Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Snail Team 6
How do you help others? By smiling everyday and bringing joy. #questival
The Winning Boyz
"my fiance company just finished a new playroom at the YMCA and the kids love it!" wisconsin native in red #questival
The Hairy Questicles
We met Dennis on the trails at Devil's Lake. He commented and encouraged our trail trash collection and we continued to run into him through out our hike. Through our interactions with him, we learned he recently went through a divorce, something my teammates can sympathize with. As a result, he hikes every weekend as hiking has now become his religion. A happy result of this new hiking was his losing 76 pounds in 7 months! #questival
BOSS Phoenixes
We had a mini conversation with the lady at the vendor about her current life as a mother and grandmother. She hand sews all the mini purses and card holders that she's selling using cultural designs and patterns. This is how she makes money to support herself and her two daughters who are currently in college. #questival
Gilman Girls
This is Bruce Musky and his wife Evelyn. Bruce is an alumni from the UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering Department and has maintained a relationship with the university since his graduation day. During his junior year, Bruce and his team designed a wheelchair specifically for Vietnam veterans. He was promptly offered a job by one of Wisconsin's corporate sponsors. Since then, Bruce has been working with the same company for thirty plus years. The Muskys give back through generous donations to the engineering department and alumni weekends with the marching band. Did I mention that Bruce also played tenor saxophone in the UW marching band? His plaque is hanging in the Mechanical Engineering Building on campus. As an engineering student myself, I hope to build a legacy like this after building my career. #questival
Team Dream
This is Lisa. She grew up in Madison and after 30 years of being away, she is back! She is working at the University of Wisconsin- Madison as a community relations director. We ran into her on State Street after she got done marching at the Capitol to support immigrants. What an awesome and accomplished chick! #questival
"I was on State St this morning and felt like I was 350 years old." #questival #lookwhatyoumademedo #questival
Dabbing Tacos
Susan and Tom are Madisonites that consider themselves unofficial photographers for the city of Madison. Almost every Saturday they head to the farmers market with their coffee mugs and take pictures for strangers so visitors don't have to rely on selfies. They took our "Questival" picture but their largest group has been 35 people. Susan and Tom also brought their skills to Paris and took pictures for people in front of the Louvre #meettheneighbors #questival
The Rubber Duckies
"My name is Maria. This produce stand has been at the farmers market for 10 years. I have been working at it since it started. We grow all organic food with no pesticides. We pride ourselves in growing healthy options for the public." (Madison, Wisconsin). #questival
2 teachers and a welder walk into a bar
#2teachersandawelder met a lovely lady at the farmers market meet a Muslim table #questival
Wisconsin Jones
"How'd we get into pumpkins?" "It started when he was in high school. He saved money from sweet corn to buy my ring." #questival
We Are In Tents (Like Camping)
Ian was going to get ice cream before a birthday party. Real recognize real #questival