While camping in the wilderness make s'mores over a campfire add an extra ingredient and share your recipe in the caption. Complete this challenge during nighttime hours. Fire must be contained inside a legal fire pit, obey all fire bans for your camping location.

Kendrick Llamar
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Ketchup with smores make sweet and salty desserts. #questival
We Might Be Last
Snore with slivered almonds! Recipe: slivered almonds, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers. #questival
¿Como se llama?
white reese's. gushers. something for everyone. #questival
Wild Kittens
Salt-N-Pepa S'mores featuring graham crackers, roasted marshmallow, salt and pepper kettle chips #yummy #questival
Holla for a llama
Graham cracker, marshmallow, and our special ingredient, Reese's chocolate bar. #questival
Gluten-free Oreo + perfectly roasted Marshmallow + peanut butter = BEST SMORE IVE EVER HAD! #doingliferight #questival
Smores a la Liana - the secret ingredient is banana #questival
Abusement Park
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Toothpaste, old spice, marshmallow, chocolate, gram cracker. Get in ma belly. Yum yum in the tum tum. #questival
Llama Del Rey
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Nutella s'mores! #delicious #questival
Llamas on the Beach
smores in between smores flavored cookies w/ fair trade 70% dark choc. also smores tacos!! #questival
It's Complicated...
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Step up your s'more making game by adding peanut butter! Game changer right? #questival
Mam Fam
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best kept secret #cinnamon pro tip: make sure the marshmallows hot so the cinnamon seeps in! #questival
Secret ingredient you ask...BABY DRIED BANANAS of course!! #questival
Sllama Thrillerz
Chopsticks! #questival
Team RWB Eagle Explorers
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add tortilla #questival
goFETCH Adventure
Smurf Smore! Shannon likes her mallows extra crispy, and she added blue frosting as the secret ingredient. Yummy! #crispysmurf #questival
Mmm good! (Not really) Recipe: Marshmallows, chocolate, Vienna sausage, cracker #questival
S'more with banana, made with Club crackers instead of graham crackers. Was super different and pretty good! #questival