Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum and take a team picture out front. So a little research and tell us something interesting about Norman Rockwell in your caption.

Boyz N Vagaz
Norman Rockwell was the artist behind one of the most iconic World War 2 posters of all time, Rosie the Riveter. Fun stuff! #questival
Champ's Champs
Norman Rockwell lived in Vermont for a hot second; you can buy some stuff here for 20% off #champschamps #NormanRockwell #questival
The Quivering Questicles
One of Norman Rockwell’s last portraits was of Colonel Sanders in 1973. #questival
The Bakers
Norman Rockwell is the reason we eat turkey on Thanksgiving, before his illustration, ham was more popular. #questival
Royal Antelopes
Contrary to popular belief, the painting “American Gothic” is not one of Norman Rockwell’s works - he painted his own version, but Grant Wood painted the original in 1930. #questival
All Out Llamageddon
In 1939, Rockwell, his wife, Mary, and their three sons moved to Arlington, Vermont. Rockwell enjoyed the company of his rural neighbors, many of whom became his best models and his most honest critics. #questival