Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Dalai Llamas
Jackie. 26. Likes long walks to the park, and traffic jams. #PeopleOfCS #questival
Alpaca Punch
Our human of New York is Chloe the stranger we met (and hugged). Her best memory she has is going to summer camp in New York (coincidence???) where her and her friends snuck into a production of Kinky Boots during intermission. #questival
The iLLAMAnaughty
Cecil and Vivian are native Texans but have been spending the last few years living in Saudi Arabia. They took time to visit home and to get away from the game of thorbes that has been happening over in SA. #TheMoreYouKnow #PeopleOfTexas #questival
99 Probllamas
#humansofquestival everybody meet Ervin! He’s 8 years old and in the third grade. He loves dogs and reading. He has two big brothers and a little sister named Grace (who is his favorite sibling “when she’s not being annoying”). When Ervin grows up he wants to be the PRESIDENT. Thanks for hiking post Oak with us Ervin! “Blah blah blah” #questival
Llama Lamp
Dean Ramos spent 4 years serving in the Marine corps! He is now working for Texas A&M through the sanitation department. His brother went to A&M and served in the corps of cadets. Thank you for everything you’ve done!! #hoorah #questival
Mad Scientists
thousands of dollars and soo many years for a piece of paper #questival
Llama tell you about it
This is Ila and Ginny! they work at George bush presidential library and museum. We appreciate their volunteer work. Ila said she is volunteering until noon then she is going to take a nap, kick her feet up and watch the game with some popcorn! #IlaAndGinny #HumansOfCollegeStation #LlamaTellYouAboutIt #questival
Who is your favorite president and why? “George bush because he said this one quote that I really like ‘To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States.’ And that really speaks to me.” #questival
Llamame quizas?
this is Richard, he's been at the Bryan, TX farmer's market every Saturday for 11 yrs, missing only one for surgery. #questival
Dynamic Duo
Meet Jacob Grey! Austin Native, family moved out to a small town along the Frio river shortly after he was born. He grew up on a farm and was homeschooled. Currently a mechanical engineering major at Texas A&M with dreams of working for Exon in Houston after graduation in 2019! #questival
Llamaste, Beaches
Midnight yell anticipation. He hasn't missed one yet because Aggies #commit #questival
The Llaminati
If you could have a life changing adventure, what would it be? "I don't know right now, honestly. Anything but Dennys!" #questival
Llama del Rey
“I️ went to jail when I️ was 17. I️ had a lot of free time in there. Their food was not that good, but I️ did a lot of reading. Sometimes reading through a game of thrones scene is like pulling teeth. The show is nice because you can follow the characters.” #questival