
Shelley moved from Pocatello, Idaho, to bring good to the Salt Lake Valley. She used to work on a farm but wanted to help increase awareness of the importance of blood donations. #HONY #questival
This isn't trivia?
"My mom really didn't want me driving across the country by myself. I don't know exactly what happened, but I definitely remember the trailer fish-tailing and then losing control. I'm pretty shaken up, but ok physically. I'm just leaving my corporate job in Madison, Wisconsin to work for a non-profit in San Francisco called #defy. I'll be helping prisoners find jobs upon their release." #questival
Hidden Temple Tribe
Ealaine: 5 years she wishes to get a Caldecott!! #questival
After this we're stealing tacos from the team that's getting tacos
What do you fear most? "Spiders. one time I woke up with a spider on my bed six days in a row" - Harsh #questival
We Who Shall Not Be Named
Erin and Jessica have been together for almost five years. They got married this past March in their home town on Salt Lake City. They love the outdoors and their dog Oliver. They are great! #questival
Kid actor Sophia hanging around with her father Alex on the set of a Disney Channel series in SLC #questival
Llama Take a Selfie
"I grew up in Arizona, never once did I expect to move up to the state of Utah. I'm glad I did because I might Lauren, she's my girlfriend and I would do anything for her" #questival
The Bison Brigade
This is Lauri. She had the same car for 19 years and it died last Tuesday. She loves Disney and had Disney antennas on her car. Sadly, she had to take them off when this tragedy struck. She had a moment of silence for her dear friend. She just got a brand new one for an awesome deal, so maybe it wasn't so bad after all! #questival
Badass Bouldering Boarding Babes
Hi I'm Marlenne. I am a junior in high school, working as a waitress at the Cooper Kettle Cafe. I also work at the police station in Wendover, answering phones. I will be taking college classes next Fall in Criminal Justice #DoGood #cotopaxi #humansofwendover #questival
This is CORY!! He skateboards every single day. He lives here in the beautiful Salt Lake City, and is currently perfecting his kick flip. #COWTIPPINGDWARVESπŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„ #questival
This is Jagger. He works for Kolping at the Convention Center. On his way to a outdoor retailer conference. 16 yo. #youngentrepreneur #questival
Belching Daisies
Nathan is an incredible pianist. From San Francisco, Nathan now lives on the streets of Salt Lake City. Homeless and down on his luck, he's as positive a person you will ever meet. #peoplespianoproject #questival
Vicious and Delicious
HONY post on Instagram page most.vicious.n.delicious Janalyn and kids ❀️ #questival
Shut Up Tina
Shout out to Dana for being a real pal #Team #ShutUpTina #questival
Hip Hop Drop Yo
This is John. He and his wife started a gluten/dairy free bakery after his wife graduated from culinary school. They come to these events with dreams of someday owning their very own bakery. #inspiration #hiphopdropyo #questival
Born in Romania. Lived in the US her whole life. Adopted. She loves that these things help make her unique. #questival
Wild Savages
Here is the lovely Olivia! Olivia is from Michigan she moved to salt lake to attend the university of Utah specialized program for vocology. (The study of the voice). Olivia loves the outdoors and would like to participate in questival next year! #questival
This is the cutest little couple I had the pleasure of meeting! Kay, 80, and Morris, 83, have been married for 56 years and between their kids they have 10 grandkids and one great grand kid. They drove from Orange County, CA to attend their annual Lake Powell family trip which they said they started doing in the 50's when they first filled it up. We sat and talked for quite some time and they loved hearing our stories as well!!! #namaslay #questival
Adventure Mama Llamas
"I bought Carl's Cafe from my father-in-law, Carl. I've been owner and cook of the cafe for the last 21 years. My four year old is my happiness. I'm so glad you stopped by, Good luck today." GO support Carl's Cafe, great diner stop as the base of the canyons. #DOGOOD #questival
Flaming Flamingos
amazing individual who works he night shift. he was a college basketball player until he had his eye poked out. #questival
Laser Wolves
"Playing pro ball in Finland was the experience of a lifetime. Also it was ridiculously cold. But the basketball was an amazing opportunity for me!" - Morgan Bailey, professional basketball player #questival
The Squirtle Squad
Alex just got back on from an lds mission and is ready to marry his sweatheart but his wallet isnt. We wish him luck. #slc.squirtlesquad #questival
Tigers on Fire
Lance and McKayla grew up next door to each other and are now get married August 17th! Congrats! #questival
Project ZULU
Vanessa, grew up in vegas, works at black bear diner, moved because of family, she rides horses and atvs. #questival
the whole spread
Meet Riley. Born and raised in Utah, currently homeless, and loves to travel to New England. When asked his best advice he said "don't do anything harmful. Be aware of how your actions affect others. Be kind. Just be good." #questival
The Avengers
Meet Buddy! "when you give money to me, good comes back to you. when you give money to that (parking) you get nothin" #questival
Devon Sucks
"You want to know how I visited 109 countries? Never get married." -Ben "#DevonSucks" #questival
Hackett FC
Kelsey moved to Utah to go to Utah state and to be surrounded with her other Mormon peers. She is currently spending her time brushing her teeth in the streets and "hooking up with all of the boys!" #questival
Nikki is a tough guy. He is the defender of Walmart and elderly ladies. He and his friend nick fight off irresponsible young hoodlums. He can be found in Walmart parking lots around 1am #questival
Aloha Senoritas
🌴 Roy and Marcelo, kind-hearted musicians from Argentina. Marcelo lays the guitar, and Roy lays piano. Roy's grandfather was a key member of the LDS community. Catch them on 200 S and Main. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· #questival
Megan. 23. Wants to go to bathe elephants in Thailand. Qualified because her life dream is to be a vet. LOVES tom Brady. Biggest risk ever taken: going to play collegiate volleyball in Kansas. A giving woman with an enormous capacity for love. Vegan. #questival
Screamin' Llamas
moved to Utah with no job and no room and is now a successful financial businessman. #questival
Baby on Board
"A few years ago my husband was called to be a full time leader for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We first went to live in Russia, and spent two years there. It was crazy! We were worried to go, but truly fell in love with the people there. Just a couple of months ago we were given a new assignment to serve in Ghana. It doesn't quite seem real, and we are so sad to be leaving Russia, but also excited to go to Ghana!" #questival
The Nine Inch Males
Justin has lived in 17 different countries. Born in California. His dad was in the military he's a pretty cool cat and really likes llamas #questival
Tony came to SLC in 2001 to work for the Olympics. He has since managed and opened 13 bars. #neverleavingUT #questival
Powerpuff Girls
What do I create? I create moments of love. Saying I create music on the piano would be the easy answer, but... -Nathan. #questival
"I had a Latin girlfriend in college. I used to be pretty into just Asian girls but she really opened my eyes to what else is out there, other cultures, and stuff. I was stricken and I loved her. It didn't last because I was young and dumb. Sometimes you just don't know the good things you have when you have them. It's a hard lesson to learn. I'm alone now but not totally unhappy. Just a little lonely..." #questival
Acrophobia: Fear of HITES
Jonathan, a street music Ian, lost his mom recently to cancer. She taught him how to crochet bags from plastic bags and finds comfort from creating. #questival
These amazing humans were out enjoying a beautiful Friday evening in Salt Lake with their two lovely babies - Tyler and Chloe, their Portuguese-speaking wonderkin of an eldest daughter. Christina and Jonathon live in the Federal Heights area where they enjoy skiing, their labradoodle, and beach travel. #questival #questival
da Bomba Llamas
James is a SLC petty cab driver. Native to SLC he enjoys the freedom and health that his job offers. #humansofslc #questival
Lemon Drops
"We met in Michigan. I was living there, and she was there for an interview. We love the scenery and hiking in Utah." #questival
What's Your Spaghetti Policy
"That was just before the dolphin incident..." (dolphin emoji added to cover cigar) #questival
Gicks and Kiggles
I run a group home during the day, and work at this diner at night. I started the group home before my twins were born #questival
Monkey Business
Met a rising street comedian who told us jokes for 10 minutes. He wanted to join us on our llamazing questival. #monkeybuisness #questival
The Tenzing Norgays
The most important thing in my life is my cute nephew adopted 10 months ago. He is so special! -Lindsay #questival
After this we're not getting tacos with the teams that are getting tacos cause we weren't invited
"I'm single as a monk... I haven't had a lot of luck when it comes to the ladies lately." #questival
Small Arms
"my mother was named wendy. ever since she she died in a vicious llama attack, i wanted to do something to honor her legacy. it was after her last dying breath that i applied at my nearest wendy's restaurant." #questival
"I climb because it relieves my stress. It's hard to think about anything else when you're on the wall." #humansofsaltlakecity #lamaskar #questival
Danny "on a whim" Krystal day From cali was living out of states catching up with danny as old friends first timers do #questival
Questa Pixies
digs for dinosaurs in free time #questival
From Kemmerer, Wy. One works remotely for fastest growing company in Salt Lake. One drives dozer in coal mine! Yeah! #questival