Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Hasta manllama, baby!
avid foodie that greets his customers with a smile and loves to cook #questival
As a child, Shawn came from another planet like Superman. Like Superman, he has a secret power.... free beer! (Real life- that's what Shawn told us!) #humansofnewyork #questival
Almost Winners
My name is Kyle, And my new born son. I moved to pdx from Minnesota to study in school in Vancouver wa. I met my wife here in Vancouver and a few months ago I got married. #questival
QS Bosses
This is Mak. He's from Jorden. He's studying at PCC marketing. He's been in Portland for just over a year! #questival
Joe Prefontaine is a French-Canadian with extensive knowledge of Paul Bunyan. He spends much of his time educating the visitors that come to visit the Big Paul Bunyan statue. He's spreading the love. ❤️ #questival
Trees and Threes
This man told us about how he walked over 100 miles into this country, just to make his mama proud #questival
Rest Later
This is Chrissy and Mary, sisters from Virginia, reunited in Portland. Chrissy is oldest of 8 Mary is youngest. #questival
Sadie and her human, Robert, moved to Portland from New Jersey last summer. She enjoys going to the park, going to doggie daycare, and eating. Life is good. #questival
Llama Said Knock You Out
We asked when was the last time you laughed the hardest - "I'm pretty much always laughing because I'm hilarious!" She genuinely was! #humansofnewyork #questival
Mystery Surprise
Bill is the friendliest gas station attendant we've ever met. Working all throughout the holiday weekend in the heat to cover for his coworkers! #questival
You Can't Sip With Us
Cayden works on Sauvie Island on a fruit and veggie farm and spends his sunny afternoons with his adorable dog named cowboy. #humansofportland #questival
Goal Diggers
Leo & his wife used to feed the birds here every Saturday, he continues the tradition 10 years after her passing. #questival
Fitness + Adventure Club
"I bought a hacksaw to cut down a dowel. I recently moved in on the ground floor and I'm a little nervous about people breaking in. So I'm going to put a dowel in the window" -Tim, SE Portland #questival
Winging It
so grateful #questival
"My favorite thing about Portland is Trimet." #questival
Power of the Babes
"I've lived in Portland my whole life and I barely recognize it anymore." Dale, 67. #questival #HOPDX #questival
this is Casey. She's 22 and on her way home from work. Enjoying the sun, wandering tcity that she loves. #bangarang #questival
The Team Who Must Not Be Named
This is Sandra and she's a peach with a past. "I gave my son up for adoption the day he was born. We were reunited after 25 years and he's getting married today. I can't imagine never getting to know him." #questival
High Five and Friends
Liz is the owner of Stellar Pops, which is an offshoot of her other company, Portland juice company. They use all natural ingredients, and make a variety of flavors. This is something they started to do in order to use their production facilities year round, and also to bring joy to the people of Portland. #questival
Dogo: Meet Claire, who cohabitates with a human who didn't want to be photographed. While Claire looks like a happy pup now, when her human got her from Merced's doggy death row in August 2016, she was malnourished, anxious, and had severe worms. Her human had to feed her tiny bits of food off her finger to get her to eat. Now, Claire is happy, healthy, and confidently trotting around Cathedral Park with her human, three times per day!! #AdoptDontShop #Dogo #LlamasteQuestival #questival
Do It for The Backpack
Misty is from Houston Texas, moved to Seattle to pursue a career as an RN, and has traveled with her boyfriend Dan to Portland for the weekend for the Blues festival. Dan is from Georgia and also works in the medical field. That's actually how the two of them met! #questival
I'm proud of my cousin because he is weird. I'm really proud of my cousin because she's so kind. #questival
The Nice Guys
Mackenzie has grown up a plain middle class life in Vancouver, WA. As a child, she always felt a passion for singing, but never had the confidence to follow through. She hopes by working as a cashier she will improve her people skills and build up to singing in public. #questival
Super Awesome Forever
"I love how multicultural Portland is, especially downtown. It's so diverse and you get a little bit of everything." #questival
Litterbox Llamas
"I've been wanting to do something fun for a while, and this summer I decided I would finally try it. These pedals look like something Leonardo Da Vinci would design. They don't give them away for free, but I wanted to do something fun and I did it." #questival
The Goonies
Myles, bartender at Grixsen, goes snowboarding every winter and is in the process of getting a van made up so can spend this whole winter traveling around going snowboarding! Also pours a mean beer! #questival
Legacy Chargers
When asked "what is your greatest struggle?" She answered "living with my Schizophrenic son" #reality #lifeishard #truelove #dogood #questival
The Third Wheel
This is Bronco, she's played rugby for 12 years and use to play professionally. Like a badass #questival
PNW Adventure Crew
This is Lauren, she is originally from the Bay Area, moved up here for college and just graduated from OSU in human development and family sciences. #questival
"Humble Criminals"
🗽 #questival
Right Questical
This is Scott! He's back in portland visiting for the weekend. Out with his camera and great sense of adventure #questival #cotopaxiquestival #questivaldaily #adventureon #questivalportland #questivalpdx #portland #pdxnow #dogood #questical #questival
Rocking MK
This is Julie and Ming her pup. They are from Eugene, Julie grew up on a farm and is a cow whisperer! #questival
Llama go drink some beer (Brew-tang Clan)
James is the owner of Kenton Station. He has created a wonderful local bar and restaurant here in Kenton. He's a family man, with 3 beautiful kids and a fantastic wife. They run the business together and have built a wonderful community space that's family friendly. Great for your post-kickball game brunch; watching the big game, or just a burger and shake with the kids! Go visit him and tell him congratulations on his ten years in business. #questival
No Sleep Till..
"I bought this bar 10 years ago today, I started working here 16 years ago" #questival
Spit Happens
Ed's dreams were crushed when he moved to a different school district his junior year of high school and missed the cut off for the varsity team tryouts. He continued to play recreationally and later had the opportunity to try out for a minor league basketball team. He's been playing for 20 years and he has no plans to stop any time soon! A solid reminder to never stop doing what makes you happy! #questival
Dora's Explorers
Filip was from Romania and gave us the best secret mulled wine recipe EVER #questival
Vantucky Bandits
Here is to you Tanner #questival
Who runs the world
this is Bob. 83 yrs young with wisdom that keeps that smile going. gold nuggets: God provides everything. #newfriend #questival
Goat Haus
When I was designing waterproof jackets wed often have sales reps come in with the latest most cutting edge gore technology. We'd get so excited! He'd give us a swath of the material and we'd be ready with our morning cups of coffee. We'd duct tape the swath on top of the mug, waiting for steam to pass through. Unfortunately steam rarely passed through, and more often than not when we turned the mug upside down the coffee would slowly go drip..drip...drip. Oh the crestfallen look on those poor sales reps faces! #questival
Magic School Bus
🐶PUPS OF PORTLAND: Arrow's parents took her and Duke to check out the PSU farmer's market. Arrow recently moved to PDX from Scappoose, WA and loves all the fun new food here. But dad was being a buzz kill and wouldn't share his burrito. #questival
"I am Kubi Okyay. I like to make stuff. I make these pens out of wood and metal & sell them on Facebook." #questival
Team Turtle
Marcus has been a barista, he sold desserts at Palace cakes, but most of all he has a killer smile and great stache! #questival
The PoPo's
"Boun and I decided to open a business together because we wanted to create something special on our own terms. Boun first learned how to make doughnuts from his brother-in-law and has been fine-tuning his technique for over a decade now. Prior to opening the shop, I worked as a dental assistant for 5 years. The most valuable lesson I learned from work was the importance of getting to know my patients. I now run the front counter and enjoy connecting with our customers." #deliciousdonuts @DeliciousDonut1 #questival
Im a 4th generation CA native, my great grandfather was governer of CA. I've lived in portland for 25 years, -michael #questival
Llamage a Trois
Steve was a man of few words but very kind and willing to help. Steve has been living in the Mt. Hood area “for about forever”. #questival
Storm Chasers
"We lived in Hawaii most of our lives. He lived there for 50 years, and I lived there for 26. We recently retired and moved to the West Coast. Our children graduated college and settled down out here. We are meeting our granddaughters for the first time! One is 7 and the other is 5. They'll be here in about an hour and we couldn't be more excited!" #questival
{Ask About Missing Name Option}
They're sisters and I'm a friend. We decided to come to the market to get to know each other better. Our favorite colors are green, purple, and burgundy. #questival
John - "I was born in San Francisco, but only lived there for a grand total of 11 days! Moved to Seattle until I was 2 and then moved down to Vancouver WA and have lived in that area since. My dad was in the Navy which is why we moved, but we Stayed in Vancouver with my wife to raise our family". #HONY #questival
Llama Get Your Number
"I was verbally fighting with my ex-husband, which we did a lot. Our pet names for each other were f******* and b****. I threw a pair of scissors at him and they landed by his hanging parts where he was sitting on the couch. I didn't believe him when he told me, but I had hit him. My advice is don't run with scissors." #humansofquestival#llamagetyournumber #questival
"so.. when I was like seven years old, I was the flower girl at my parents wedding, it was at a ghost town seminary, very few people knew about it. I sprinkled dead roses and I wore a black dress, and my parents were naked and bound together with rope by a witch doctor and were married." #humansofnewyork #peopleofportland 💛 #questival
Fish Fingers
"I wanted a change of scenery so I followed my brother and haven't left yet- it must be working." #teamfishfingers #questival
The Wilderpeople
"We believe in spontaneity... don't be afraid to travel without any plans" Bob and his lovely wife. #Wilderpeople #questival
Dude why is your mom here
"I'm in Portland for the first time, living in San Francisco right now. My best friend from college is living in Seattle, so we decided to meet halfway for my 23rd birthday!" #MOM! #dudewhyisyourmomhere #questival #questival
Team Gryffindor
"There's this bike race where you get the heaviest bike and you push it up the biggest hill. It sounds pretty miserable." #questival
Friends in Slow Paces
Gina. Her daughter just graduated and her son is in the military. She is a bartender near Sandy, OR. She's very proud of her kids and also a proud member of her community. #questival
60% of the time, we win every time!
Meet Hunter. He has been bartending at this establishment for 7 years. He is a teacher at the local school and coaches football for the football team. He loves his job but is thinking about going back to get his masters degree. #questival
At a young age she was taken from her mother and put in foster care and was eventually adopted by a couple. Her adopted father was a meth addict and she followed in his path and eventually lost custody of her three kids and ended up in prison. Once she was released from prison she went to a mission program in Spokane and got her act together, got all her kids back and married the love of her life and has been sober for six years and counting #questival
Naked Llamas
#Nakedllamas. here from San Diego. native American and last of her tribe. she came to portland for the weird! #questival
Double-Dyno to Microcrimp
Octavia: "I moved to Portland from a small island in Washington, north of Seattle. My parents wanted to move from a small town to a larger city." #questival
Bring Your Own Banana
Adam is from originally from. Libia. He moved to the United States 5 months from France. He loved to France in 2011 to escape the war in his country. While in France he earned his masters in electrical engineering and then began working. After loosing his job he decided to move to the US 5 months ago. He just began working at this food cart just about a month ago. #questival
Team Destroy
"Happy. Definitely happy. Always trying to stay positive. What you learn you do what you... my brother wrote it to me one time. No no what you learn you do. What you do you practice. What you practice becomes a habit. So practice good habits. No, I don't have an emoji of choice. I like paper and pen. Well maybe a smile face if I had to choose" - Victor the poet. He didn't even know it. Oh wait he did know it because now he's a published human of Portland #questival
iLLAMAnati confirmed!
"Beef jerky and cheese. I'll splurge on cheese as much as I can." Nate from Southern California came to us hungry on the street for the night and very grateful for a warm meal. #illamanaticonfirmed #questival
Keepin' Portllama Weird
An actual Human of New York Leanna has the flu, which we may now have too.... Leanne hates movies and says it is the worst time when she is forced to watch them. There is only about 5 movies she can actually stand. #HONY #questival
Just Alpacas
Ran into a hitchhiker who is walking around the U.S. Looking for a job and shared with us his tough year, but how meeting new people along his journey being raw and sharing their inspirational stories and kept him going. Real people meeting real people. #questival
Just Girls!
Taher is from Saudi Arabia. He is studying Accounting at Portland State University. His favorite hobby is playing basketball. #questival