Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

[Llama Pun Here]
I have worked here for 30 years. I never wanted to be a head guy...too much stress. I live what I do and the people I meet. Produce used to be the prestigious department...not so much now. #questival
This Is Our Happy Face
tonopah free garden. buy local. #questival
87 Fam Issa Culture
This gentleman saw that a family from out of town had a flat tire and he took the time to replace it for them. They were so grateful to have salvaged their family vacation. #AlwaysDoGood #Selflessness #questival
Adventure Buddies
"Sean leads two lives, a community organizer during the day and a rapper at night. He hangs out near container park to get more exposure and sometimes just to hang out" #questival
Jalapeno Business
This human was here visiting for Halloween weekend with my buddy. He loves hockey and went to the Knights game earlier. #questival
Burritos are Life
Looking to get her big break. Nicole desperately wants to be an actress. She picked up & risked it all for her dreams #questival
Brilliant Weasels
Friend Steve! A corporate lawyer who loves Las Vegas street art and finding ways to enjoy beauty of Las Vegas. #sonice #questival
The Goonies
Kris is originally from Los Angeles. She moved out to Las Vegas away from her family because the housing rent was to high. #questival
The Fab 5
This amazing mom works all day on Saturdays to help her son’s football team. She works at the concession stand to help the team raise money. An amazing lady! #questival
Carter is the youngest of three. "I want to be iron Man for Halloween because even though he has health problems he fi #questival
Jolly Rogers
Met Janice at Fremont last night. Her husband is in jail and she is struggling to afford the hotel she is staying in. Janice is deaf. She tells people her story with a card that hangs around her neck. She asked us not to show her face. #questival
We're All Mad Here!
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw, married 53 years and hadn't kissed across state lines until today! #truelove #questival
Dixon Cider
while tying these women's shoes, we learned that Kim works in the medical field and Janice works with Autistic childre #questival
"I'd like to talk about my family. I am 1 of 8 and this is my mom." #questival
Smashing Pumpkins
"I'm Brianna and I am an aspiring CMO. My brother is in town for a baseball tournament, but I need to work hard to achieve my goals so I had him drop me off to so I could study and get some work done!" Brianna from Portland, Oregon #makenewfriends #bekind #questival
American Made
Meet Simon. Simon is a senior at UNLV, Japanese-English translator, councilor, future master’s student, and autism. He loves Superman (as illustrated by his shirt) and has the brightest smile we’ve ever seen. We hope you all have the opportunity to meet someone like Simon. #DoGood #questival
This is a David. He stopped at the state line behind us. He’s traveling from Denver to LA and stopping to visit the sites along the way. He is trying to create unique photos as he travels along his way. #BABSallday #llamaste #youmad #cotopaxi2017 #Vegas #wanderlust #questival
I lived in New Jersey for 59 years but wanted some adventure in life so I bought a one way bus ticket to Las Vegas #questival
“Whyyy are they wearing jackets here, it’s soooo hot!” - from a Michigan girl #questival
Superheroes in training
Manny had a tough life in Austria making shoes for Nike and he never got paid... #questival
Hiking & Hangovers
❤🙎👦🏿" Growing up in a racist holdhold it was hard for me to see myself with someon..." #LoveisLove #questival
Kendrick and the Llamateers
Tyler and Austin from New Hampshire! “We are being welcomed on the west coast🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼” “where we’re from, we don’t have any of this stuff, just a Walmart.” “I got this cell phone case from Ross for 5 bucks! Can you believe that?” #questival