Find and photograph "Democracy" by W.F. Herrick. Tell us what it means to you in your caption.

There is no F in way
It's something that not everyone has! Something that should not be taken for granted! A country where people have a voice and the freedom to use it! #questival
The Seasoned Cubes
Democracy requires collaboration and difference to work ! #questival
Desperately Seeking Snitch
#Democracy #questival
The Bakers
a little busted, but salvageable #questival
Five Inches Collectively
Democracy grants you the freedom to be who you want to be, even if your hair is pink and you don’t wear underwear often #questival
Snitches get Stitches
Democracy the right to express what you think and to accept all regardless of their origin #questival
Yager Bombs
Democracy is complicated but when all the pieces come together it can be a beautiful system. #godeeporgohome #questival
The Badgers
Freedom! Free speech! Having a voice! #questival
Having your voice heard! #questival
Team Pasta
Freedom,strength,courage,USA #questival
Dr PuppyLuv vs Berserk Male Syndrome
democracy is fragile, and has lots of different pieces that need to fit together to work properly #questival
Como se llama?
Working together to maximize our potential as a society #bernie2020 #questival
No Drama Llamas
This piece shows the theme of democracy as a puzzle and we really like puzzles. #questival
All Out Llamageddon
There is lots of pieces to a successful democracy.. and sometimes “Y” #questival
Gnarwhal Gnar
Friends with Innies
#freedomtodissent #questival
Questivus for the Rest of Us
Everyone working together to create something better #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
Democracy means working together as a team to fit all the pieces of the community together to form a home #questival
Who's your llama?
Democracy means to us that everyone's voice should be heard for the government to be whole. #questival
Quarter Life Crisis
Democracy Means Do Good #questival
Cheese and Quackers
Democracy is piecing together policies that best serve a diverse population. #questival
North Chilean Guanacos
It means Democracy #questival
DRAM Quest
Democracy is when ALL people are able to have an influence on the policies & institutions that impact their lives. #questival
VT Ventures
Awesome Granite sculpture! This means to us that democracy is a puzzle consisting of many pieces and isn't straightforward! #questival
Llama Balls
It takes a lot of pieces to make democracy work #questival
Endlessly Wandering
Democracy gives us the freedom to do good. #questival
The Bandits
Democracy means that power is in the hands of the people. And with great power comes great responsibility. #questival
B Team
Democracy is broken #questival
Llama Polo
“Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the people are right more than half of the time. It is the feeling of privacy in the voting booths, the feeling of communication in the libraries, the feeling of vitality everywhere. Democracy is the letter to the editor. Democracy is the score at the beginning of the ninth. It is an idea which hasn’t been disproved yet, a song the words of which have not gone bad...” Eb White #llamapolo #questival
A Team Has No Name
Each piece is important to keep the whole together. #questival
dream pups
"freedom to slack jaw" #questival
Democracy means the freedom to choose your government's path through public representation #questival
The Lannisters Send Their Regards
Freedom! #questival
Denis and the Dinosaur
democracy is a puzzle that needs work to be put together. Everyone has a role! #questival
Rock Me Llamadeus
#rockmellamadeus freedom of speech! #questival
The Heckindy Senders
There are a lot of pieces that have to come together to have democracy function. #questival
Wandering Llamas
Democracy means people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds working together to get what’s best #questival
The Illamanati
Freedom #questival
Trash Pandas
It means freedom and choice #questival
Democracy means everyone has a say #questival
We all should be together!, #questival
A Beef Encounter
Democracy means WOMEN CAN DO THIS TOO #questival
Squad Goals
To us, democracy means being free to openly speak your beliefs without persecution #squadgoals #questival
Pangolin Express
Democracy is messy. #democracy #btv #questival
democracy means the freedom to choose the representatives to govern the people. #questival
Green Mountain Llamas
Freedom of press, expression, religion, speech...and having one's vote count! #questival
Team Puppycat
Democracy means nothing to me because the system is broken #bernie #questival
The ole' razzle dazzle
Each puzzle piece contributes to the whole picture of democracy in America. #questival
One person one vote! #questival
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men
democracy=freedom to choose #questival
eat your stupid dinner
democracy means the pursuit of happiness #questival
Happy Hippos
The way I see this, it means we have all the pieces we need to construct a properly functioning democracy, but we haven’t quite put them together yet. #questival
Addicted to Mud
For the peeps by the peeps. No orange hair. #questival
Democracy isn't the full puzzle without a missing piece. We all represent a different piece of a puzzle. #questival
Orange Paws
Democracy is currently falling apart, time to rebuild. #questival
Ball is Life
Democracy. Freedom to have voice, choice, and to influence the world around you without fear. #questival
#dempcracy means we are like puzzle pieces. when we work together, we fit together. #questivalburlington #ballamarama #questival
Jive Tribe
Democracy baby! 'Murcia #questival
Democracy means having the opportunity to fight for what you believe in! #questival
Most Mild Men
To our team this statue represents the many pieces it takes to have an efficiently operating democratic system. It takes an active population and attentive and open minded representatives working together. If these pieces of the puzzle are put together the democracy works as intended, however individually they fail. #questival
Keene Crew
What this means to me is that democracy comes in a number of pieces that sometimes don’t fit together easily. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to complete the puzzle. #questival
FireHorse Bravo
Democracy means "Everybody is equal and no friggin' bs" according to a passerby! #questival
¿Comb-o me llama?
FEEL THE BERN! #questival
A Team
Democracy means fair and equal decision making amongst the community #questival
Svend It
Democracy Bernie Sanders got screwed over #questival
Democracy means everyone’s voice should be represented equally! #questival
Bears and Beats
Democracy is not building a wall. #questival
Peckham’s PLAIDypuses
WHY?? It means that we ask ourselves why is Democracy important, as a reminder that we all fit together and create a working system! #questival
Team C-137
Democracy means that everyone has a voice and every voice matters. Every person comes together to form one cohesive, collaborating unit, just like puzzle pieces forming a puzzle. Each piece is differently shaped and colored, but a puzzle is not complete with out each individual piece. Each piece is equally important. #questival
Three Men and a Baby
Inalienable wrongs #questival
Cardio Thosaurus Rex'es
Democracy is what our troops fight for every day, and what gives us the freedom to participate in questival. This ones for you! #questival #thisonesforourtroops #questival
King Neptune and his Water Breathers
Democracy means doing whatever you want. Unless it costs money. #questival
America's Next Top Llama
this is an important reminder for the need of an educated and active citizenship #questival
Champ's Champs
Freedom. America. Angry Eagles. F Trump! #champschamps #questivalburlington #questival