Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

But First Llama Take A Selfie!
Matthew. Human of Phoenix. works at Snoh because it's hot. #questival
Chandler Champions
John volunteers 12 hours a week at a homeless shelter. His past has made this his passion. What an amazing soul we have on the streets of Phoenix! #questival
The Crispy Boys
Gary is a transplant from the east coast, newly married and happy he’s done with his first summer. His best friend is his wife and dog , the struggle with moving across the country. #questival
More Whisk[e]y
I met Alex while he was waiting to purchase LSD. He misses the old Phoenix and is passionately upset about downtown gentrification. #morewhiskey #questival
Pajama Llamas
This is Katie she is an inspiring defense attorney, which she has wanted to do this since she was seven. #questival
Llama Said Knock You Out
Mike and Lorraine are from North Carolina their hair on an internship and this is their first questionable in Phoenix they have previously done one in North Carolina they’ve been here for two weeks and are enjoying their stay. #questival
Llama Thugs That Give Cacti Hugs
What are you doing tonight? "I'm gonna get drunk. Probably get lost in the woods. And maybe do some mind altering drugs." #questival
“I lost my husband a year ago, on Veterans Day, so I wanted to come down here and honor him. I told him, ‘If you come and speak to me I won’t come here again.’” #questival
On November 11th, Griffin Gosnell lost a foot race 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ at Tempe Town Lake Park. The victor, a current resident from Arizona, who is originally from Peru 🇵🇪outstripped her at 30 meters. He enjoys listening to music on his runs, is bilingual, and is both a great sport and a strong competitor. Super nice guy! Happy we met him. #llamaste #questival
Questicle Creatures
The Young and the Breathless
Zeke plays accordian every Saturday in front of the Scottsdale farmers market. He has been busking for over 30 years. #questival
Wilderness Explorers
Found a friendly traveler that was happy to take a photo for us! #wildernessexplorers #questival
Passive Aggressive Hikers
I moved from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and I’m out here visiting Arizona this weekend.. one thing I am loving about Phoenix is that the traffic isn’t as bad as it is in LA.. actually no where has as bad of traffic as LA does. #questival
Team Llama Bae
young couple with a new baby trying to make time for each other #priorities #you glove #questival
Taylor and 10th grade from Agua Fria High School was born in Phoenix Arizona. She has aspirations to go to Paris. #questival
Menace to Sobriety
Meet Brian. Brian likes welding. Brian likes tacos. Briana favorite color is green. Brian likes team menace to sobriety. #questival
“Goodwill. This is how we do it. Hard work. Yeah.” #llamamigos #questival
The Wedding Party
Pictured here is little miss Raegan Marie, she is 2 1/2 years old and is going to be a big sister in 3 weeks! #theweddingparty #adventure #explore #showmeyourllamaface #adventure #explore #ido #bride #groom #questivalaz #questival2017 #questival
Full House
Human of PHX. He caught our attention while he was waiting for a client and cleaning apple cores out of his car. His kids had left them behind for him in the back seat. Full time photographer, husband, and dad. #questival
The Real Krays
Good ole Floyd. #questival
This is Amy, she just moved to Phoenix from Alaska in August to find work. She was born and raised in Alaska, she moved here with her 2 sons who are 5 and 12. They took a Ferry from Whittier to Seattle and then drove the rest of the way, naturally stopping at Disneyland on their way. #questival
CODE NAME: Ginger Merkin
This is Stacey, she is a nurse at Banner Health and lives in Downtown Phoenix. She encouraged us to overcome our shyness about approaching people for these challenges. She made us smile and were glad she is in this world. #questival
"The company I work for partners with a pitbull rescue that I really love. A lot of people misunderstand those dogs" #questival
#llamatakeaselfie This pseudo Auntie wanted to treat these crazy kids to a day at the park. #1stlightrailride #questival
Gllama Llama
They look like they're one with nature. But they're pretending to bird watch while the bodies stay in the closet. #questival
"38,000 denominations, but we're all one blood" - Michael Ridgeway #questival
Curtis is a 26 year old Navy Veteran and native of Arizona. He #keepsontruckin and is a GM at Even Stevens #questival
We met Katrina who studies criminology at ASU. She’s from Illinois and came all the way to the desert to study. #gowildcats #questival
Gently tender
“I was taming lions and bears and tiger in Chicago and now I’m here, retired in Scottsdale driving a horse buggy...” - Wild Bill, Horse Buggy Driver #questival
ATSU Therabandits
They are all brought together by Christ. They are all different walks of life and meet together once a week to build up each other and do fun events with each other. They also volunteer once a month at Encantive Park and work with disabled vets and individuals. #questival
The design of Air Apparent is as much James’ story as it is theirs. Will is the architect who worked alongside James Turrell to design this space in a way to allow for the light to tell a story about the rapidly changing environment in which we live in. They have worked with James in a number of projects, exploring the different ways light inform our perception of the world. #HumansOfTempe #questival
Cactus Huggers
Today we met Brandi and her dog London. Brandi told us all about how she got London to help keep her safe in her first place living alone. She and London are such rockstars! #questival
Super Cool
Totem #489 Even though I am an ASU alumni I tried to be kind to this NAU student by giving him a plate of cookies. I can see now that even NAU students are environmentally conscious by cleaning up their community. #newyorkstyle #cotipaxi #questival
Hopscotch Mafia
Humans of New York: "I am currently in debt, and working to finish college. I am in my 8th year, and still need 30 credits. I proposed to my girlfriend who thinks I am graduating this December and that I can afford the ring I have her and everything else on my credit card." #questival
[My favorite thing about Arizona] is the people. I moved here from Wisconsin when I was 11 years old and the people here are just friendlier than anywhere else! #questival
The Endermen
Struck by lightning and survived. Great grandma with pink hair. Married to a Montana cowboy. Makes bomb pineapplegravy #questival
Does this backpack make my butt look big?
Meet Fred Jack from the Marshall Islands working nights as a security officer. Loves AZ because it’s beautiful like the islands but drier. #questival
Zack has lived in Arizona since 2001. he does IT by day and bowls by night. his high score is 273. #alpacaponcho #huma #questival
Silky Johnson and the Heartbreakers
“My parents are both clowns, I go back to Minnesota and learn new balloon art. I’ve been doing balloon art for about 2 years. I mostly do events in downtown Phoenix but I recently did a wedding. Find me tomorrow at the farmers market or on Facebook #balloonsbywade “ #questival