Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

The Daypackers
I was going for a evening walk and ran into these crazy people working a game and asked me to take a picture #questival
They live where we could only dream. Amanda (right) sails in Two Harbors where she is from. Lake life #questival
Camp JIM
What is your advice for 20-30 year olds? "Go to the theater a lot. See art a lot. Make your space in the world that ha #questival
Dumpster Fire
Ross: has a Love hate relationship with msp because, like it's people, it runs hot and cold but loves it. Treated like an outsider He has been called the Lone wolf of mpls. #questival
Auntie #AMY
It's not infrequent to walk the grounds surrounding the Guthrie and find an actor or actress examining a script. This is Jason and he is studying for a special role. Jason is the under study for the iconic role of Romeo in Romeo in Juliet. #minnyart #talent #culture #questival
E = MC Hammer
From Somalia, 15 years in MN, last movie Fast Furious 8, Dream vacay Malta, least favorite delivery US Bank Stadium, Favorite to pick up Hotels #questival
Um Ya Yaaas
"I have lived my life on the water..." "Probably die here too the way you keep tipping us." -Paul and Diane #questival
Ninja Warriors
Both of these men live just 10 miles away from the service station we were at. They have been biking for over 50 years and let me serenade them :) #questival
Thanks O'Llama!
"I'm originally from Minnesota but moved away for work and to find my way in the world. After several years away I was finally able to move back to MN, start a family, and pick up a new photography hobby. There's been ups and downs but my girls are everything to me." (Minneapolis, MN) #questival
Amie(Business Owner ) - This is the third parent I've gone through Hospice with. selling flowers from home for bills #questival
Lion Tamers
"We are having a wedding at a farm in Inver Grove Heights, but we are having the rehearsal here. I have windmills in my bag to make an aisle." #questival
my sister has the BEST sister
This is Lucien. He had a habit of falling asleep all over the place. In fact, he fell asleep as we were talking about his life. #napsforlife #questival
Divine Race for Beers
He moved to the cities in 2014 to pursue a job and a girl. Since then, they are living together and share a cat. In the past 5 months, they've had their garage broken into twice, tires slashed, and had gas tank tampered with. You can't help but feel defeated after all that. But they knew life was so much bigger than the stuff they lost. They're healthy, and have a great support system of family and friends. Can't ask for much more than that. #questival
Long lost friends reunited due to Questival #questival
"I just moved here from Illinois and am originally from Kentucky but am excited to be able to call Minneapolis my home because of majestic waterfalls like this." Justin (Minneapolis, MN) #questival
Puma Patrol
Tattoos tell a lot about a person, and can be incredibly personal. Amber expresses her creativity by designing her own tattoos, inspired by her childhood love: drawing. #questival
It's Dangerous to Go Alone!
"I have been playing for 20 years. She's been playing for 5 years. I was born in the Netherlands" -Leila and Bonnie #questival
Full Send or No Send
81 year old Bonita touring Minneapolis! Loves relaxing with her grandkids #questival
Old Dogs
Mae came to Minneapolis to follow her son who is studying at University of Minnesota. She sells shoes on the weekends to help her family. Kind hearted woman #questival
Sound of Music
When asked, "what are you most looking forward to?" She answered, "I'm 91 - I'm looking forward to tomorrow!" Another woman walked by and said she was 81. #bestchallengeyet #honoryourelders #questival
Meet Josh: "I've been doing this since since I was a kid. I'd say about 20 years, but probably longer. My brother started the business and we make cheese in Wisconsin." (Minneapolis, MN) #questival
A team has no name.
"I grew up playing classical music, clarinet, and I didn't want to do the big orchestra thing anymore so I got an album of this (uilleann) music in the 70s and fell in love with it and here we are." Tom and his sweet pup outside of the St. Paul farmers market providing the perfect morning soundtrack. #ateamhasnoname #questival
KVWN Channel 4 News Team
Q: What's the most important thing you've learned in your life? "Just smile and wave." #questival
Word To Your Llama
Meet Diane. A Haley riding, ex-sales woman turned waitress and has found her sweet spot. She's so good at her job she gets recognized as the "Flameburger" lady. Youngest of 8 and mama of 2. "Where the hell did you see that? This ain't Burger King!" #questival
The Night's Watch
Being a bouncer at a college bar in Dinkytown has been the most eye opening experience in my life. If it wasn't for 19 year old white girls trying to sneak in with fake ID's, or for the frat guys who don't tip a dime, I would be unemployed and most likely on a bad bad path. Learning the importance of having a tolerance with people and seeing hands on the importance of a tolerance with alcohol has made me who I am today. Blarney's, you have made my life so great in so many ways. Thank you. #questival
What's Our Team Name, Guys?!
One of my passions in life is being a good friend. I live in S. Mpls and I've lost a lot of friends to homicide. Each of my tattoos is dedicated to one friend. Crystal, 29 #livepassionately #humansofMpls #questival
Adventure Squad
"We want to meet people. In the next year, I plan on sharing my music and developing myself as an artist - I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow." "I want a solid community of supporters to share my art with - I'm looking to finish my first screenplay in the next year." #questival
"Teaching children who are immigrants is hard, let alone teaching them physics. But it's worth it to know that they might have an extra chance at success in this country. America feels more unfair and unsafe every day... this is the least I can do to help." #questival
Quest Side Story
I got it without the blue cheese. I don't like blue cheese. I don't like bright colors in my food. Ya know? #questival