Take a photo next to your favorite statue in Captiol Square. Tell us why it's significant in your caption

Daring Divas
Because it shows the significance of what and who our country was founded on. #questival
Ruck Be A Lady
Super brave standing under a horse's A$$ #questival
But first, Llama take a selfie
understanding the complexity behind access to education. #questival
operation whiz dingers
Another screen cap. It was a video of George Washington. He's one of our favorite Americans from history! #questival
Lost in Place
Patrick Henry- a classic defender of liberty #questival
We've Got Crabs
This statue shows the many roles President George Washington as a leader of the United States. #questival
We didn't know this guy til now - Hunter Holmes McCuire, we like that you are "gifted in mind and generous at heart". We hope we can be the same! #questival
Barack Ollamas
Henry is our team favorite because he is obviously the man #questival
Wolfgang Llamadeus
creative genius who was underrecognized in his time #questival
Shama Llama Ding Dongs
the monument was the location for the second inauguration of the President and Vice President of the Confederate State #questival
Team Savory
A man who knew love greater than love and experienced darkness beyond what anyone should fathom. #peaksandvalleys #realliferealpeople #questival
Crushin' Crags
Favorite because the scuplter never saw Washington #questival
Virginia Valkyries
It's my favorite statue because of the massive size and the dramatization #questival
Llama Llama Duck
Hunter Holmes McGuire. Two of us are in the medical field and so this statue resonated with us #questival
Alcoholics Unanimous
George Washington taught me teeth don't matter, being a leader matters #questival
The Atlanta Duttons
This statue is paired with a quotation from Thurgood Marshall about how the courts can knock down walls, but it's on us, as people, to build bridges with one another. #questival
Binge Biking Brigade
excellent poet and you know it #questival
stonewall Jackson. significant to the confederate army. for Virginia's that means us. #questival
Team Best Coast
Dr McGuire, one of the founders of our medical school and namesake of the Richmond VA, home of the VA's first heart transplant #questival
Urban Chestnuts
He's cute #questival
Only my couch
Thomas Jefferson! The author of the Declaration of Independence! #questival
The Wild Morgan Barrys
"This guy did some good with a sword. Good ole William" -Paul Barry #questival
Where the wild things roam
Wild Things love all people and all species. #questival
Rum Ham: For Your Health!
Stephanie loves this statue because it's a good example of how ordinary people can bring about change. #questival
Real Life Beauty
Mr Edgar Allen Poe - one of, if not the, most pre-eminent author from RVA #questival
Masters of Mayhem
We're reaching for the moon like Barbara Jones - Questival Champs! #MastersofMayhem #questival
Forever Young
Edgar Allen Poe - dark dark famous poet. "Quoth the Raven Nevermore" #questival
Race-ist Bastards
Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as president on this platform! #questival
Bell Isle Ball Busters
I'm from Baltimore and the Ravens are named after his story about the Ravens. Also he died outside of one of my favorite bars, the horse you road in on. #questival
The Charlie Poos
He's a cool dude that wrote some awesome macabre poems (Edgar Allen Poe) #questival
The Rocketts
Doin good at this fine statue, at the spot where Jefferson Davis was inaugurated #questival