Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

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"She's 10 but she acts like she's 2. Don't worry, she won't bite you." #HumansOfQuestivalOrlando #questival
Another Year Younger
We met Matt on the second day of the challenging. He lives and works in south Florida, but is currently visiting his girlfriend in Orlando. He is planning on opening a “Delivery Dudes” franchise for his business in Orlando within the next year. #questival
This is Bob. He is from PA and moved here after getting his third divorce. He is now over marriage. He fell in love with the area of South Georgia and doesn't ever want to return to PA. #questival
Intents Explorers
Today at Lake Eola we found this lovely young lad. He loves nipping at dogs, getting fed by strangers, and patted by the occasional lucky person. He came from far away In Argentina, to find a new life you’re like here at Lake Eola. After being kidnaped he has finally been returned home safely. #truestory #questival
There and Back Again
"Boston, Irish, Roman Catholic, 10 of 10. I was married at the Vatican." #thereandbackagain #questival
Partially Sexy but Totally Classy Llamas
I’m here buying a dress for my college roommate’s baby shower. She’s been my best friend since middle school, I can’t believe she’s having a baby. I’m so happy for her. #questival
This is Why We're Single
This is grafitti artist Caster. He's originally from New York City and came down to Orlando just a year ago this January. Street art has been his passion and art form since 1980 and now he creates and curates at Westart Instagram westartwalls_orlando #questival
Llama from another Mama
"we love working together....I try to find excuses to come up and say hi to him..." cute couple we ran into at publix #questival
Back to back New Yorkers, meet Gary Leonidas... Gary grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Florida for a “real job”. He now is a photographer and teaches 5th grade at a private school where the parents all got him drunk last night in Winter Park. #humansofNewYork #truestory #questival
Bahama Llamas
Meet Sarah and Alli, on a mother daughter trip enjoying their last day of Disney vacation before heading home back North to a cooler climate. They hope to return again! #bahamallamas #questival
Llama Beans & Rice (#LBR)
The most patience man I have met in awhile. This is Robert. He is 67 years old and a Vietnam veteran. He is currently homeless, but maintains a positive attitude. He has no family in the area. Being a Social Worker, I was able to inform him about some community resources in the area to help him get back on his feet. Robert is truly an excellence example of not judging a book by his cover. Hope to speak with you soon Robert!!!! #LBR #supportourtroops #supportourvets # #questival
Llamas have GUTZ
“We love orlando because of all the Disney parks and joy they bring” #questival
Alpaca Punch
"I'm from the fridgid northeast. Moved to Florida (where I met my husband, Mark) for the warm weather!" #questival
Lucent Llamas
"I'm from here, Winter Haven. Well, not originally, I'm originally from Dallas, but I retired here. I sometimes Uber now." #HumansofCentralFlorida #lucentllamas #questival
Goonies for Life
#gooniesforlife found Aaron who was drafted by the Atlanta Braves and he his exit papers signed by Hank Aaron. Now he works for Disney recreation. Amazing who you meet! #questival
Music students at Full Sail share with Humans of Questival and team Thrivivor. #questival
White Whale
This is Lynn she is an advocate for National Domestic Violence and she moved to Orlando when she was 16. Her family was forced to cope with the issues of domestic violence and she seeks to improve others through education and coaching. #questival
Charismatic Megascientists
How did you get involved in conservation? Do you remember earth day? I️ went to the first earth day celebration in Chicago #questival