Take a team photo in front of the East Tennessee History Center, do a little research and tell us a historical fact about Tennessee in your caption.

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Team Hot Rod
Tennessee is more popularly known as the home of Graceland (the 14-acre Elvis estate), storied Beale Street in Memphis, officially declared “Home of the Blues” in 1977, the state’s claim to country, blues and bluegrass music legends (B.B. King, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and Dolly Parton), and Nashville’s the Grand Ole Opry (Howdy!!) and Country Music Hall of Fame. #questival
Chatttanooga was made a city in 1839. #chattanooganatives #bringquestivaltochatt2018 #questival
The Wolf Pack
Tennessee was the 16th state after America was a created nation! Proud to see this state #questival
Abe's Babes
TN was the 16th state to join the union ! #questival
It's All Fine
TN is known as the volunteer state because there were so many volunteer soldiers in the war of 1812. #questival
Mid Life Crisis - Celebrate 40!
Robert Love Taylor was an American politician and was a governor of Tennessee #questival
Knoxville's New Groove
The three stars on the state flag stand for the three regions of the state. The mountains and plateaus and delta. #questival
Dolly Llamas
Tennessee is called the Volunteer State because during the war so many people volunteered to go and serve their country. #tnstrong #proudtobeatennessean #tristar #questival
Big Dippers
Knoxville's Heritage is rich. So many Civil War battle sites and historic homes have been preserved and can be toured. #questival
The Bacon Van
John sevier died September 24th 1815. #factmetilifart #questival
Younge, Dumb, and Folded
Tennessee is called the Volunteer State because of they help they gave in the Battle of New Orleans. #questival
Elevator Platypi
On June 1, 1796, Tennessee became a state. #questival
Nature Bums
The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is the longest continuously running live radio program in the world. #questival
The Cotopendents
Tennessee was home to 'secret city' where a group of scientists worked on developing the atomic bomb. #oktoberquest #questival
Tennessee is called the volunteer state because we had the most men to volunteer for the war #questival
Total Eclipse of the Heart
#KnoxvilleDidNotWantToSecede #HistoryFacts #TotalEclipseOfTheHeart #questival
TN was the first to leave the Confederacy #questival
Dream Team
The Grand Ole Opry in East Tennessee holds the title for the longest radio show in history. #questival
Better Than Nothin'
Did you know...Kingston was the capitol for only one day. Suck that Nashville #questival
Mountain Dew was originally made in Tennessee to be drank with whiskey #questival
Hogwarts' Hooligans
Tennessee has 3,800 caves! #Spelunking #questival
Your Llama So Phat
WE MADE IT #questival
Chug Norrisé
Tennessee was the 16th state! #questival
Cross Country Warriors
Tennessee is the 16th state... #questival
Pink Possums
Indians were the first settlers in Knoxville and East Tennessee #questival
Laughing All The Way
Desegregation didn’t occur until the 60’s ...... yuck! #questival
TN was one of the last states to secede from the Union. Fun fact. #questival
Speedy Snails
The city of Kingston served as Tennessee state capital for one day #questival
JC GALS!!!!!!
Did you know that Murfreesboro is the exact geographical center of Tennessee?? #questival
Mischief Managed Lamas
DID YOU KNOW - Tennessee is home of Dollywood, a fun amusement park! #questival
The Corgi Butts
Coca-Cola was first bottle in 1899 at a plant on Patten Parkway in downtown Chattanooga after two local attorneys purchased the bottling rights to the drink for $l.00. #questival
Westwood Warriors
Tennessee had the most volunteers at the Alamo! #questival
An original witty llama name
More than 70,000 books and 2,500 printed genealogies can be found at The Tennessee History Center. Knowledge is power!! #questival
Llama glama
Bluegrass music originated in Bristol #questival
Piecewise Platonic Sextuple
Andrew Johnson (TN) was the only sitting senator of a Confederate state who did not resign when the state seceded #questival
The Screaming Eagles
Tennessee is nicknamed the volunteer state cuz during the battle of New Orleans 1812, our volunteers really stood out. #questival
Beautiful Baby Boys
Ties Missouri as the US state bordering the most states, 8 the Ocho #questival
Ale Blazers
Knoxville was the site of the 1982 World's Fair #questival
Grazed on Promises
stems from Cherokee word tanasi #questival