Perform another random act of kindness. Include a short text explanation in your comment. Do something meaningful and make it count!

Kendrick Llamar
We couldn't go to do downtown LA activities but we enjoyed helping a guy jump start his car #questival
Llama Take A Selfie
We shared our pitcher of beer with another friendly Questival team in little Tokyo #questival
#llamasofly shoulder rubs after a training rub #randomactsofkindness #questival
Good Vibe
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He wanted a dollar for a soda so we gave him water #questival
The gift of words for someone who couldn't have expected the effect it would have on them. #spreadjoyandkindness #wanderlusters #questival
Red Hot Booty Peppers
Picking up more trash at the park. #questival
Working on it
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Sitting in a long line at the store is never any fun so we thought it would be a nice gesture to let someone go in front of us so they could omit the line. #spreadingthelove #questival
Holla for a llama
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he didn't have enough money for water and food and we over heard so we payed for his food #questival
Live llama and prosper
had time left on our parking spot at Griffith Obervatory and gave our ticket away to one lucky stranger #questival
ChAMisul ChAMpions
Filling up for a kind old lady #questival