Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Ginger Squad
There's nothing interesting in my life! #questival
5 Best Friends and a Regular Friend
Met a really cool group from Central IL that came to Bloomington to celebrate our mutual friends' birthday on night 1! #questival
Bridget makes crafts with use and is a staple on the circle in Indy. She always offers a pleasant word and encouragement. #317llamas. #nomeancity #questival
Alpacas Eating Pizza
On being a physical therapist: "I would say, you need to meet the patient where they are and treat and believe them." #questival
Llama se llama
"the story of how we meet us pretty boring, we're from the same small town in southern Indiana" -Kikki (& Jason) #questival
"This park is the most beautiful park in the whole city, probably the state". #questival
Team Marion
"Be careful last time I was in a scavenger hunt I was in a brand new pickup truck in a snow storm and we drove up onto a fire hydrant. And I said get me the H*ll out of here." #questival
Questivus for the rest of us
Please help this guy. He sucks! #questival
The Fat Lards
"There was a horse that tried to cross a railroad track and fell and died because it got impaled by a spike." #questival
My street name's Spanky. I like to smoke hooch. #questival
ND Adventurers
These people are getting married in three weeks and got their friend to officiate #questival
Adventurous Brave Crazy Jokers
#abcj #thatwasfun This young woman is headed to herBridal Shower today and getting ready for a wedding on December 30!! #questival
"I'm going back home to Illinois to get married but really Indy is home now." Kim is celebrating her bachelorette party with her closest girlfriends this weekend in the circle city #questival
Llama Llama Red Pajama
I once owned a red 94 civic named rust bucket. She was my pride and joy. Until her tie bar and cv axle broke in my girlfriend's driveway. I had to donate rust bucket for $100. Now I miss her more than the girlfriend. Andrew from Eagle Creek. #questival
Hoos ier Llama
She's giving away hot dogs at a road side stand. She says she likes to give people the little she has to help them with their day! She is doing good! She helps homeless find jobs. #questival
24 @ Taylor
"I want to leave Indy. My dream is to own a catering business in Atlanta. I went to culinary school but I got sick so often I had to quit. So for now I'm working as a security guard for the Lucas Oil Stadium." -Cynthia #questival
The Resuscitators
hey quesival-ers! this is Emily hannowalt. she is 22 and studies at iupy. she loves her cat, George Elliot! #questival
Holg's Army
“We’ve lived in the metro area for nearly two decades, but it took our son moving into Indianapolis for us to actually get to know and enjoy this beautiful city!” #questival
"17 years ago, I walked 7 miles to get help. I was addicted, I was lost, and I knew I needed help. I met Ms. Lisa at the door of Wheeler Mission and was welcomed with open arms. I graduated the addiction recovery program and have worked at Wheeler for 15 years. I now get to welcome and return the favor to women who were in my shoes so many years ago." #questival
Podunk Hopscotch Mafia
"I'm going to school because I want to help people." Randi works as a medical assistant by day and a server by night to pay for her nursing education. When her Mom moved to California, she made a choice to stay in Indianapolis to finish her education. Randi says that she is looking forward to helping people get well. #questival
Germ Nerds
Humans of New York! Rose makes the tastiest doughnuts downtown! #questival #questivalindy2017 #questival