Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

como se llama
It's all about patience when you have nothing and attitude when you have everything! #questival
Ashtray. American nomad who travels the country #questival
But first, llama take a selfie
Bartenders at Tapwerks. Hardworking, funny, amazing people. Lisa has been here 2 years and Courtney has been here 4. #questival
Llamish Paradise
Donnie has been playing guitar for over twelve years. We found him playing banjo down in brick town. He’s been playing banjo for a little over two years now and he’s out here killing it! #questival
Llama Do a Good Deed Daily
Emma: Saw us doing a touchdown dance and had to join the fun. She just wants to get involved with everything around her. Moving from another country to Small Town Oklahoma was hard for her, but she says she has great support from the University and her teammates in her Division 1 sports team. #questival
Nerd Apes
I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. So I ended up in a gang because they accepted me. I never really fit in anywhere else, but they didn’t care about that. Then they wanted me to push drugs...I wasn’t really okay with that. So I guess I wasn’t actually in a gang. But I play magic the gathering and that’s essentially like being in a gang. #questival
Team Jayus
Mike’s been living in OKC for 41 years, He lives alone and got a job working as a parking lot attendant last June. His job’s okay, he likes to meet people, but on these wages that’s about the only perk. He’s looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending some time with his only remaining Grandparent in Chickasha. #HumansofOKC #teamJAYUS #swipeRIGHT #questival
The Golden Chickens
We met two simply, beautiful young girls today. They taught us about friendship, compassion, and kindness. They wanted to learn about the hammock. Ashley helped one go down the slide, and she was given a heart pendant. What a beautiful interaction. #questival
Lard of the Fries
"I recently moved to OK from Colorado. My husband and I thought this would be a great way to get to know Oklahoma City. We are a team of two." #WelcomeToOKC #questival
The Floor is Llama
Meet Nick and Logan. We met them while they were skateboarding at Putnim City North High School. They have been skateboarding since they were six years old and are working on their ollies. Nick told me when he grows up he wants to be a professional skateboarder. With so many kids wanting to stay inside and play video games, these kids are doing it right like the good old days. #optoutside #beakid #newfriends #gooutside #questival
Llama Lookin' to Score
“We started running about a year ago! Well, he started running and once I realized how good he looked I started, too. Don’t be discouraged; mornings do get easier, I promise. I actually look forward to waking up early for our morning runs on campus. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Stick with it.” #bestcoupleEVER #youknowIhighfivedthematthefinishline #happy #questival
"When I was young I was always bullied. This crippled every aspect of my identity until I found God." -Kelvin #C137 #questival
from southwest oklahoma, earning a living in oklahoma city, wine connoisseur #questival
Fine Whine
Meet Saeed!! An International student from Iran at the University of Oklahoma!! His hopes and dreams are to be a Geological Engineer!! His future plans are to find a job and use his degree to help others! He loves Oklahoma!! #questival
No Probllama
We had the opportunity to hang with Anthony this afternoon. He’s had his dog since 2015 and she is well trained. He lives on the streets of OKC and he is both a gentleman and a gentle man. #questival
Fueled by Coffee and Love
This is Kohl! He works at Sunnyside Diner in OKC. He recently babysat his friend’s dog and was hanging out at home with his boyfriend and the dog ran up, ate their food wrapper, and ran off. They were really worried but the dog ended up being fine! #questival
HEL on wheels
Been working for OBI for ten years and Karen is 51 years old, no children and her husband is 40 years old and she has a doggie that is 10 and is a maltese naked rigley and he is her HEART AND SOUL!!!! #questival
Scott’s Tots
Met this gentlemen at Walmart! He’s very kind and is in advertising. He’s just workin hard to make a living! #questival
99 Problems and School is ALL of Them
I was born in a small town in Oklahoma. I’m convinced I can get all the ladies, and I am currently working as an EMT in paramedics. I have a side job at Cabela’s. #nerdalert #questival
Trippy Peas
"He is running today. And I'm clapping. We're both runners - so when he runs, I clap. He's such a good kid, but has an ornery side. When he was twelve I left him in the car while I ran into drop lunch off to a friend at working the mall. I found out later that he had jumped into the driver's seat and driven all the way around the mall and reparked before I made it out. He's just that bold! That's who he is. And people need to understand that it isn't a comparison thing - He does what he does, and I do what I do. Unique. Both unique. And both beautiful." -Stephanie #questival
Fly Boys
HUMANS OF OKC: Madison and Kenny work all night to keep the airport running in this windy weather!!✈️✈️at Will Rogers International Airport #questival
Fellowship of the Zing
We are twins who love life and always do everything together. life is what you make it so get out there and make it! #questival
99 Probllamas
This is Trey but everyone calls him Ashtray. He is currently traveling the country living a nomadic lifestyle. He says his life doesn’t have a purpose but we think dropping everything and going is purpose enough. And no you can’t follow him on social media. #questival
D’s Angels
This is Preston. He is from Altus Oklahoma and is a physical therapist. He’s grown up with a love of music and especially for Tom Petty. We met him tonight at Fasslers where they are holding a Tom Petty tribute concert. #questival
This couple just moved to OKC from Texas. Work brought them here; one working with dogs and the other the oil industry #questival