Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.

Where the wild things roam
the constant need 4 power! #questival
Virginia Valkyries
Souvenir!!! #vavalkyries #questival
Barack Ollamas
We made bracelets. We used this string to hang marshmallows from a stick at camp. for holding shoes together. and more #questival
Llama Llama Duck
best challenges EVAR! #questival
operation whiz dingers
llama art #questival
The Wild Morgan Barrys
We had to buy this. Blind fold is perfect example for how crazy and unexpected this journey was. But it was fun #questival
Only my couch
On the way home from the Shenandoah, found this sweet plate #OnlyMyCouch #questival
Wolfgang Llamadeus
horrible bee sting souvenir while jogging Belle isle #questival
Urban Chestnuts
We write on corks to remember events. This one will say Questival! #questival
That's What She Said
Our new head bands are a symbol of finishing the race together. Never forget! #questival
But first, Llama take a selfie
Thanks t-shirt studio in Carytown for the quick service! #questival
We've Got Crabs
Found this fidget spinner while completing our field goal challenge! #questival
Daring Divas
Shoelaces from Susie, which will remind us of this Questival for time to come! #questival
Real Life Beauty
I mean, best souvenir. More joy. Do good. Have fun. Meet people. Be silly. Oh, and did we say more joy? Yes! #questival
Forever Young
This map will become works of art for us to remember today! #questival
The Atlanta Duttons
We quested to Redskins camp! #questival
Masters of Mayhem
This is flat llama. We made her and will treasure her forever! #llamalove # MoM #questival
Team Savory
When the introverted art teacher of the group gets the chance to focus on an individual creative activity. #llamalana #spoon #handcarved #wittlealittle #questival
Race-ist Bastards
JINGLE JINGLE!! #questival
Totem superhero cape! #questival
Bell Isle Ball Busters
Necklace made out of post it note planning. #questival
The Rocketts
A final lil shell to commemorate our lil adventure #questival
Team Best Coast
Bruises sunburns and sweet bags! Remember these memories forever #questival
Team Marshmallow
Bought this chicken painting as our backup thrift store prize - liked it too much...decided to keep it. #questival