While camping in the wilderness document/photograph at least 4 different types of wildlife, each unique/from separate animal families. (Don't forget the totem)

The Cool Team, amirite?
I spy with my little eye, four wittle animals #questival
Ninja Warriors
Seagull, bee, squirrel, grasshopper #questival
Adventure Girls!
Fly (still alive), deer, LLAMA!!!, emu #questival
Queens in the North + King Rath
#squirrel #deer #pigeon #spider #questival
Kangaroos Buy Rice
Enraged Kittens
Duck, butterfly, squirrel, and baby deer! Enjoying the wildlife! #questival
Team BFF
Wish we'd gotten a better pic of the top right creature. Not even sure what that is! #questival
The Lucky Dinosaurs
There's a bee, and if you look real hard at the blurry dot, you'll find a spider with a beautiful web covered in dew. And a deer. And #linathedog in her natural habitat #questival
Powdered by Donuts
Our campground has a nature center with lots of wildlife that had been preserved for us to learn about! #powderedbydonuts #questival
Toad, wood ducks, rabbit, and wild bison at Minneopa state park. Check! #questival