Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

"I come to battery park because I love the water." #sciencefriends #smallworld #bostonconnections #questival
"I've been working at the desset place down the street for a year before I decided to open my own bakery." #questival
Fun Friday
Today’s humans of New York, is Mary. She is one of the most hardworking people in this city. She prepares and delivers coffee every morning to the people of New York to help them get started on their day. Thanks Mary! #questival
"I work here at the Neapolitan and teach MMA at the Unlimited Martial Arts. Both places are owned by this Italian fami #questival
The Mystic Knights of Culture
“I’ve never done a scavenger hunt. My brothers never wanted to play with me. I was alone a lot.” #questival
Hot Steppers
From Minnesota, she moved here 3 years ago and it's brought her closer to her dreams of seeing the world. Spends days running boat & helicopter tours, but misses mpls hip hop. #questival
Victorious Secret
Everyday I feel more at home in this city. I’ve been here for years and yet I’m still discovering new things all the time. My parents brought me here when I was very young. They said we’d have more opportunities, but I’m not sure if they ever truly understood what ‘opportunities’ meant. One thing they always installed in me was, work ethic. I grew up with this as the backbone of our household and it’s helped me achieve so many great things in my life. If you put the work in, the stars aren’t as out of reach as they may seem. #questival
Llama? Llama.
"we're part of a festival called art in odd places. and the piece is called relay." #questival
Have You Seen This Gurl
"My favorite thing about Bryant Park... I have to say the ice skating rink, because I remember going there the first time I ever came here." #questival
Brooklyn Squirrels
He was slightly freaked out by us at first but had fun with us and learned #questival
Big Bird and Cookie Monster have been here for 3 years living off whatever tourists will give them. "Hey -- is that 5 dollars?" They ask. We gave them 2 two dollar-bills and a single. #llamatakeaselfie #questival
Andreas has always been passionate music, especially playing for audiences outdoors. He plays the tenor sax with his three band mates on bass, drums, and alto sax. #questival
The Guardians of the Cotopaxi
I love tuna sandwiches. I eat one everyday. It reminds me of my childhood when my family couldn't afford more. #questival
Baby Mama Llama Drama
I was a dancer so I wasn't allowed to ski. #questival
Emergency Chocolate Cake
Asher is a therapist that moved to NYC with her 8 year old daughter to be around more queer people. Her daughter wants to be an actress (she's very dramatic). She feels it's a bit complicated, but is making the best of it! #questival
Refurbished Sex Dolls
Meet Gwen. She is 87 and has lived in NYC for 60 years. She owns over 100 visors and use to be a journalist for Life magazine and People magazine. She lived in Tokyo for two years and taught English. Basically, she is all I want to be when I grow up!!! #questival
Mystery Inc.
“I’m from Brooklyn. I’m an EMT and have been for 2 yrs. I was working in corporate and decided I wanted to do something meaningful and rewarding. I like it, I enjoy it” #questival
Bad Asses with Good Asses
“Go vegan. I’ve been vegan for seven years.” #questival
Extreme Friends 9000
Augusto is in New York visiting his son. He grew up traveling a lot and loves to move around. He’s loved in Spain, Switzerland, France, and now loves in Minnesota. He comes to New York once a year and considers himself a real human. #questival
Barack Ollamas
This is Adrian Fernandez. She's an amateur photographer from NJ who loves coming into NY to take pictures of slightly discolored sidewalk tiles and posting about them on her vlog. In her spare time, Adrian finds solace in deconstructing doll houses from her childhood. #questival
Llamanator Rex
Dijana is Croatian, moves to Italy to study makeup and special effects. Came to NYC to put on a show in Times Square but it was too big, too expensive. She’s painting faces to try save money for her book about the experience. #questival
Cool Story Bro
Juan from NJ his now bf when he was stranded in nyc and needed a place to crash! #questival
The Nifflers
"I had to rest. I'm waiting for my daughter and granddaughter. We've been walking a lot. We're from Georgia and we're just visiting so we had to do all of the touristy New York things." #questival
Ruh Rohs
"I was born and raised in New York City. Lived in the Bronx all my life. There's always something to do. I did try living in Missouri for a while though..." "How was it?" ::shakes head:: #questival
Something Flappier
Sam and Katrina (and Stewart the Boston Terrier), Financial District. "This is great. People usually just want a picture of our dog." #HONY #questival
Triple T
#newmexicoquarter #questival
More Human, Less Robot
Dwayne. "The best part of working at this Starbucks is seeing people from all over the country and the world. But also seeing regular customers. We make their order before they come in" #humansofnewyork #morehumanlessrobot #questival
When in New York
Nathan travels across NYC to collect stories from different people. He says, "I like to meet new people and learn different perspectives of the world." He uses these stories to create different characters because he is an aspiring actor. #questival
Seis Loko
Couple from the Netherlands traveling the world for 6 months! #questival
Más Zhumir Please
Louise is 19 years old and works at the carousel in BB park. She loves that everything is so accessible in ny. #questival
Katzen & Delia
“We are here for the pajama walk, for kids to get better quality sleep. I’m here with CBS, but I actually work for a publishing company under that umbrella. We publish a broad spectrum of things, from Hemingway to Stephen King to commercial things. I actually was a biology major in college and pre-med. But then after I realized that was not for me and eventually wound up here.” #questival
Da Sharks
"While I am currently a reporter, I went into New York film academy. There's so much to be captured that a written report wouldn't do justice. By the way, I had a pastry before this news shoot because I didn't want to smudge my lipstick but I really wanted Popeyes" #hony #questival
5th Dimension
Meet Nick. Nick came from Johannesburg, South Africa to pursue his dream of making the ultimate fruit pops. #questival
Thicc Bois Inc.
We met a ton of cool people, but this lil pupper was the coolest by far. Name is Chewy. He enjoys long walks along the dock, but when he gets tired he grabs a ride in his sick bike seat. #questival
Feeling Knotty & Boulder
"We met on Coffee Meets Bagel ! We're headed to the park to just spend some time together." #questival
Olmec Knows What You Did Last Summer
Synobia is from Puerto Rico. We met her at George’s Luncheonette in Brooklyn. She’s here celebrating a relative graduating from the police academy #questival
Scavenge AF
“I lived in New Jersey for over two decades, but recently moved to Boston. My son is living here going to school at Columbia. I got locked out of my AirBnB, so happy to help with any challenges you have!” #questival
YumCha! :D
I woke up last year and decided to do something about politics. I am running for City Council, District 1. Vote 11-7! #questival
Sherlock Homies
This is M. She's celebrating her birthday today with her middle brother, C, who is 5 and 7/8ths. She's getting a jelly donut to celebrate and she's happy it's raining today because it smells like fall and fall is her favorite. C says she's a good older sister because when they have a babysitter and he can't go to sleep she sings to him. #questival
Normal Tuesday Night
"So I'm in school and I work and my mom is a foster mom for two kids who are very ill, which we have to be very on top of. So I have to make room for school, work, family, and boyfriend!" #questival
Te llama la llama
We met some members of the Federation of Black cowboys!!! #questival
The Vegan Femme Fatales
I got kicked out, my mother was an poor Asian lady, and now I make more than her. Now she asks for money, and I buy her dinner. You know, I'm a good person. This weekend, I'm working, and need to have something to do. #hony #questival #questival
Not All Who Wander Are Llamas
A true artist and an incredible person! #questival
38 & Feelin Great!
Freddy from Harlem, New York. He’s lived here for 45 year. He’s worked at the Racket Club for 10 years. He’s 68 years old and a sharper dresser. He says that his family inspires him and he gets his style from the great movies of the 30’s and 40’s!! #questival
The City Lickers
Grayson came from a small town 40 minutes outside of DC. Coming from Virginia and visiting the Alice in wonderland sculpture at 10:57 pm because his lovely girlfriend, Gracie wanted to show him what their future life with a bunny will look like. They've been dating for 2 months but they know they are the ones for each other. #icecold #questival
#PSL Pumpkin Spice Llamas
he has worked for the city of ny for over 35 years doing backbreaking labor. he said he was top ugly for a pic no way! #questival
Llamas in Pajamas
What is an event that influenced your life? The birth of my daughter. She was born and I didn't have time to do music anymore, but now she's older, so I'm thinking about getting back into DJing #questival
The Sun Team
This sweet soul, Brandon, just moved from Texas this June and is living the NYC hustler dream! He got here only knowing 2 people and is happy to have met dozens of new friends! He is working three jobs and has the most amazing and sarcastic sense of humor lol hope to see you again Brandon! #lifeisgood #dogood #cotopaxi #questival
Llama Del Reys
"In New York, you are always going. It's nonstop. I went on a two week vacation and I still felt under pressure. I like to go to museums because at museums you get to see all these master works by people you know and admire and it helps to distance you from the pain." -Sylvana #questival
#HONY We asked Joseph to share his story with us. He was reluctant to talk to us at first and told us that he's currently homeless. Then we gave him some food and he opened up to us and showed us his art. He's creating a graphic novel, it's fantastic!! Follow him on instagram! #jo.vibrato #questival
Big Googly & The Dinosaurs
Question: What’s the most shocking thing that you’ve seen New York City? Answer “Last year I saw a cripple fight.” Response: stunned silence.... #questival
“I came to New York to fulfill my dreams of becoming a writer. There were some days where I didn’t have enough food to eat, so I’d take samples from Whole Foods and treat those as my meals. Some days, I’d listen to the stories of JK Rowling and pretend that that was my future. I first started writing articles for the Daily News - just simple op-ed pieces. I’ve finally written a book; I’m no JK Rowling, but I’ll get there.” - “Mike” (Name altered) #questival
Daddy hungus
Taxi driver from Bangladesh. Has lived in ny for 8 years with his wife and 5 year old son. Loves it here in ny "it's the best place to live " #questival
Beer Reviewed Articles
The most impactful experience I've had is working with men here that worked during 911. - Joe from 90110 FDNY #questival
Ashton, designer:"I like how confident people feel, when there r clothes that help them feel good in their own skin" #questival