Do a humans of New York style post about someone you meet during the 24 hours of Questival who is not a part of the Questival use the caption to tell the story. (Don't forget your totem)

Casa Bonita Fan Club
Anna recently quit her job to pursue her dreams of being an expressive arms therapist and bringing positive change to those that need it #questival
High Ground Tauntauns
Aaron is a systems analyst for the tech center. He served in ROTC for 1 year and now volunteers for the National Guard #questival
Thooose Guys
This is Gina (and her husband who is out of the frame). She is a psychologist who got into the profession because she finds physical touch such and empowering thing to change lives. Her husband and I chatted for 20 minutes about locally owned barbers and diners and how much we love the hometown feel. #SheLovedTheHug #HeGivesOutFreeHugsOnWeekends #teamthoooseguys #questival
A novel bunch
This is Tim. He lives in the Denver area but still loves to camp at a campground not far from his home. He is very proud of his dad who served in World War II. He was a pilot. During one of his missions they were shot down and 10 were taken captive. Luckily his dad survived. There has even been movies made about their ordeal #questival
Texan It Up!
"I became interested in the ocean at the age of six. Now I work to teach people about responsible diving!" -Kathy, CO #questival
Fire & Fury
Rob and Jay. Two hopeless romantics traveling around the US looking for new partners and new adventures. These twenty something gents from El Paso and Las Vegas don’t believe that love should’ve confined to the borders of the states they live in. And so these weary travelers will continue on their love journey. Only time will tell if they find what they’re looking for in Denver! #whydidtheymakecards? #questival
Megan is a volunteer at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. She’s almost done with her shift for the day!! When she has free time on the weekend, she likes to relax by baking and reading. :) #questival
Cookie Warriors
I volunteered at a pet shelter all year. I meet the awesome dog but my landlord wouldn't let me have a pet. I adopted this little vulnerable rock instead. It's a good Little Rock, "gooooood boy, you like being pet don't you?!" #questival
Llama Llama Llama Llama Llama Chameleon
Kia, originally from Vermont. Manager at Qdoba by day, aspiring music festival performer by night. Hula Hooping is her life. Nothing makes her happier than laughing and making memories with her friends. #humansofoktoberfest #questival
Caffeinated Allstars
Miguel, took up fishing as a boy with his father, has gone fishing every weekend to relive his childhood memories. #questival
Como se Llama
People of Denver. Spends his free time making people happy. Loving life. Moved to Denver to take in the happy times in life #questival
Out Questing It
"I was born and raised in Denver - been a Broncos fan all my life. And my favorite part of living hereis the mountains #questival
Space Monkey Mafia
"On my first trip to Disney, I was hoping to have a good time but found my love for photography. I got a shot of a kid eating an ice cream that was perfect to me and I've been looking for that perfect shot ever since." Hannah, from Longmont CO. #questival
This is Dan. Dan is a member of the Boulder Green Party. This sunny Saturday afternoon Dan was protesting war on a street corner in Boulder. He has been an adamant protestor of predatory American pursuits since the Vietnam war. #nowar #peace #humansofboulder #questival
Chase was born in Florida not knowing his father. His mother was addicted to drugs most of his life causing some strife through his years. He dropped out of Junior High to begin working to support his younger brother and sister. No matter what he has endured he has persevered with the amazing attitude "suffer now and live great later". #questival
Bold and Brash
"I don't have a story, but you can definitely take my picture" #hony #humansofnewyork #humansofdenver #watercoursefoods #questival
Gas in Da Tank
Qian is a graduate student at DU studying HR. He's nervous about his classes because he's only been in the United States, away from home, family and friends, for 1 month now. #goDU #bravery #amazing #questival
Yo Llama
“I was homeless, living under a bridge. Now, thanks to this newspaper, I have my own home and car. I used to have a crack cocaine addiction, and now I’m eight years sober. I used to spend $2000 a month on crack, but when I met Jesus, I smashed my crack pipe and quit cold turkey. “ #questival
Quest > Rest
How to Train Your Llama- Feat. NeShaunda
We met Gerry this morning at the Boulder farmers market. While most folks recognize him as the fellow with chips and salsa each Saturday, local folks recognize him as their general contractor builder. A man with a big beard, a big heart, and smorgasbord of talent. #questival
Ida met Roberto as a bartender at Chili's 14 years ago. She radiates energy wherever she goes. Young granma! #questival
The Llamano Effect
They shared a mother, a birthday, and at a dark point in their lives, a man. #questival
Donkey Hotay and Sancho Llama
My name is Brad and I recently moved here from Queens. I started my own business but it tanked after we lost our biggest client and we never recovered. I decided to move to Colorado for a fresh start and am now attending DU. #questival
Alpacas in Top Hats
“Stop ordering frappachinos and just tell me your size first, it’s super annoying.” - Sam, Starbucks on 16th Street Mall #questival
relentless domination
"I do what I do because I do what I love and make money at it. Interacting on the street ... is a double-edged sword" #questival
Angie, 24, just got back from a year teaching English in China to underprivileged children. Go Angie! #questival
Leslie is a single mother of four. She works a full time day job and Lyfts at night to send her children to charter school in hopes of a good education and minimizing the threat of getting bullied. Leslie's 15 year old daughter makes her eclectic cd mixes for while she is Lyfting. #questival
Ermahgerd Sherks
Elaine has been doing carriage rides through Denver for 13 years now! Find her @IrishRoseHorse #questival
Questies 4 Life
1. Name: Ray 2. Colorado native- Denver 3. Loves about Denver- Rockies, and broncos game and Oktoberfest all at same time. 4. Adventure while as a security officer- drunk people getting escorted out 5. Before this he was a pawn broker. 6. Craziest thing-- pawned a prosthetic left leg 7. Family business 8. Last week during Oktoberfest he liked watching the Harry Potter festival! #questival
Spicy Green Children
For years, Brad* has searched for the perfect hat. Store after store he searched... to no avail. Finally, right here at Oktoberfest Denver 2017, he found it! Blue and white and just the right height. And he even found a full stein to go with it! Now THAT is the smile of a champion. #hats #champion #nailedit #questival
You must be this tall to ride this ride
"Dan the Picture Man" was a steel worker from the south who now gets by with his llamazing acrylic art. #questival