Take a picture of your favorite place on campus, tell us why in the description

Team 21
I love my keyboard, yes I do. I love my keyboard, how about you? #westival
Team 3
My home away from home! Being an art major I'm always in 3rd floor converse building. Most beautiful building on campus!!!!!!! #westival
Team 15
I love the front of the campus. Especially the flag showing its support and love for an amazing country! It is very important to me to be able to see the flag every morning when I come on campus! Freedom is not free!!!!! #westival
Team 8
Meldrum is my fave place cause the coolest profs and students (like me) hang out here #westival
Team 16
Favorite place on campus is anywhere where I'm with this amazing human! #westival
Team 20
I love Griff's Roost, because of how fun and nice the people are, plus there's coffee!!!!! #westival
Team 2
Sick 109 is my favorite place because Karen #westival
Team 14
Dick 109 is my fav bc Noor is here #westival