Visit Caw Caw Interpretive Center and hike on some of the trails. Upload a photo collage of a trail sign and 3 different wildlife species you saw within the park.

Rhymes with Chicks
Never heard of the Caw Caw Interpretive Center but it was legit #questival
The Running Dancing Hippos
Into the woods we go!!! #questival
3 Geezers & the other guy
#frog heaven. A variety of species of tree frogs #questival
Luke Skyllama
It wasn't easy. #holdstillwildlife #questival
Baby got track!
Squirrel, skink, finch #questival
Winters Storm Warning
Dragonfly, black bird, and ground squirrel. As well as the trail sign!!🙌🏼 #questival
Llamazing Lollies
A lizard, dragon fly, and squirrel walk on the upland forest loop 🌲 #nature #questival
Team Influx