Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Wandering Weims
Humans of San Diego: meet Kirby Mady "we are what we know" moved to San Diego 25 years ago from Nevada . Loves his jack russel terrier and rides his arctic cat in the dessert at ocotillo wells #questival
They have lived in San Diego in 27 years and they walk their dogs every night, tonight they chose mission bay park! #questival
Nick from San Diego is not your ordinary sandwich maker. A craftsman and artisan for over two years! #questival
Called himself homeless guy with nice teeth and a bad shoulder and a great sense of humor #questival
Squat Squad
We met this gentleman and his three friends today while racing. They were just at the end of their two vacation to San Diego from upstate New York. They said they had a wonderful stay and met so many friendly people. They were our favorite group we met today 😊 #questival
Party Van
Ron and Raquelle met 17 years ago at a work function and it was love at first sight. #peopleofsandiego #questival
We met Evan during the challenge a stranger to a 50 meter foot race challenge. He told us he used to do track in high school but hadn't raced in a decade. He literally blew us away. #questival
We Have To Go Back!!
I was standing there lost and confused when he came over to me and knelt down and said, "Would you like to trade shoelaces." How did he know that I was doing Questival, I didn't have my bag or totem on me. Whatever tipped him off he was a savior and now we just may make it! #questival
Llama-mon Trainers
Climbing obstacles on with the help of friends and strangers. That's Jen at the top. #peopleofquestival #questival
Seaside Spuds
Ellyn King is a banjo-playing, ninjitsu-doing music teacher who loves to be outside and hike around. #questival
Llama Llama Family Drama
we met Julie. she was just leaving from a visit with her mom. #questival
Agony of DaFeet
Marching band and music is my passion. #questival
Llamazing Adventurers
"San Diego is a city full of the courageous and compassionate. We may disagree at times, but we all have the same hearts. We all love this city." #questival
Dawn Patrol
David and Abigail met in San Francisco. They shared multicultural backgrounds and interests. David is Armenian-American, and Abigail is Ghanaian. They have been dating for about a month and are hopeful about the future. Today, we met them in Balboa Park. #questival
Como te llamas
This is Caleb. He is from Santa Cruz but now living in Ocean Beach. He enjoys surfing. #questival
Not Fast, Just Furious
"We started this journey 5 months ago starting in Florida on our fat scooters. We initially had a goal of raising a few bucks for shelter animals. We've now raised over $3,000." #questival
Zombie Alpacalypse
this is Sherry. She is the third oldest, the third youngest, has three children and was bored on the 3rd. #questival
Green Monkeys
Sister Hall and Sister Smith here on their service mission for 18 months in San Diego! They love the city and helping others. And offered free popsicles on a hot day. #questival
Big Llama's House
We are going to homecoming, but it's hard knowing this is our last year and college is right around the corner. We are expected to know what college to go to and what to study but all we really want to do is have fun with our friends. Sometimes the stress is too hard to manage and we give up. #bigllamashouse #questival
Lysis to Kill
What drives you to keep coming back and jumping off the bridge? Brallio (right before he jumps again): When your in the air you feel like your flying for just a sec and you don't know when you'll hit the water.. and then you do. It's the thrill of it #questival
LATA questin'
This is Walt! A lovely soul, that exuded happiness! Met him as he was hula hooping with strangers and spreading happiness #questival
"nobody understands me out here. my name is Sebastian, but everybody calls me seabass." #sayitinabroeyvoice #questival
We meet this guy at the street corner in OB. He is a struggling artist that makes sculptures out of marshmallows. He was asking beachgoers to sign his petition against paid galleries in the area #questival
Alpaca Lunch
Was born in Boston and moved out here to be a stem cell researcher at UCSD. It's pretty cool out here, or wicked like they say back at home. This is my son over here, his names Kieran. A lot of people say I'm his grandfather, but I'm his dad. #questival
Are We There Yets
#Arewethereyets "I don't really identify with god. It's funny my parents always taught me to, but when I think about the world I don't understand how people believe so much. I do believe in karma. You do good and good comes back to you. You know I tell some people that and then they think they understand my tattoo. It says YOGA but that the initial of each of my siblings and I. Family means a lot to me. I just want to be successful and help people. I don't want to get too rich. Because money can corrupt people." -Grhecia #questival
Llama Lords of Science
Jack is a great San Diegan whorking for a company called DUI, where he gets to scuba all the time #humansofsandiego #questival
Alive and Wool
People who do Harajuku walks like it because it gives us a chance to dress up and take pictures. It's fun. #questival
I broke my arm skateboarding jumping down a stair set and had to get a six inch plate and nine screws. It was a 60,000$ mistake and for awhile I was really afraid. Now I'm back on my board and feel a new rush of adrenaline I've never felt before. #questival
I am Groot
These awesome people adopted their dog off of Craigslist! #IamGroot #questival
Her father was a preacher. She used to be religious but isn't anymore. She left her family and is trying to find herself. She is loved. #humansofSD #questival
The Bowling Green Survivors
Conner is a waiter at a British Pup. He is very handsome, an aspiring comedian, and working his way though school! #questival
¿Cómo te llamas?
This is Earle. We met him sitting outside of Napizza in Little Italy. He sits out there and tells people to eat here because they give him free wine when he refers people!! He said he comes here all the time and sits in this same seat. He owns a graphic design company here in SD and prides himself on his "art and jokes". He's definitely got the jokes!!! #questival
Tono Tono Tono
Melanie is from Michigan. She has traveled to 42 different states. She is now here at the zoo in San Diego and she loves peacocks. She also seems to be the only person who knows where to find them. #questival
"I've been coming to this bar for the past six years. I find myself always looking to the door... for her..the beautiful red head that broke my heart. To be honest I don't even think she knew what she did to me. She said she needed to leave to find herself. Always promising to come back to me. So now each Friday, I come and sit at 'our' table. Desperately looking for the girl that will never come. " #humansofsanDiego#hegotahug #questival
Llama Gonna Knock You Out 🥊
This is Eddie. He woke up this morning at 3am to make it to his shift by 5am. He drove from El Cajon. Eddie really made our morning today. Told us a joke and some great trivia! He's a great guy. #questival
a is for Awesome
This is Louis. He's born and raised in San Diego, and loves the Chargers. We met him at The Carnitas snack shack at 11pm. He started as a dishwasher and 10 months later he's the manager! Super nice guy! Go see him and eat some super yummy food! #carnitassnackshack #questival
The Sensational Ridiculous Interesting People
"Are you where you saw yourself 5 years ago?" "I'm happier." #humansofquestival #questival
This is eli. He started working at Sea World when he was 18 and now does security in the gas lamp. He gives great hugs. #questival