Find or make a souvenir that will remind you of the past 24 hours.

Dumpster Fire
Fanny pack! #questival
stay hydrated! memories! #questival
Awesome times! Llamalovers for life! #questival
flower lady with hospice parent. most memorable. #questival
Word To Your Llama
Our Miguel the llama rock is our souvenir for this adventure. our team laughed so hard and learned a bunch. #questival
Eagle Scout Rejects
La llama que hace bien! #questival
these backpacks are an awesome souvenir that will always remind us of this adventure #questival
Dos Gatos
Our souvenir is our totem and the feather will remind us of how far we traveled! #teamoftwo #questival
Shooters Shoot
Powdered by Donuts
Can you see our little homemade, trash, rear view mirror decor? It's to remind us to "Do Good" even if it's a dirty job and reminds us of all the adventures from the Twin Cities Questival! #powderedbydonuts #questival
Nomi Homies
This scarf and shirt will remind me of this day! #RoundTheClock #24 #questival
Um Ya Yaaas
It's a happy person made with sticks and our bandanas! Because we were so happy during these 24 hours! #questival
Queens in the North + King Rath
Stone Arch stones to remember our quests #questival
E = MC Hammer
Happy Birthday Mom
KVWN Channel 4 News Team
Our teammate made a pretty cool spoon #questival
¿Cómo se llama?
Kangaroos Buy Rice
Paper flower souvenir. To remember the beautiful things we did. #questival
No Drama Llamas
Made lots of new friends and got a new shoelace. It will forever remind us to read directions (we had to do this twice) and embrace the change in our adventure of life #questival
What's Our Team Name, Guys?!
Best weekend. This is one for the books. #questival
#homemade #flythecolors #questival
The hardest part of our trip was finding camping. That was available This will forever be a reminder of this trip #questival
24K Magic
Whistle we found and used to make way through the crowds! #Questival2017 has been unforgettable #questival
Lost keys at Loring checkpoint. Stranded, walked miles, Ubered multiple times and rode in a yellow Hummer named Humphrey to be reunited with said keys. #questival
Barack Ollama
Rock o the Mississippi #questival
The Daypackers
We try to stay minimalist, but Poser is definitely keeping the passport as her souvenir. #questival
The Cool Team, amirite?
Totem bracelet #questival
Sophisticated Llama
A llamazing 24 hours with team Sophisticated Llama. We met lots of people, made people's day, spread the good and now have memories that will last a lifetime. #questival
Quest Side Story
Signed paper llama ❤ #questival
Team OhgodthisishappeningIforgot
had prints made! thanks for the adventure. #questival
To Completion
Triumph on the last overlook. We'll remember this view for awhile! #questival
We filled the white space with our fondest memories and challenged ourselves to do good every day! We loved Questival and will keep this for years as a reminder. #questival
Lion Tamers
Smelly garlic woman #garlicgut #garlicbreath #garlicpores #questival
Thanks O'Llama!
Our team dog Calumet found this softball while exploring the twin cities during Questival. We have signed the ball and are keeping as our souvenir. It was a blast being about to bring Calumet along. #questival
my sister has the BEST sister
Coordinating Leggings!! #questival
Divine Race for Beers
One for the books #questival
It's Dangerous to Go Alone!
Medal from trash contest! This will always remind me of the last 24 hours and all our fun! #questival
We found this utility knife while picking up trash in Bryant park. A utility knife has many abilities and this represents the many abilities that were tested during this competition. #questival
A team has no name.
These bracelets should be gold and engraved with the words "DOES SOMEONE HAVE THE TOTEM??" #questival
Camp JIM
Old Dogs
Team Tshirt souvenir with event and dates on back #questival
victorious secret
our souvenir is the pink shoelace we never wanted (thx, old dogs) and a gatorade bottle to represent the copious amounts of free gatorades we handed out! #questival
Confused Broccoli
#feildnotes #questival
Keeping this souvenir around, until a new one is made for next time! #questival
Found a nice root beer treat at this local brewery while out questing. Great glass souvenir bottle. Yum! #questival
Team Almost
#teammost #wealmostmadeit #timetorelax #questival
Sound of Music
Hand made with a sewing machine! #soundofmusic #questival
The Night's Watch
Lovin our souvenir hats to remind us of the fun past 23.8 hours 👌🏼 #questival
Seal Team Ricks
We found a penguin and a rope that we tied knots out of #questival
Sherlock Homies
Sherlock Homies will always remember Questival MPLS 2018 with our Totem! #questival
Socks and Sandals
Minnesota Adventures #livingthedream #socksandsandals #cotpaxi #ilovellamas #minnesotaoutdooradventures #questival
Full Send or No Send
During our moment of silence at Lake Harriet, Teddy spotted this treasure on the beach #Squirt #SquirtSquirtle #questival
Louie has a new souvenir for being such a great adventure dog! #dogoodbandana #questival
Adventure Girls!
Puma Patrol
Uff da! #questival
Llama sock puppet??? #questival
Auntie #AMY
Too much caffeine, means excessive need for the TP rolls #questival
Rath Pack
The best of souvenirs. #teamrathpackwiththebackpack #questival
Oswego Forever
These beets have traveled most of the trip with us. You best believe they are getting pickled so that we can remember this event years from now. #questival
Manatee!! #questival
The north never forgets the cauliflower... #questival