Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

this human of Vancouver we met visiting the local park walking his pooch named Marlow they like meeting new friends #questival
Wild and Crazy
This citizen lives up to her self-titled 'uber-volunteer'. "I work with girl guides, sports teams & the kids hospital" #questival
Step Aside Comfort Zone!
John from Toronto recently arrived to Vancouver and reveals how much he loves the city which is why he keeps coming back! ❤️ #questival
Pink United
"What's your biggest struggle right now?" "Need more money.. and it's too hot. I kind of like the rain" #questival
Peanut Butter Turtle Herd
This is Ryan who recently placed 3rd amongst Western Canada & USA competitors for Oyster Shucking, he used to play varsity Volleyball and is also a star pitcher for the Chewies slow pitch team who competes every Sunday! #questival #humansofvancouver #questival
In Debt Forever
This is Sam Logan, otherwise known as "Gastown Sam." He has been painting and displaying his paintings on the streets of Vancouver since 1992. What a beautiful artist! #questival
"My father used to grow blueberries. They were Northern Highbush blueberries, just like these. Our family was from a large farm near Lynden, Washington. I have nothing but good memories from that place. Everything changed when I emigrated from the US to be with my husband and his two children from a previous marriage…" #questival
Better than the Rest-ival
"My favourite sport is volleyball. I just played beach volleyball last week. I don't swim often, but sometimes we like to come here to play chess after". #questival
"I moved to Vancouver for work. Just HR, hardly the stuff of dreams. Really I'm a gamer. Like competitive in leagues. I've made a lot of good friends out of it. Live by night, grind thru the day. But hey, that's life right?" #questival
Questing Quartet
We asked if we could do a challenge with this woman and she excepted. Then she gave us all a huge hug and said "I really needed that today" spreading joy all day long #questivalquartet #questival
Team Vegas to Vancouver
This is Brian, he's a student here in Vancouver at VFS studying Classic Animation. #humansofnewyork #humansofvancouver #questival
Melon Head
Baptiste is a 26 year old from France. He moved here 4 years ago after meeting his Canadian girlfriend while traveling in Sweden. He currently works at Hyperwallet and is a senior business analyst. #questival
This is Alex and she's a liftie at Grouse Mountain. It's her first summer season and she loves watching the mountain change throughout the year...she also thinks the Questival is a great idea! #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 4
"We're from the UK, Here for the HCI conference. Human Computer Interaction. It's going to be so crazy here tomorrow, #questival
There's Always Money In The Banana Stand
This is Shylah. She works at Lonely Toast on Saturdays at the Lonsdale Quay Farmers' Market selling jam with her aunt. She was a gem! #questival
The Fast and the Furiously Hungover
Rose. I live in Chilliwack, but I come to Vancouver from May to September to set up my organic fruit stand. #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 6
"When I first immigrated here from the Philippines, my first experience here was hard but now I'm happy and used to it #questival
kits kicks
"My name is Mike. I am a neuroscientist researching how animals perceive taste." #questival
Jango and the Janglettes
Shawn is a local vancouverite. He's enjoying the beautiful sunny day with his daughters whom he looks after on weekends while his wife works. They are moving to Chile at the end of the month for his job in mining so they are enjoying the last of their days here #questival
Dragon Warriors
This is Marvin. He is on vacation from Winnipeg and he has had quite the adventure! He comes every year to visit his childhood friend and they would go to the island with a rent trailer. But this year his friend traded the tent trailer for a girlfriend , so the 3 of them went together! We love u Marvin! #questival
Vida's Birthday Entourage Part 5
She's originally from Holland and a Mother of 6 who home schooled her children and has 3 grand children. #questival
That's What She Said
"We've been friends for over 30 years. We're from Florida and this is our first time in Canada. After seeing Whistler on TV we knew we had to visit. Next we're heading over to Vancouver Island to meet some friends". #thatswhatshesaid #questival
Chicks with Kicks
"I was racing to work, fell on the pavement & hurt my wrist. 3 guys peeled me off the pavement." - Karen #questival
Bellezze Feroci
Separated from my husband of 27 years. Readjusting to this new life. I miss seeing my kids' smiles every day. -Pam #questival
"I just finished a first date with the most beautiful woman; her name is Elizabeth. I'm having the best Friday night!" #questival
Game of Phones
We went snowboarding in the mountains for Questival last year. Best. Day. Ever - Valentina, from Far East Russia #hony #questival