Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Questivus For the Rest of Us
Meet Bristol. She works at Kaladis in Northern Lights. Bristol attends UAA and has 4 dogs. She loves her job because she gets free coffee! #questival
Llama Let You Finish
#humansofnewyork We moved to Anchorage because my husband is in the military. Weve actually been here for five years which is crazy. My favorite part of Alaska is actually just coming to this park (Cuddy Park) with my kids and family. ~ #questival
Wine on the Patio
Joe came to Alaska to fill a life long dream of visiting all 50 states. He said it's been hard to continue on after his wife passed but also her memory has helped him persevere. #questival
Team awesome
"If you guys had invited me to come with you, I probably wouldn't have gotten outside today. Thank you." -my teammate's sister who I just met today #questival
Conditions of Approval
The first thing Norman tells us is that we'll never believe his real name: Stormin Normin Leslie Egbert esquire Tabaras Egbert, he says. He double checks the spelling we've typed into our phone. "Yep, that's it," says the talkative 78-year-old man who wears tattered shoes scarred with holes and a hat that reads: "Alaska Go Kiss a Moose." Do you see what else the hat says? He asks. He has scrawled "and my ass" just above the hat's brim. Norman was born in New Jersey in 1939 by candlelight and in a hurricane, he says. He enlisted in the Army in 1952, served for 30 years and then moved to Colorado --leaving in 1996 "when the altitude got to me," he said. Now he lives in Anchorage. He has mesothelioma, he says, the cancer lines his tissues. He refused chemo. He sleeps outside in the summer, next to the veteran's memorial on I Street. He's guarding it, he says. #questival
"I've been selling hot dogs in downtown anchorage the past two summers! It's awesome! I went camping last night at Eklutna and saw two bears stealing food in the campground. It was scary!" #humansofnewyork #questival
Manger Danger
"Are you guys lost or something?" Miller, originally from Nunivak Island and an Anchorage resident for twenty years, made the start of our race special. Miller showed us early on what it means to do good- he cared about us and was proactive in helping us. Thank you Miller! #questival
Scott's Tots
This is Brian. Brian moved here from Arizonia with his wife and daughter. Brian has eaten scorpions and grub but his favorite snack of all is cauliflower. We shared a cauliflower together and he told me about his life. Thanks Brian. I'll never forget you #Scott'sTots #questival
Team Maves
Georgia, from Kansas City mi, is an avid traveler. Traveling to specifically see, and be a part of, her children's life. Nothing makes Georgia more proud. #questival
Hard Attackers
"I live in Girdwood for a few years now and never have come out and just waited for the bore tide. My brother in law is in town. It's amazing how it takes out of town family to come make you do some of this stuff." #questival
Just let me eat.
Humans of Alaska: Mike returned to biking in his 60s. He plans to bike in Portugal next. #fellowshipoftherings #questival
Doc J’s Aid Station
Sarah a local Alaskan loving her dogs is her life. Expecting a pup of her own. She said "Alaska summer is the best" #questival
Team Voldemort
Sonya - Ukrainian/Austrian/Brazilian/refugee. Mother, Wife, Gardner, inspiration. #achieve #overcome #questival
Finger Puppet Mafia
This is greg we met him walking down street, he was talking on the phone so he didn't chat for long but I had time to ask him if he liked peanuts. He gave me a startled look so perhaps peanuts are a trigger word of sorts. #questival
This is Liza. Liza hates a lot of things, but the one thing she does not jelly beans. To Liza, jelly beans represent the death of all things joyful in young children everywhere. Her dreams are simple, yet attainable. #humansofnewyork #questival
This is Alexandra. she just moved to Anchorage from Atlanta. she is excited to start school and make friends #questival
It's five o'clock somewhere
"We have been in Anchorage for 8 years. It is way different here than in Italy, the food, the customs, everything. We have been very well received in Anchorage. We try to bring a little bit of Italy to Alaska." #LittlebitofItaly. #downtownanchorage #questival
This is BoB Sherill a retired Lt Colonel. He is a volunteer that runs the Alaska Veterans Museum #questival
Where's Wal-llama-do?
Tom and Marg are an adorable, sweet couple from Oklahoma who have never traveled to Alaska. This was their first cruise together and they have one week left here so we tried to make their day. We hope you have a great time in Whittier and Anchorage this next week! #newfriends #dogood #tomandmarg #questival
Fit Vida Motion
His name is Joe 24 yo, lived in AK majority of his life, does demolition, likes hiking & wants 2 pursue landscape photography & enjoys hanging out with people. Likes long boarding. #questival
Wild Wonder Women
I'm from Florida and that is where I got a lot of my tattoo's. I started getting them when I was diagnosed with endometriosis as a way to deal with it all. It kinda kept going from there. Endometriosis is not curable. They told me after I had my baby, I couldn't have any more. They wanted to cut out my uterus. Now I'm 9 weeks pregnant. #questival
The Cheap Jeep
this is dunn!! he did us a solid on this hot day and made us some shaved ice 🌞 #questival
Meet Irena. Mother of three, transplant from Bulgaria to Anchorage and has lived here for 14 years. Believes that God sent her here and when she saw the mountains she was energized and knew this was the place for her. #questival
Musically Engineered Hotdogs
Meet Holly and Mariah Shirk. This Anchorage born and raised mother-daughter duo started the hot dog food cart Holly Dogs found in Town Square Park. Holly began this business 6 years ago and has no regrets (obviously). Their most liked hot dog is the reindeer dog with balsamic bacon onion jam and Sriracha mayo. Check it out for yourself sometime! 🌭🌭🌭 #MusicallyEngineeredHotdogs #questival
Tyrells woes
Amidst doing good deeds, we found ourselves upon the lovely Deena. Deena blesses her community by helping save lives. Deena's sweet character has played a role in helping hundreds donate blood, to benefit another. #BeALifeSaverToday #questival
Good /vīb/ Tribe
This is Michelle McIntyre, co-owner of Froth&Forage diner in Turnagain Arm. She is a wife/mom/amazing donut-hole maker extraordinaire!!! #questival
Spit Happens
Earlier on in the night, when walking through the park, we met this man. After buying him a little something to eat, we had a quick chat about how he was doing. Since moving to anchorage from kotzebue, he hasn't had the best luck with finding a job and has unfortunately started drinking heavily. We talked about a few recourses available to him to get his feet back on the ground. We wish this man the best, as he moves forward. #questival
Brenda and Anthony Stewart. From New Castle, UK this couple travels abroad once every single year. After thoroughly exploring Europe, they're taking on the Western Hemisphere. #questival
The Team That Shall Not Be Named
#humansofAlaska #questival
Jon came to Alaska from Ohio in 1970 "for two years." "Where else can you get views like this?" horsedrawncarriageAK #questival
Team Rocket
"The first time we met was at a meeting for Russian language speakers. Allorah (left) was interested in becoming a Russian spy and I (Sam) was also interested in learning about Russian spies. It was a match made in heaven. Neither of us are Russian spies." #questival
owner of the somali restaurant moved here and makes amazing food very authentic to his Homeland. he was very generous. #questival
Bad Blitz
loved serving in the korean war that he stayed another 20 years!!! #questival