Find and photograph at least two of the five markers on Ohio State campus that indicate the location of the underground railroad.

Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Hardest task yet! #questival
Mischievous Minions
2/5! #questival
Historical markers ft. Do Good #questival
No Prob-Llama
40% is good enough! #questival
Roomie Cube
We found two underground railroads on campus! The 2nd brought us into a frat house..1st and last time for everything. #questival
Sadly these were the hardest things to find. #questival
All Night Long (All Night)
#TeamAllNightLong found two!! #questival
Toucan play that game
Those were harder to find than we thought... #questival
Slotters we are!
Teaching these youngins about the Underground Railroad #questival
Recreational Hazard
The Woolly Mammoths
Taking a ride on the Underground Railroad #questival
Adventure is out There
This took us two hours! #outofstate #disadvantage #butwedidit #questival
Your Princess Is In Another Castle
The old student union building and the Kappa Sigma house were both part of the Underground Railroad. While the Kappa Sigma house lacked an actual marker, two frat boys who live there confirmed that there is a blocked tunnel in the basement. #questival
When you've been a student for 4 years but you still have to frantically run into the Ohio Union to ask the info desk where the lantern room is 😅 #new2osu #old2osu #questival
The Dirty Dozen
stops 4&5 of the underground railroad markers at OSU! #questival