Visit Chief Leatherlips Monument. Do a little research and tell us why it's important in your caption.

In Remembrance of Taco Ninja
He sold native lands to the white people and got killed with a tomahawk. #questival
Leatherlips is my main man bc he never broke promises. Do good always ~ #questival
He signed the Treaty of Greenville and encouraged cooperation with settlers. #peace #chapstick #whatsupdog #questival
Unicorn Poop
Its a 11 ft high limestone portrait of the legendary wyandot chief. #questival
Meow We're Talking
Chief Leatherlips was known for being kind to all- white men & Indians alike! #questival
Toucan play that game
We found the Chief! #questival
Crossfit Cincinnati
Leatherlips is important because he was a man of his word. He also tried to live peacefully with white settlers. #questival
The Woolly Mammoths
Chief Leatherlips was the chief of the Wyandot Americans- and was apparently a force for unity in the community. #ThingsINeverLearnedWhileGrowingUpInDublin #questival
Your Princess Is In Another Castle
Chief Leatherlipswas a Wyandot, who was executed by his brother for being friendly to the whites. #questival
Chief Leatherlips was a friend to all and was known to never break promises. #dogood #questival
Visiting Chief Leatherlips, who was called "Leatherlips" for never breaking a promise with settlers. Can you say dependable!? #questival
Blue Barracudas
Chief Leatherlips Monument is the Dublin Arts first outdoor public sculpture. He is called leatherlips because he never broke a promise. He was condemned to death by his brother for working with the white settlers. BLUE BARRACUDAS #questival
Mischievous Minions
Leather Lips was in favor of peace between the Native Americans and the white settlers #questival
Leatherlips encouraged cooperation between native Indians and white settlers #questival
Chief leatherlips, true to the American cause #questival
Tune Squad
The death site of Chief Leatherlips, who was a chief who promised to help white settlers but was killed for doing so. #questival
Gleep Glorp
This monument commemorates Chief Leatherlips who was friendly to Native Americans and White settlers alike. They called him Chief Leatherlips because he never broke a promise #Leatherlipsdidgood #dogood #questival
¿Cómo se llama?
What better nickname is there than "same size as blue" or "long gray hair?" #anyothernickname #questival
Konkey Dong
Leather Lips sounds kinda racist. #questival