Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Blame it on da Badjao
Cecilia immigrated from Mexico 20 years ago she has been running this taco stand for the past 12 years. #beautiful #questival
Questies with Besties
Homeless because of the death of mom, hoping to get housing. From Roy Utah. This is nathens story #questival
Alpaca Bag II
currently a student, studying to be a parasitologist...studies parasites! super cool! and so nice! #questival
Discrete 4some
"My name's Bill, a volunteer ranger with the National Parks Service. I have a long history of spending time in the great outdoors and I love that I get to share that with people from around the world every day." #questival
Wacky Alpacas
Eric recently made the big move to salt lake to pursue his passion which is snowboarding. He hopes that we have a cold winter and he can enroll in school next semester. #questival
Malama Da Llama
"While I was living in LA, it was pretty crazy. Seen a lot of stuff. One night I had seen a drive by shooting. Things like that you don't forget bro. You just don't forget it." #malamadallama #questival
Thunder Hogs
This is Robert. He works for ABM Parking as a parking booth attendant. He has worked at 170 South Main, a high rise building in the heart of downtown Sale Lake City. He's been working at this location for the past 7 years. He is the most genuinely friendly and good-natured person you will ever meet. He greets every single person who comes through his booth with a smile and a wave. He knows almost every tenant who works in the building my name. He works hard to support his wife and stepson. #questival
Los Pollotes
Cathy from Even Stevens currently lives in Logan UT. She manages Even Stevens and was helping to make a location in DC. She is very passionate about what she does and the people she helps out. #realhumansofLogan #questival
“My name is dreamcatcher. My grandpa was a Ute and taught me how to make dreamcatchers and now I sell them and hang them in trees. Just a simple smile is one of the best ways to make a homeless man’s day.” #dogood #questival
Unicorn Birthday Extravaganza🦄🌈😎
Chelsey story: “I am known as the black sheep of the family. I have been threw a rough patch in life and found myself wondering the street. I ran into you guys and thought y’all were sooo CUTE I had to stop and say hi and use the bathroom. I have 3 kids and I have lived in Utah my whole life. I am nurse assistant and it is a rewarding job” #questival
The Parks Department
“I have been in Utah for two years, I came out for school and it has definitely been an adventure, and really unexpected in a lot of ways. But I wouldn’t change my choice.” -Maddie #questival
BLAH Girls
Our new friend is from Massachusetts visiting Monument Valley with his wife. We was convinced we were in college because who else would do questival? 😂 #questival
Pumpkin Spice Girls
These men are are recovering from a Utah loss, their roots run deep in Utah and they are born skiing. Chris and Ryan with Jake on skype love making friends and are living life. #questival
Venture Easy White
We met Sister Algood in Holden while searching for the mayor. She made us lunch and was so kind to us. #faithinhumanity #questival
3 amigo squad
“I love utah because it smells better than North Carolina and Texas.” #questival
Momlife Crisis
#MomLifeCrisis.. my name is Betty and I have worked at reams for 30 years and have lived in Utah for 74 years! I really enjoy Utah! #questival
Tville Squad
Kristy and her twin Ashley lived in Mexico. It was “horrible” as they said. Laundry there was different because no one had a washing machine. Now they’re so grateful for things they used to take advantage of. #questival
Soupy Kitty Titties
Said the most memorable things of his life are childbirth and going to jail. #questival
What the heck lol
Ammon once meet a guy named Mitchel who was a vicious bully and Ammon wanted to be cool but has no friends #questival
Project ZULU
🏕PROJECT ZULU🏕 Suzanne Clark is a kind young lady who loves SLC. Although currently unemployed she works hard everyday which is what she was doing when we found her. She has an eye for the fantastic and a heart for the small things in life that matter most #questival
The Happy Enchiladas
He loves canyoneering, being with his family and worshipping God. He manufactures all forms of climbing gear and helps out with doing tours. #Phill #questival
The MmamaLlamaDingDongs
Meet Mike, from Tampa, FL and his service dog Annie that monitors his blood sugar! #questival
This is Johnny. He attends USU and plays in the drum line there. He is a new member of FIJI fraternity and is from Nashville. #questival
#humansofSLC "The coolest thing I've ever done is hit a hole in one. My very favorite place is Vevey, in Switzerland. It's so beautiful. It's near Lake Geneva, the Alps, so many shops and great local eateries. More than anything, the legacy I want to leave behind is having my finances in the black. I have four little girls and a little boy on the way. The example I leave with them is important to me." -Josh #questival
Run Like the Winded
Today in micro fashion... #questival
Meet Meg. She says “I’m really passionate about music. I think the way that it makes other people excited makes me excited and pumped. I love when other people get excited about it especially at concerts and I love to make music. “ #questival
But first, llama take a selfie
Mark has lived in SLC for roughly 15 years. He previously lived in Wyoming with his family. He is the last living of his seven siblings and does this as a side job to raise college money for his four grandkids. #questival
Taco Salad
This is Blake. We met him at a skate park and soon got to know his story. He is passing through Salt Lake from Georgia as he pursues what he described to us as his biggest desire; to be able to make a career out of something he is passionate about. That journey is just in its beginnings for him but he is well on his way. Blake described stability as the most important thing in his life, not only with his skating but his relationships and desires as well. #questival
The Lost Totem
This is Jensen! He loves trains and was so excited to hear that he was going to ride one with his mom while visiting SLC. They were very happy someone was willing to talk to them for a minute before their stop. #humansofnewyork #thelosttotem #questival
Swag Pueblo
Bruce grew up in Ogden Utah and loves collecting gems. He has been a security guard at city creek for two years and loves helping people. #questival
Will Quest for Beer
This is Oddley, he is he produce manager at a local grocery store in Sugarhouse. He moved to Salt Lake City 20 years ago, he is 38 years old now. He came here from the sunshine state with his sister and brother, because his brother was assigned to his first milliary post, stationed in Salt Lake. After the years it was still the best decision he ever made. #questival
Birthday Squad
Brett grew up in utah and played soccer sense 7. now he's a security guard at Rio tinto stadium #questival
No Prob-llamma
This is Robert Jensen. He is a security guard for KUTV News and was patrolling around the Vans at the Galivan Center. #questival
Adventure? Alpaca my bags!
When I was thirteen years old, I came across a book called Leadership. This book changed my life. I quit being a shy little kid and became a confident entrepreneur and I now own a couple successful companies. -Rob #HumansofSaltLake #questival
Walla Walla Weasel Wackers
Margarita lives is Cottonwood “just exercise, health, eating good.” #questival
Saber the Moment
This is Ansah. He is from Ghana studying Chemical engineering at BYU. He is the third in his family to come to BYU and eventually wants to return to Ghana to be a solution to the energy crisis in his home. #questival
Basic Whitebread
Eric is up at snowbird with his family! He is from Harriman and is single so guess who got a date?? That’s right this girl did! Thanks Cotopaxi! #questival
Jake grew up in salt lake. He’s had a job since he was 15, and still sends money to his parents. He considers himself a wandering soul, and that freedom means he can remain in Salt Lake City and still know the world. If you see Jake, know he is content walking these streets and helping his family. #questival
Something Wicked
Teen football fan #theburbs #questival
Heather Nelson- Mom of seven yr old. Loves to hike. She is super out going. #questival
Sandy Gang Original®
This is Brian. He was on the tonight show with Jay Lenno! He started off the night in the crowed, but when Jay opened up for questions he asked if he could get a picture behind his desk. The night resulted with Brian sitting in the host chair and Jay sitting in the guest show! Apparently he made quite the scene and got the best laugh of the night! #questival
Fanny Pack Adventure Crew (FPAC)
“I just come out here for fun on the weekends to metal detect, I make enough money at my real job to pay for everything I need. I work on movie sets - right now we’re filming a show with Kevin Costner called Yellowstone. I’m the guy who brings snacks and water to everyone so they all love me, it’s a good gig. This is the best park that I’ve found stuff in by far. The coolest thing I found was a gold coin from the 1880’s. Overall, life is pretty great.” #FPAC #questival
The Caries Fairies
This guy is visiting from Washington! He leads kayak trips and is about to do some traveling in Columbia!! #HONYstyle #questival
This is Candace. We met her at a restaurant we used during Questival. She’s a law student and avid crafter. I truly feel like we could be good friends, ha! #spookNASTIES! #questival
This is Sebastian and his wife Macy. They met in college and moved to Salt Lake City so he could do his Masters Program in Public Administration at the U. They are married with two beautiful dogs. She is an elementary school teacher while he wants to go into politics. #questival
Rubber Duck
Geraldo was making massive bubbles for everyone (especially the kids) just for fun. Whataguy. #questival
Red Riding Hoodlums
#redridinghoodlums — Abraham- I like to bring joy into peoples lives and bubbles are a great way to create smiles. #questival
Cache Money and the Rocky Mountain Chocolatiers
John was born and raised in SLC, is a die-hard Utes fan, and has been driving Lyft for three years. #questival
Wilderness Explorer Tribe #54
Meet Kim!! She is the bomb. 5 kids, 14 grandkids. Ballet, Christ, and the outdoors. #HumansofCotopaxi #questival
Semi Regular Llama
“Glad you like my dreads. This isn’t for kinky stuff is it?” #semiregularhair #questival
Rama Llama DingDongs
Tolofi has such a heart of gold! She welcomed us into her home and shared her talents with us. It was amazing how she spoke and cared for the quilts she made. Each quilt a gift to someone she cared for. So grateful to have met her! #questival
Legend of the Sandstorm
Annaka is a junior who's been playing for five years and is saving up to buy her own saxophone. #questival
Call Sessions
I have been a flobotamist for 11 years. I have so many good cries from people coming in to donate blood for their family and friends. Meeting new people is one of the best parts of the job. #questival
The Flaming Marshmallows
We met Ying at the salt flats and felt like she should be the one we give the birthday cake to. She cried because she had just lost her dad and her birthday is this week. She is from China and has been in USA for 3 years. We love you Ying! #theflamingmarshmallows #questival
The Wannabes
These old-timers are showing up millennials everywhere! They spend their Saturday morning waking up at the crack of dawn to run 7 miles alongside the sunrise. Their bright smiles and friendly advice gave these #wannabes the hope we needed to continue on our journey. #questival
Lit Boys
“I’m due in January! Go to school in the morning and work at night. Hoping I’ll be able to get a raise soon and be set before the baby comes!” #questival
We met Gloria at the McDonalds in Wendover. She has been in the city since May, and she has been doing some research recently on geocaching. When we met her she was working on some cross-stitch work, and she hopes to be able to start a little business with her art. She didn’t want us to take a photo of her, but we got a photo with one of her cross-stitches, the elephant. #questival
The Deliverers
“I’m in school at Utah State. I’m studying to be a psychologist-I haven’t really figured out what kind. I was raised in New Mexico- half in a typical society, and half on the Navajo reservation. I’m full-Navajo. I want to go back and serve my people when I graduate.” #thedeliverers #hony #questival
The Vindicators IV
“My name is Mason and my cats name is Mason too. I didn’t name him that, he came that way. i’m only 21 and i’m the owner and manager of the worlds first KFC, so people think that’s pretty amazing.” #questival
"I received 3 majors from BYU including a double masters in accounting and a business degree," Mike explained while introducing himself. He has served his community in many ways including through defending citizens as a lawyer. "I was a lawyer for 30 years," he said explaining his career. He is now retired and living with his wife Cindy. #questival
inspiring leader and man, worked to overcome and uplift others! 🙏🏼 #peopleofNYC #danceislove #alpacapunch #questival
💜💜💜💜💜FINAL FOUR💜💜 "I'm a special ed teacher...I really like working with people with special needs. I'm also working on my masters right now, I'm at BYU and working on becoming a behavioral therapist. I think it's just working with the kids...there's just a lot of little things. One of my kids called me a potato the other day. He was like, "you're such a potato," and I was like, "Oh, how nice!" [laughs] I guess it's been cool because I've seen, especially with the kids I work with now, I've seen the progress that they're making. They're understanding. Like last week we talked about apples, and they get so excited about that." #questival
An Adventure? Alpaca My Bags
Meet Matthew! A native of Salt Lake and all around great guy! "Work hard and enjoy the small things" #questival
“Do you want me to tell you a lie or do you want the truth” - Dave #questival
Team Propay
Wandering Bear
From guatemala. Been here for a year. Happy kid. Goes to west high! #questival
#humansofslc Shane I grew up in the Salt Lake City area, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Brazil. I learned that people do things all different ways and there’s no right way to live. You can find happiness in many different ways. This helped me to become more open minded and accepting of people and the way they live their lives. It also really helps me to be a better dad. My wife and I just had our third child and we want to teach them to live the same way. We hope to make the world a little better of a place. #questival
Liam our friend from Sydney Australia that works in admissions #liamlove #questival
Cosmic Cowboys
Brennan was adopted at birth and loves to show people around town. he is happy, friendly and knows what is important. #questival
This is ANDY! She is from New Mexico but has lived here in Utah for 14 years and wants to go back because she likes the warmth! #questival