Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Tru Biz
"I have a tendency to be arrested on my birthday. One year I had a group of friends trying to keep me cool and in line for just that reason. Next thing I know I wake up in a jail cell with my wrist handcuffed to one of those friends. He was about to be released, I stayed for a few days..." #questival
"My first time doing a play is this semester. I really wasn't expecting to get a part because I haven't done this kind of thing before. My character is named Gale and she has been dating a man for 11 years, yet he hasn't proposed yet. So one night, she got sad over all the lack of commitment and requests all of her love bag. She brings back all the love that he gave her (huge bags) and when he gave hers back it was just a very small amount. Inside of that little hit of love was a ring because he was finally ready to propose!" #questival
No Drama Llamas
This is Carlos. He works at the Cheesecake Factory. When we came in he was super friendly and polite and supplied me with all the much needed water I wanted. He was painting enough to work with some odd requests and a good enough humor to play along. Thanks Carlos!! #HumansOfThePlaza #questival
Meg's Loins
"I graduated from Northwestern Missouri with a degree in Agriculture Science. I knew I didn't want to ever work inside, and that's how I ended up here. I'm on the water almost everyday. #mdc #questival
Callipygian Company
John Henry Pogue and his wife lost their son to drowning and then started a 501(c)3 nonprofit: the goal - further educate kids in Haiti. #questival
Drew's Awesome Team
She made it to grad school and loves bonding with upper classmen during Beer Olympics. She was a big fan of hearing about questival! #questival
Bad Decisions
"I never thought I'd be working at a as a 42 year old." Things didn't go as planned for April when she seas in her third year of college. A baby. A bad marriage left her on her own, fending for herself and her daughter - struggling to pay bills. Thoughts of a professional career were abandoned and survival became a chore. Steady work, flexible hours replaced dreamed of the suburban life of her childhood. "I don't regret the important decisions of my life. I have a wonderful daughter and a good life." She finds satisfaction in her friendships and the relationships she has with her regular customers. "I may not be rich, but I sleep well at night knowing that I get to bring some good into some peoples lives. Even if it's just a smile and a hot cup of coffee." #questival
Brace Yourselves
This is Cameron, we met him in the Plaza trying to find the sprint store to fix his phone. He loves KC BBQ! #questival
Kegger at my Mom's
This is Daniel and Lana. They are from from Lee’s Summit and this is there pup. They are getting married next Friday after 3 years of dating. He asked her to marry her at a water fall in Colorado. Lana said "it took a three mile walk to get that ring" #humansofnewyork #inspireothers #questival
Jaclyn & Co.
"I love coming up here. It's my new favorite place. The waters low right now, but you should see it after it rains. Beautiful. Ya know my daughter's name is Sam too. And funny enough her boyfriend's name is also Sam. They're on a semester abroad trip right now. She should be arriving in Ghana this week. She's having a blast, but misses home. I'm proud of her for going, though. And admittedly, I miss her too." #questival
This is Sharon Fries. Regular triathlon runner since 1993, she enjoys spending her time with friends, family and the outdoors. She is an elementary school principal who is passionate in her faith, and loving towards others. She believes it's important to live each day one day at a time, in order to enjoy life to its fullest potential. So why aren't you? #questival
Big P and the Little J's
Joel Clark is a native Kansas City, Missourian! Joel got into slacking 13 years ago. He is a local artist and an ambassador to the slack community here in KC. #questival
Meet officer Freddy Aguilar: protector of Kaw Point Park and video game enthusiast. He usually has to wear 55 pounds of protective gear but tonight he gets to drink free beer while keeping the attendees of a wedding safe. He actually won $10,000 at a video game competition 2 weeks ago. His mother was a flight attendant and couldn't afford to pay a babysitter so she brought him along on all of her world travels. His favorite place he's been is Brazil. His advice for life is "stay in school, kids, and only smoke weed." Thanks Freddy for keeping us safe :) #questival
"Securing and protecting people. That's what my day looks like." #questival
Team No Prob-Llama
This is Dory. We met her at a park during questival, and she was very interested in what we were doing. She said, “if I was younger, Ivy (her dog) and I would join you guys.” When we asked if it was okay for her help with some things even though they may be silly she responded, “I have grandkids and great-grandkids, I can handle you guys.” She is now following our adventures! #makingfriends #doryandivy #questival
Gravy Crewsaders
Why are you the best dog owner? "They are all I have." Robert Bowman is a glazer who takes time every morning to bring Macy and Pepper down the Kate trail. He knows the best stops for breakfast in the morning and dinner and music at night. Thank you friend. #questival
no prob-llama
What brings you to KC? “Mom-Con!” Where are you from? “Dallas.” Would you like to jump rope? “Yes! I am a MOPS Mom. That’s right up my alley.” #questival
Marky Mark's Funky Bunch
Sang (far right) is from North Carolina and recently moved here to work for a company. He loves KC and the people he works with. His sweet new pup has been with him for a week today & has helped him transition. #questival
This drunk ass traveled all the way from Boston Mass and all he got was an effing Kozie. #BostonStrong #questival
Sexy Web
Fantastic bunch of ladies we met downtown at the insomnia cookies cafe. The ladies were kind enough to enjoy some cookies with us and share kansas pride. Lovely city. Sexy webs love you! #questival
Camp Upschitz Creek
Haley is from Wichita. A theatre person. Was once Elle Woods in a Wichita Newman University theatre production. One bro. One sis. Wants to travel to Ireland and live like a local for an extended period. #questival