Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Foos 2: electric boogaloo
This is David. At first he was irritated by questival participants ("some people never grow up") but after explaining questival he said "it is an honor to meet you" #questival
"My family is in the clogging hall of fame" I asked if he clogs, "kinda of!" Reynoldson #questival
Jalapeño Llama
Edrika comes downtown and stirches dresses in her free time for Children's Christmas Org. Hundreds of women like Edrika do this and impact thousands of kids lives every year. #questival
Columbus was looking for us!
#WaterSurf#Gentleman #questival
0-Whale Oil Beef Hooked-0
This is Rusty Harrington. Rusty is 55 years old and from Sumter, SC. Once upon a time he was a lineman but now he's a Duke Power plant manager. Hurricane Fran was the worst hurricane he can remember in 30 years of working for Duke Power. He worked out of Miami for and for 4 days stayed in a hotel with no power. And he was working on the power! Rusty is visiting Charleston with his wife to find something fun to do for the weekend. #questival
Jokers are Wild
This is MIA & she is a server at the Brick in Charleston. Mia came to the town for the beauty & never left. One day she hopes to go back to school & pursue nursing. #questival
This is Jim, he buys storage lockers and fixes up his finds. Jim sells the things he gets from the lockers on eBay. This is just a hobby and "it's not really for profit or anything, there is no business to give credit to." #questival
Fellowship of Kevin
"We just got married in March and we're both in the military. We're stationed at Sumter and it's the first duty station we've been stationed at together." #questival
Luke Skyllama
Meet our new friend, Jimmy. He spends his days at Waterfront Park making sea grass flowers to sell to tourists visiting the park. #peopleofcharleston #questival
#mutharuckinllamas. "My name is LeAnne, I'm down here visiting my boyfriend, whose also from New York. I never thought I would miss the cold, but sc is crazy hot. Amazingly enough, the Cotopaxi player lived two towns over from where I live! I graduated high school in 2013 and continuing my undergrad in New York." #questival
Jake's Peeps
One time I was walking on the beach, just walking and walking...I heard my moms voice as clear as a bell, and that's what she said "do good", I swear! #questival
Then I took an arrow in the knee
I'm retired Active Duty Army, was in for 27 years. Then did 20 years a High School History teacher. #questival
Helen is from Philadelphia and South Carolina is the 48th state she's visited. She still needs to visit Indiana and Hawaii. #questival
Llamazing Lollies
Delma: coming back from an ankle injury has been a hard struggle because for most of my dances involve my ankle. I was off my ankle for 5 months and was able to come back from it. #BreakCircuit #questival
Lickety Splits
This is Meredith, she is 9 years old and lives in Summerville. She has been sword fighting for 2 years. She has such a vibrant personality. I'm so glad we met her. She is my SHERO! #questival
Clan McGregor
"I'm a professor at USC and I teach rehab counseling. On the weekends I offer free banjo lessons as music therapy. You'd be amazed at how many people think they have no musical ability and it only takes 5 minutes to learn their first song." -David #HONY #questival
The Runaways
My name is Carl and I am from the moon. #questival
Alpaca Hooligans
This was our Lyft Driver Ashiq, he has lived in Charleston for 5 years, he is originally from India and has 2 daughters. He is an amazing math teacher but unfortunately he can't teach here in America. He doesn't care, he loves it here and loves everyday and everyone he meets. He really wants to Americanize his daughters and hopes to share a passion with them, maybe soccer. #questival
Filthy Flamingos
We're here to buy flowers for out wedding in February, right down here in the market, we're really excited. #humansofcharlston #questival
Local out-of-towners
Imagine Patterson, at just the age of 16, is already one of the best 400 meter hurdle racers in the country! A local of the low country she attends Summerville High School and recently broke the state record. She also took the 4A state title and the National title at the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics! #llamatastic #HumansofCharleston #localoutoftowners #questival
Basic Bichos
He introduced himself as Black Tony. He showed me his hands and told me "to work hard and pray." He got tired of New York, and told me that his partial retirement from there pays more than his 40 hour a week SC salary. He wires street lights. "See that woman over there?" He pointed to a vendor. "Her husband died a couple of years ago. I help her unload and set up on Saturdays. You gotta work hard, pray, and do what you can to help people out." -Black Tony #questival
Gay/straight alliance
Woody retired at 35 and started an ice cream truck. He wasn't sure if it would do well, but business has exceeded his expectations. He started back in July and his goal is to use this successful business to support his two daughters (7 years and 16 years old). #humansofcharleston #questival
Piña Collama
This is our new friend, Wyth. We met him today June 10th and he has played so many songs for us. He is kind and loves music. This guy does good everywhere he goes. ❤️ #guitar #spreadthelove # #questival
The Late Arrivals
"I grew up in Virginia on a farm. I have been on this property for 16 years, and have had goats for 15. We started out with a couple of goats because we had kids and milk was expensive and over the years it has grown."-Tim Price #questival
Rhymes with Chicks
Ms jonna comes from a huge family. She is the first of her family to graduate college. Her older sister had an abusive relationship and is left with her three kids struggling. Ms jonna has her two nieces and 1 nephew stay with her to help them and their mom out for financial support. Originally from Alabama she misses her 4 other siblings daily #questival
This beautiful lady was up at 6am buying popcorn for her church. She is popping it for the missionary Uganda children visiting for a month. #questival
No Prob-llamas!
Kelly moved to Charleston when she was 12 years old. She's been working in the restaurant industry for 4 years and hopes to one day become the owner of her own restaurant. #questival
Diva Squad ATL
Seven Psycalpacas
"My dad always worked hard and put our family first. He taught me the value of hard work." #questival
3 Geezers & the other guy
Shrimp boat captain for 30 years. Opened up a small family diner by Edisto Beach. Once pulled up a mammoth tusk while fishing! #questival
Eat Lightning
We ran into Jerrod fishing off the Battery. He had caught three sharks already and was shooting for a 15 pounder. "I left Georgia because I missed all this. Came back for all this. Fishing, relaxing, it's beautiful." We agree, man! #questival
Team L-evate
From Myrtle Beach, SC. Came from the military and became a police officer for Charleston because it was similar. On the force for 6 years. I enjoy the city during the day to walk all my dog. #questival
The Wild Thot Berries
"I'm actually kind of new to ukulele - only been playing for ten months. I usually play piano. For years, I worked as a pianist on a cruise ship. Not too long ago, I quit my job and finally decided to settle down in Charleston." #questival
"We met in British Columbia, Canada while on a cruise from San Fran to Alaska. We're both from Charleston, SC and have called it home our entire lives, yet never knew each other prior to 2015. Most call it luck, we call it fate ❤️" #questival
Winters Storm Warning
"How did we meet? We met sophomore year in the bench seats at lunch" -John & Elizabeth #questival